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Gospel of Thomas by Thomas Franciso Pelgero.pdf

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Many successful people in the material world, shall be the last persons who
enters Heaven. Because, they will have to let their large ego perspective go.
In the In-Between dimension, they will have to make themselves one again.
When they become their Soul as one, they can enter Heaven.
(Extra info to explain the basics: The split personality of a human is on one side
the Soul in and around the human body/mind and on the other side the ego
perspective (including character) which is created in the ratio. When a Soul is
two, the human has created a negative energy layer from the ego perspective
around the positive Soul. Heaven consists only from positive energy, and Souls
can only enter, when they are pure positive energy again. Concerning the
construction of life there are three dimensions important: The pure positive
immaterial dimension, which is called Heaven, the In-Between dimension were
only positivity can exists and also positivity and negativity can exists (This is the
dimension to combine the immaterial dimension with the apparently material
dimension), and you have the created dimension by God (with the so called big
bang) the apparently material dimension, which is completely based on
positivity and negativity. (Cohesion and adhesion between the molecules in this
dimension is necessary to create our apparently material world).
(5) Jesus said: Know what is before thy face, and what hidden from thee shall be revealed
unto thee; for there is nothing hidden which shall not be made manifest.

Jesus meant: Know the honest truth, what is going on in yourself, your life and
in the world. And everything you and others think, do and hide will be created in
your the future. The automatic creation process of our thoughts and actions as
base for the creation of our own Lessons in Life.

(6) His disciples asked him and said unto him: Wilt thou that we fast? And how shall we
pray? Shall we give alms? And what rules shall we observe in eating? Jesus said: Do not lie;
and that which you hate, do not do. For all things are revealed before Heaven. For there is
nothing hidden which shall not be manifest, and there is nothing covered which shall remain
without being uncovered.

His disciples asked him and said to Jesus: Do you want us to fast? And how do
we have to pray? Shall we give to beggars? And are there rules by what we
can eat? Jesus meant: Don't lie, and treat others, how you want to be treated
yourself. Be that, how you want others to be. And give that, what you want
others to give you. All the negativity you do will be noted in your Karma. And
the karma is connected to your Soul and you take this with you to Heaven.
You will know all the wrongs you did in your life, and this will create new
Lessons for you in your next life.

(7) Jesus said: Blessed is the lion which the man shall eat, and the lion become man; and
cursed is the man whom the lion shall eat, and the lion become man.

Jesus meant: When we let go of the ego perspective in ourselves, we become
our Soul. But when the ego perspective stays and increases in our ratio, the
ego perspective will live in the human and destroy the humans.