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(USPS 705-130)

The Country Connection News, Inc., February 17, 2015, Page 2

The Country Connection News
The Country Connection News (USPS 705-130) is published weekly
by the Country Connection News, Inc. for $28.00 in-state and $32.00
out-of-state, per year
periodicals postage paid at 315 Main, PO Box 206, Eakly, Ok, 73033
Phone: 405-797-3648 E Mail countryconnectionnews@yahoo.com
POSTMASTER: Send address changes to The Country Connection,
P.O. Box 206, Eakly, Ok. 73033

In the Garden
By Catherine Dougherty

Eakly club hears
about Cemetery’s
needs; new project
by Kay Williams
Beautiful Valentine decorations greeted members at the regular meeting of the Eakly OHCE on
February 11. Paula Thiessen was
the decorator and hostesses were
Barbara Langley and Kay Williams.
President Elsie Jo LaFever
called the meeting to order and
Lora Hudson led the Flag Salute
and the singing of “America.”
Elsie Jo gave the devotion, “A
Time For Everything” from
Ecclesiastes 3. Karen Eskew read,
“The Simple Joys,” and “Take
Your Medicine, Boy!” Paula read
“God Loves You.”
Roll call was answered to
“What is your easy meal for one
or two?” by twelve members.
Prayer requests were for Randy
Kardokus, Mary Luper, Wanda
Smalley, Mrs. Pearcy, Tommy Bell,
Jane Poor, the Perry Ryburn Family, and Everett Taylor.
Barbara Langley offered
The lesson, “Cooking for
One or Two,” was given by Kay
Williams who discussed easy
meals, preparing and freezing,
nutrition, and trying new foods
and recipes.
Each lady received a pamphlet with ideas and recipes to try
at home.

580-654-1776 Carnegie

After the minutes and financial report were approved, Elsie
Jo gave upcoming dates.
The group decided to entertain the New Decade group with
a brunch after the Easter Egg
Hunt on April 4. They also donated $50 for the hunt.
Guests Carolyn Cope and Jim
Yearwood told the group about
the needs at the Eakly Cemetery.
The group will have a Bake
Sale just before Mother’s Day,
with all proceeds going to the
Marie Loula talked about the
Fourth Wednesday Project and
suggested a new project. Corn
Heritage will furnish cloth is the
ladies will make lap robes.
The ladies will also make drawstring backpacks and small quilts
for DHS to give to children removed from homes.
Elsie Jo showed two bags she
had made and Karen showed
Elsie Jo, Karen and Kay reported on the County Planning
Freeda McLemore showed a
“Cat in a Basket Quilt” two
“Scotty Dog” quilt tops, and
Donna Pearcy showed four scrap
Threasa George showed two
embroidered pillowcases and
Linda Thiessen showed two crocheted doll dresses.
Jim Yearwood asked the blessing before all enjoyed a delicious
Several members stayed to tie

The Temperature Plunge and the Birds
The predicted blizzard has come and gone without giant velocity; hopefully everyone took heed and were prepared to stay inside for a few
The North East half of the nation is experiencing terrible weather conditions with record breaking snow fall accompanied by hurricane force
winds. To be classified as a blizzard, there must be snowfall, regardless
of how much, accompanied by winds of at least 35 MPH for at least
three hours. They had winds up to seventy miles per hour in some
places and the accumulated snow will take many months to thaw.
I lived in Connecticut for one of the record breaking winters, and by
the time of the April thaw, the snow had become a soggy black mass
from auto pollution and muck. Our petite amount of snow was perfect
for tossing out poppies to assure their growth.
Everyone watched the gray sky and the approaching cold front since
our sweater weather was slated to plunge. And by late afternoon the
winds picked up their pace and people were scuttling about, rushing to
be inside.

Jeanette Peters
Jeanette Peters will be 90 years old on February 20, 2015. However, her family is celebrating her birthday on Saturday, February
28. There will be a family-only luncheon at the Pleasant View
Mennonite Church north of Hydro. Then, the entire community is
invited to the church for cake from two to four o’clock that afternoon. Cards are wonderful, but please, no presents.

Now Open In Hydro!

Little E’s Cafe
Main & Broadway
405-663-3663 (FOOD)

Open 6 a.m.-9 p.m.
7 Days a Week

We make Home
Homecooking by Home Town Folks!

Sun., Mon., Tues., Feb. 22- 24
*The SpongeBob Movie 2D
* McFarland, USA-PG
* Fifty Shades of Gray-R
Call 1-800-250-3225
or 1-580-654-1776 for times
* Plus a 2 p.m. Sat. and Sun.
Matinee of *ed features

Standard Admission $4
$2 surcharge for 3D
information 1-800-250-3225 580-654-1776


First Christian Church Youth
Fund Raiser Dinner
Funds for Summer Church Camp

Sunday, February 22
12:00 to 2:30
Fellowship Hall, First Christian Church
233 E Main, Hydro

All day on Saturday and Sunday the birds instinctually knew of the
impending storm… they were at the feeder the entire day, stocking up
as it were. Many of the birds had begun building nests during the
balmy spell last week so they are quite possibly are in shock. This is
the time it is important to feed them for the duration of this cold weather
so they remain healthy. A mixture which contains cracked corn is excellent since eating corn produces a higher body heat than other feed and
will keep our feathered friends warm.
The outdoor Geraniums that are currently being housed until spring
were in shock when they first arrived inside so many lost leaves and
produced lackluster growth with the change of their environment. For
months spindly stems and small pitiful blooms have made them appear
half their former selves as they impatiently wait to go outside again.
However if one looks closely, the tiny new leaves that are being called
forth appear robust in form and color. It is time to prune them so the
energy lost in futilely attempting to keep the old growth alive may be
transferred to the new.
Drastically pinch back your plant, removing small yellowing leaves,
old unhealthy growth, and bare stems. The Geraniums will appear unsightly now but by the time to take them to the garden, they will have
totally recovered from being a boring houseplant and will be ready to
bloom their hearts out for you.

Weds & Thurs., Feb 18 & 19
The SpongeBob Movies 3D-PG 7:00
American Sniper-R ends Thurs 7:00
Fifty Shades of Gray-R
Fri. & Sat. , Feb. 20 & 21
*The SpongeBob Movie 2D
7:00 & 8:35
* McFarland, USA-PG 7:00 & 9:10
* Fifty Shades of Gray-R 7:00 & 9:15

The early cold raindrops suddenly changed sleet pellets, which clung
like frozen fingers from the side mirrors of passing cars. Indeed for a
few scant moments, it was oddly interesting to see rain drops and sleet
falling simultaneously. Then the winds began and could be heard howling, their voices predicting the inevitable power loss from which we
were spared this time. *An interesting side note is that OG & E reports
it takes only 1/16th of an inch of ice on lines to cause a power outage...
and a loss of electricity could quickly dash any sense of Valentine


Stay warm... each day we are closer to Spring!

Cynthia Rodriguez,
Walk-Ins Welcome
Phone: 405-542-3192
115 N. Noble, Hinton

If it’s News to

Famous Indian Tacos, Dessert & Drink
Adults $8.50, Children under 10, $3.50


We will deliver in town , Call 405-663-2694
We would appreciate your support
Becky Pitzer FCC Youth Director

It’s News to US!
Call 797-3648 &

Feed the birds, feed the birds!

Listen to Old Time Gospel Preaching
with Buck Nicholson
KWEY 95.5 FM Weatherford, OK 9:00
a.m. Sunday
KTLR 890 AM Oklahoma City
10:30 a.m. Saturday