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Laryssa Wirstiuk – Woman Walking in an Exotic Forest
Madden Swan – Twenty-First Century Triptych, or, Three Studies on Belonging
Edward Belleville – River Water
Cindy Matthews – Little More than a Boy
Palvashay Sethi – Just Off The Train and Already Never Leaving
Kayla Allen – Are you Dressed Just Like My Love?
Clare Dolan – Yesterday's Woman
Callum Boath – Waiting for the Bounce
Kyle Cooper – The Lost
Aran Ward Sell – Going Back In
Alison Piper – New Zealand I Love You, But You're Bringing Me Down
Andrea Campomanes – The Memory of Longing
Klaus Pinter – untitled
Sarah Maclean – I Own You
Alice Von Gotha - Vera
Sarah Dow – untitled
Andrea Popyordanova - Longing