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Title: New free knowledge

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This PDF will reveal a small part of the unknown knowledge and how to use it in life.
This will be the tipping point in your life! Your life will never be the same again!!

For free, we present Unknown Knowledge about Life !
Dear Madam/ Sir,
We want you to know, there is a new amazing and unknown knowledge available,
which can help you and all other people in the world to change your lives positively.
When we really can amaze and surprise you, with our astonishing new unique and
unknown knowledge below, and really can show you something that 99,7 % of the
people in the world don't know, and even scientists and psychologists don't
understand, and we teach you a technic to use it in life to make your life, without any
doubt, much more positive and happier, would you promise to do a favor for us?
You send this pdf you received, to everyone you know!
One rule: you have to read the whole pdf, slowly and point for point, without judging !! Just to inform
yourself. We really want to help you and all people in the world to understand the TRUTH about life!



If you are amazed by our NEW information! Please help us, to send this pdf to
everyone you know. To inform them, about the existence of this new knowledge!
And perhaps to people, who can help, to light this knowledge world wide! That is all
we ask and we will explain beneath, why this is very important for everyone!

We are only telling you the TRUTH, nothing more and nothing less !
You can believe it, not believe it, believe some parts of it. Make up your own mind
after, you read everything and start to search for the truth in yourself ! Compare our
believes with your believes and see what it has in common. And decide than what
you want to believe! Nothing is more interesting than discovering, who you really are!

Our new unique knowledge contains:
The Program of Life as the guide for life, which solves ALL your daily problems!
The New Truths of Life reveals the real and complete construction of life!

All questions you have about life, will be answered! Questions like:
- What are the real reasons for my human life?
- Why is there a lot of negativity in my life and that of others?
- Why and how are the humans, earth and even our dimension created?
- Why does our world become more and more negative?
- How were our lives meant to be, and why don't we understand it?
- Where do I come from and what will exactly happen, when I die?
- How can I always prevent fights in my relationship, with children and with others?
- How can I create and influence my future easily and correctly?
- Why do the humans not evolve and don't learn from life?
- Why don't scientists, psychologists and others know about this knowledge?
- How can I solve a trauma in a day, instead of weeks, months, years?
- How can I get quickly rid of all fears, worries, and other negative emotions?
- How can I get rid of my addictions and even overweight/smoking on an easy way?
- Why do scientists only study the symptoms in life and not life itself?
- Why do humans choose rather negativity than positivity?
- How can I become all the time, positive and happy?
- How can we know that a Soul, a God and a Heaven exists and hell and devil don't?
- How can we communicate with other people with an aura and what is karma?
- Are there preordained experiences in our life and is reincarnation true?
- Why is the apocalypse real and more important, how can we really prevent it?
- Can we still communicate with passed over loved ones?
- And many other questions will be answered with this New Unique Knowledge !
- The Program of Life teaches How to solve ALL your daily problems in life!
- The New Truths of Life teaches How your lives are really constructed.
- We analyze your life together, and help you to change yourself and your future!
- The knowledge is informative and works as an interactive workbook with exercises.
- The knowledge is written in clear, simple and easy words!
- The knowledge provides you, with solutions to change yourself and your life easily.
- The knowledge provides you, with alternatives for your life, and even for our world.
- We offer you a higher perspective at life, to understand the real construction of life.
- We offer balance: in yourself, with all other people and with nature.
- We offer you a life: without fears, worries or other negative emotions!
- We offer you a fantastic, very positive and happy, new You and new Life!
- In the end, you will be part of the biggest transition of mankind, one way or another!
We have knowledge, which contains about 1000 pages of new information. Which
explains everything about life and a detailed description how to solve all problems in
your life, which is unknown to the humans on this moment! We show you below
examples of this unknown information. So you can decide and judge for yourself!
Now, probably you will ask yourself: "Listen friend, if you know this information, than
you need a source?". "From whom or where, did you get this information? " Logical
questions, we explain more about the Source!

The author is a very ordinary 46-years-old man. His profession on this moment:
Cellular Energy Healer, Coach, Medium, and now also an Author. The only odd thing
about him is, that he had his whole life paranormal experiences. He learned to
communicate with his spirit guides. The author was very interested in finding the
Truth about Life and 1,5 years ago, the spirit guides started to inform him about this
knowledge and he wrote it down as a medium. First in his native language. And later
he upgraded the book with our guidance in the English language. The spirit guides
told him this information, because he could hear them and could write it down!
We understand that humans, don't like to find new information about life in a
common person, even one who claims to hear it from spirit guides. You call him
crazy, unreal, floating, etc. It would be better for you, to find these words in a cave,
written on a mystical document in an old language with symbolic and cryptical
statements. Than you can believe it more easier, that it contains the truth! We inform
you to read the pdf completely, without judging. If you read the pdf completely we
promise you, that your eyes will be opened more, than they ever were. If you start to
do the exercises we give you, you will be confused, that other people don't
understand this knowledge. It seems logical and simple and still humans don't see
and don't understand it. You will be amazed, we promise! Seeing is still believing.
First you will be confused and than astonishing amazed about the knowledge in this
pdf. Even when you are an atheist, agnostic, religious, spiritual or just a person who
is looking for answers about life. We give you only the truth, nothing more and
nothing less! Our information is for all people in the world! Please, just wait with
judging and approving or disapproving. Just read the whole pdf and than decide for
yourself, what you want to believe. We just want to help all the people in the world.
And we start with you! Just be patient, and read it step by step. Thanks.
The main reason for the spirit guides to give you the complete description of life,
is to prevent suffering for all people in the world. The spirit guides can see the most
probable outcome of your future. And on this moment, that is the apocalypse. First
the planned economical crisis will figuratively explode, and than there will be a new
and last World War. This war will create, so much negativity in your world, that nature
will intervene and create balance on earth again. By destroying the human race
above and under the ground with a natural event! Because, the humans have
unbalance in themselves, unbalance between each other and unbalance with nature
and created too much negativity instead of positivity. This will create unbalance also
in the apparently material dimension and this cannot exist! Civilizations and complete
human races were destroyed before by nature, for the same reasons.
More important than the apocalypse, is the question: How can the humans prevent
the apocalypse from happening? To prevent the apocalypse, you need to make the
biggest choice in your human existence! That is why, the astrology describes this
time as the big change on earth and that is the truth! That is also, why almost all
religions, scriptures, prophets and monuments describes this coming event as a
possible outcome in our future. And we approach this future very soon!

A. When we keep our ego perspective at life the same, the apocalypse will happen!
B. When we change our ego perspective, which we have created in our ratio, into the
higher perspective of the Soul, than we can prevent the apocalypse from happening.
Below we will explain the terms used in our choice, A and B. And later in the pdf, we
will give examples of the ego perspective, so you can recognize it! We start with the
basics and work our way unto the daily experiences of the ego perspective. You will
understand everything, be patient and read everything. You will be amazed!
The ego perspective is how a person thinks about life. Over thousand of years you
have created this false, negative and destructive ego perspective in your ratio.
Because, you can't manage your fears, your worries and your greed! You believe
really that your perspective at life is the real, good and true perspective. But your ego
perspective is completely based on greed, and creates all the time negative
emotions and negative decisions. This pulls the person out of balance, this pulls the
people between each other out of balance and it pulls also the humans with nature
out of balance. There are all logical reasons for this statement.
To explain a book of 1000 pages in about 21 pages is rather difficult. But we try, to
explain the most important issues to you, on a simple and detailed manner! So you
can understand a part of the complete construction of your life!
The Soul is an awareness and individual eternal energy being, your life-force. If the
life-force energy is not in your body, your body and mind (human) is dead. When the
life-force energy (Soul) is inside you, you are a human being! Listen well to the word
being! Your Soul is pure positivity! No person, has a Soul, everyone is this Soul!
How can you know that a Soul exists? Very simple. When you feel 100% positive in
yourself, you are, think, do, give and create 100% positive energy, than you are
completely in balance and very happy (As almost no person ever has experienced in
life!). If you say a balanced person needs 50% negativity and 50 % positivity in him/
herself to create balance, than you say that a balanced person is a person that feels
50% bad (negative), and 50% good (positive) on a day. This is nonsense! Balance
for your Soul means 100% positivity and that is not from earth! Because, on earth
balance is always 50% negativity and 50 % positivity, or two the same forces leveling
each other out. The Soul is from the immaterial dimension, where only positivity
exists. All the positive energy life-forces, including your Soul on earth, comes from
this (only positive) immaterial dimension, and will go back to this dimension.
The apparently material dimension what includes, earth, planets, stars, black holes
and in total the universe, is completely based on positivity and negativity. Positivity
and negativity in your dimension (earth) can create the positive and negative
molecules and can create therefore an apparently material on earth! Your scientists
already know, that material doesn't exist on earth. And this is very logical! Everything
is build from energy. You live therefore in an apparently material world! It is just an
interpretation of energy. Therefore you can know, that the immaterial dimension is
more real, than the material dimension. Life is perfected in simplicity.

And the answers for the construction of life are not found in the material dimension,
but in the immaterial dimension, combined with the apparently material dimension.
We go very fast, we apologize. But to put 1000 pages in 21 pages is not easy. But
we try to do our best, and that is all we can do. In our book we go slowly through all
steps and we will prove all the statements are correct and very logical.
The immaterial dimension is based on only positivity. Than we have another
dimension, we call the In-Between dimension and here "only positivity" can exist and
also "positivity and negativity" can exist here. The In-Between dimension is needed
to connect the apparently material dimension, with the immaterial dimension. That is
how the life-forces, as positive energy, can switch from the immaterial dimension into
the apparently material dimension. That is how your Soul can descend into your
body and mind. And other life-forces of lower awarenesses descend in plants, trees,
one celled organism, etc. We will explain in our book, that we use this In-Between
dimension every day, with our visualization, imagination and even in our dreams and
astral traveling. More about this, you can find in our book. There are many more
dimensions, but they are not important to understand the construction of life.
By the way; a negative dimension does not exists. And for a very simple reason.
There is no reason to create an only negative dimension, this will unbalance all the
dimensions, and that is beyond logic. And the most intelligent being in the immaterial
world (We know), does not create this and will never do. Only humans create more
negativity than positivity and are the most disappointing hosts ever. And we really
hope one day, they really learn how to create more positivity than negativity!
The apparently material dimension is created to use positivity and negativity to
create more positivity. For example to explain this a little bit better. If you pull an
arrow on a bow a little bit and use a little bit of energy, the result is that the arrow
flies just a few meters away. When you use a lot of energy to pull the arrow, than it
can fly away over 100 meters. How more difference we can create between a
negative and a positive situation, how more positive energy we need to overcome
this negativity in life and how more positive energy we automatically create! In the
end your negativities as Lessons of Life have the goal to let you create more positive
energy in life. A completely negative dimension has no use at all, and doesn't exist!
Therefore a devil, demons and hell, as you know it, don't exist. This is created by the
ego perspective who thinks, that the negativity and positivity on earth exists
everywhere. But this is not true! There are in the In-Between lost Souls, with
negativity in their ego perspective. Who have studied in their lives for example: black
magic, voodoo, demons, satan and hell and makes it real for themselves in the InBetween dimension. You can instantly create here everything you imagine. When
you dream a part of your consciousness, will go into the In-Between and you can
create the most strangest things and really experience them as real. People who
control this dreaming in this dimension, we call lucid dreamers. The lost Souls in the
In-Between look like evil spirits and in very rare occasions, they manifest something
in our world. The church is aware of these manifestations. We should help the lost
Souls to find their way to heaven too. But, that is another story. Don't forget your
positive Soul is much stronger, than a Soul with negative thoughts. Love as positive
energy always wins from evil, you know this. So don't worry, have fun and enjoy life!

Conclusion: What we want to tell you, is that your Soul is real and is originated from
the immaterial dimension and will in the end (When you pass over, die) go back to
this dimension through the In-Between dimension. Where you work at your negative
decisions, thoughts and actions in life. When you become your pure positive Soul
again, than you can enter the other immaterial dimension, we call heaven. It is as
simple as that. Perfected in simplicity! It is just a matter to connect the dots properly.
There is only one choice you can make on earth. Do you want to work at your ego
perspective on earth and get rid of it and become your Soul? Than you can enter
heaven directly. Beautiful isn't it. Does everyone will be forgiven? Yes, you will have
to forgive yourself. And as Soul you want to learn your lessons. That means as Soul
you embrace negativity in life with positivity and create more positivity. That is life!
When you die, you will go as your Soul and you take your Karma with you. Your
karma is filled with all negativity of your ego perspective. No one can escape this
kind of "justice", however it is just a list to make sure, that you will receive all the
unlearned lesson in your next life again. Because, learning from our Lessons of Life
will create more positive energy! That is why we have to learn our Lessons of Life!
You will have a problem, when you pass over, and your Soul has the negativity from
the ego perspective still around the Soul. The Soul is normally pure positive energy
and if you still have your ego perspective, when you pass over, the outer layer of the
Soul is negative. And you have to work in the In-Between at the negativity you
thought, did and created in life on earth. By changing them all into positive decisions
and creations. Because you can enter only the other immaterial dimension again,
when you are completely positive. We call this other immaterial dimension, Heaven.
And now you understand that you can only enter Heaven, if you are completely
positive. No sleeping for you, if you pass over, you have to work again. The best way
is to Learn your Lessons of Life (negativities) on earth. By changing the negativities
into positivities and than you don't have to work in the In-Between. And you can go
directly to heaven. Do you see, how beautiful and simple life is constructed. We
explain in our book, what exactly will happen when you pass over (die) and how you
will experience dying in phases.
Before you are born, the Soul descends in your body and mind. If you are completely
your Soul in your awareness, than you will know always to think and do the right
positive actions. And the experience, learning effects and even new creations will
always be good and positive. Real creation of positivity happens by experience
negativity and use a lot of positivity to overcome this negativity and that will create
more positive energy in our apparently material world. And more positive energy,
means that the immaterial dimension will flourish and expand. That is reason for your
Soul to experience negativity on earth. Normally, the Soul has before it entered your
body made a figuratively "Red Line in Life" with negativities to learn from. Because
the Soul wanted to give itself, some negativities in life to create positivity. Not aware
that the humans create for themselves already very much negativity! And so your
lives are filled with negativity. If you learn your lessons well and for example prevent
the apocalypse, you could create an enormous amount of positivity in the world. If
you are willing to change your ego perspective in the higher perspective of your
Soul. In other words to let go of your ego perspective and embrace your Soul.

In our book we will explain this with examples to make it all more clear. The Soul
doesn't want to remember previous experiences of the Souls life. So the Souls
awareness split itself in a conscious awareness, your awareness you have right now
and a bigger subconscious awareness, which is settled in your subconscious. Your
awareness is the conscious part of your Soul, that starts at birth at zero. But still the
Soul is in line, and therefore young children can remember past lives, can see spirit
friends (We call them "imaginary friends".) or even their spirit guides or other spirits
(former parents, sisters, etc who are checking if the Soul is doing all right in this life).
The immaterial world is more real, than our apparently material world! It is not an
imagination or an idea, no understand us, it is a fact of life! Connect all the dots on
the right way and you will understand the construction of your lives! In our book we
will explain more about this, and give you also personal examples.
The human (body and mind) is created to host the Soul. Therefore the scientists
can't find a decision maker in your brain, because it is the conscious part of the Soul,
who decides and moves body parts. The scientists can only find the interpretation of
the execution of a decision. And that is logical, your body and mind are a tool for
your awareness, your Soul to use. Try to talk to your arm to go up, it wont. Try to
think to move your arm up, with your mind, it will not go. Just move your arm up and
it will go. We don't do the movements of our body parts with our mind, but with our
Soul. When you have thoughts to do something, your conscious part of your Soul will
do it. The conscious part of your Soul is the driver of your human body and mind!
Now we will describe your biggest problem in your life! You are taught by your
parents, friends, teachers and yourself your ego perspective in your ratio. This is
how you see the world as real and what you believe is real. You have created a
perspective of what you think is right, good and true! You don't realize that over
many years, you based this ego perspective on greed and to control to prevent
negative emotions and you even use negativity to solve your problems, and
therefore you create only more negativity in the world. The vicious circle of negativity.
You see the material world, as if it is the real world and you are looking therefore
only at the surface of life, the symptoms in life. Because you cannot see the real
immaterial construction of life.
The ego perspective influences constantly the conscious part of your Soul
negatively. Metaphorical you can say, the ego perspective is sitting in your lap and
drives the human mind with your ratio. And this is why, people can do very negative
actions in life, which a Soul would never do. Your body and mind are completely
made for your Soul and a World of Souls and not for your present world, where the
ego perspective is "King". The ego perspective is responsible for the dangerous,
cruel, manipulative world humans have created.
There are five guidances as signals to guide you back in line with your Soul. Over
thousands of years, you have lost contact with them. Those are: your emotions, your
pains and illnesses in your body, your conscience (your direct voice of your
subconscious part of your Soul), your aura and as last the signals in life. Those five
signals are guiding you always, to make the right positive decisions in life to guide
you back in line with your pure positive Soul, so you become balanced again.

That is why your conscious part of your Soul is influenced by your ego perspective in
your ratio to do negative things like: lying, manipulating, cheating, stealing and even
killing. Do you see what the ego perspective does to the human beings? You make a
part of your pure positive Soul, thinking and doing negative things! And this will
create automatically negative emotions and you feel bad. Because it is a signal to
guide you back in line with your pure positive Soul. It is as simple as that.
The ego perspective is completely based on greed. And makes decisions only on
greed, and will create negative thoughts. And these negative thoughts, creates
negative emotions like: disappointment, frustration, anger, fears, worries, etc. We will
describe most of them in our book. All these negative emotions are telling you, that
you have negative thoughts, what is not good for you and/or for other people in the
world, or even for nature. To learn we should find these negative thoughts and
change them into positive thoughts. And that is how you be in line with your pure
positive Soul. And when you are, you will experience positive emotions like
happiness, enjoyment, optimism, etc. Emotions are guidances, to be your Soul!
The ego perspective is based on greed and it happens all the time in almost
everyones lives. But we don't understand it. Look at life, at TV and every time, you
see a person with a negative emotion, that person feels bad/ negative. Because that
person cannot get what he/she wants! Beneath we will give you more examples!
When you are your Soul, you don't experience: fears, worries and negative
emotions. Because you base all your decisions on the ground rule of the Soul.
Decisions should be good for you AND for all other people in the world AND for
nature. This is the only way to create balance in you, balance between all people in
the world and balance with nature. It is as simple as written here to create balance.
The only choice humans have to prevent the apocalypse:
Is to change this ego perspective into the higher positive perspective of the Soul. To
be your Soul completely and let the negative and destructive ego perspective go.
The world needs urgently more Souls, to create more positivity than negativity.
To help the humans to change rapidly, is only possible in this time, with a complete
written guide! We call our book therefore "The Spiritual Bible", 2015. We chose the
word "Bible" because it explains: that the book will tell you everything what there is to
know about life. We tell you everything you need to know to solve all your problems
in life. And we guide you to let go of your ego perspective and to embrace your Soul.
And you can finally be the Soul, you always were, are and will be! We chose the
word "Spiritual; because, atheists, agnostic, spiritual, religious and all other people
are all spiritual beings and don't have a Soul, but are a Soul! We think therefore "The
Spiritual Bible", 2015 is the correct title for our book that can Guide you through life!
It will be always your choice, if you want to change or not!
We hope to have explained the basics above well. We inform you only about the
honest truth, nothing more and nothing less. Beneath, we go deeper into your
experiences of the ego perspective in your daily life. Everything will become very
clear for you. Just keep on reading.

"The Spiritual Bible", 2015 is the book to guide the individuals on the path to
en"light"enment. Because if you are your Soul, you will have no fears, no worries, no
negative emotions, you feel happy and positive all the time, you have an easy,
"Light" and simple life. And as Soul you can create anything you desire in life. We
teach you the creation abilities in our book. And off course, why this is possible! We
can really influence our own future and determine our future by creating our design.
The change of humans from the ego perspective in their ratio, into a Soul, starts in
and with you, the individual! When you choose to change and follow our book, you
will go the path to enlightenment on an easy and simple way. Just read the book and
do all exercises and you will become your Soul and gain the higher perspective of
your Soul. Perfected in simplicity!
The next step for the humans is to create balance with nature again. And this is a
very big step and a very big change. We are writing on this moment also Part II of
the trilogy, "The New World of Souls". See below for the explanation of this book. In
short, we show you how we can create our present world into a New World of Souls.
A world, which peace, harmony, real democracy and help for everyone! The change
of our world into a New World of Souls needs, a large group of humans who became
their Soul and wants to cooperate with us. In this book we will explain everything in
phases to really change our present world into this New World of Souls.
The knowledge of these two books are offered to the humans by the spirit guides, to
help you to change yourselves and your future. But it will all depends on the
decisions the individual human being will make, with his or her free will. How more
humans will change, how better our world will become. And we can prevent suffering
for all people in the world from the apocalypse. And now, you understand perhaps,
how important it is to spread this information world wide!! Help us, to help you!
Bye the way, the Author is not religious!, the author is just very interested in the real
truth about Life! And he searched for answers in his life and now he got them from
the spirit guides! They taught him, how life is really constructed. If you want to
understand the real construction of life, you have to understand the apparently
material world is created by the immaterial world. The immaterial world is real! We
will prove this to you in our book completely and give below a preview to think about!
We will prove to you that an intelligent energy being, we call God, really exists in the
immaterial dimension. We will explain that the immaterial dimension really exists,
and even your pure positive Soul exists. And it will make all sense to you,
because it is logical! The immaterial world is more real, than our apparently
material world. Therefore humans can't explain, for example: the causality between
thoughts, emotions and feelings and many other problems in life. Because they are
blinded by the falsely taught ego perspective in their ratio. We explain more about
the ego perspective and the real causality of thoughts, emotions and feelings below.
If you think that this information was never known before, you are wrong. Jesus and
others spoke about this knowledge we are describing to you in our book. And for fun,
the author has interpreted the words of Jesus Christ in the Gospel of Thomas. And
we can see that the evolution of the apparently material world changes over time, but

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