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The Country Conection News, Inc., February 17, 2015, Page 3

Once Over Lightly
by Tony Lightcap

Patriot Puzzler
The deflation of footballs may or may not be in the top five problems you are trying to muddle thru
at this moment. I think we can all agree that there are bigger fish to fry in this country, but as your inresident Bull Detector it is my job to call to your attention to the laughable circumstances that surround
Roger Godell, regardless of the circumstances, will be laughing all the way to the bank. The man
makes 45 million dollars per year… talk about being out of touch. If football is one of your addictions
like it is mine it is worth discussing simply because if we are going to take the time to play the game
then the rules should apply to everyone regardless of race, class, creed, national origin, or even if your
stud of a quarter back is married to a super model.
First and foremost I should mention that I am a dyed-in-the-wool Okie, and that means when it comes
to NFL teams I’m in neutral territory because Oklahoma has no real stake in the outcome of such a
contest. We usually look upon the results of a game like that as we would a spat between Rosie and
Whoopi on the VIEW… it is fun to watch the fur fly but nobody really cares how it turns out.
It is part of the media’s playbook that winners should be nice. Bill Belichick is by no stretch of the
imagination a media darling. He usually comes off as gruff and mean and the mainstream media types
hate that.
Interviewing Bill on ESPN is like putting Mr. Obama on the hot seat at Fox and Friends. Is it possible
that the guy is just feeling a little off his game because he is poised to play one of the biggest games of
his life and you are talking to him (with a microphone in his face no less) about the amount of air in a
football?? Just because a coach refuses to play kissy-face with a reporter does not mean there is a
conspiracy going on. A little closer to home even, our own coaches on occasion have run-ins with the
media. Every time one of those twenty-something reporters approaches Bob Stoops about his defensive problems in the first half ,the reporter usually ends up fleeing the scene with one of Bob’s incisors
hanging off the side of his ear.
Bob hates the media and I certainly understand why. It was also not so many moons ago that Mike
Gundy had a meltdown on ESPN as well, against a reporter who “refused to let it go”. If I am not
mistaken that clip has made it into “The Top Ten Coach Melt-Downs” on YouTube, and I might add is
certainly worth watching.
During the course of the playoff game against the Colts Tom Brady threw three picks on three
different broken plays by three different Colts defensive players. Why is it that none of those players
seemed to notice that the Patriots were playing with deflated balls at that moment instead of it coming
out in the news three to four days later??
When the Oklahoma weather presents us with sub-zero temperatures what is the first thing you
notice? Your tires start deflate! Shouldn’t that also be considered a possibility?
Tom has been known to play with a bit of a chip on his shoulder and I get that as well. He was a 6th
round draft pick out of Michigan and he has backed up the likes of Drew Bledsoe so the guy has paid
his dues. Is it so unreasonable that he should enjoy his moment in the sun?
Pete Carol is getting beat up in a big way over his play calling on the goal line play about the rush
versus the pass. We all understand how this works. If it had worked he would have been a hero. The
fact that it didn’t work makes him a zero.
People are even trying to say that this was possibly pre-meditated and planned. If you really believe
that theory. how would that make the NFL any different from the WCW? Should we expect to soon see
an opposing quarterback grind glass into his forehead and watch coaches body slam each other against
the turnbuckles?
New England has had their fair share of fiascoes over the years and they were caught in
2007 recording opposing teams play calls from the sidelines during games. Do the words
straight from the good Lord that say “There is nothing new under the sun” resonate here?
In other words, yes they broke the rules but were they by any stretch of the imagination
the first or only ones? Their biggest crime they committed just might be that they got
Both JFK and Bill Clinton fooled around while in office… the difference is Bill got caught. Bill may
be called “Slick Willy” but he wasn’t slick enough to pull off that magic trick. I often wonder what it
feels like to perpetually be sleeping in the dog house.
Do everyone in your household a favor today and put away your #1 foam fingers and your face
paint. The mystery may not be solved just yet but the good news is you will have about 9 months to
contemplate it.

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