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Page 5
A Veteran’s Story
Burton Kidd of Hydro
never came home
from World War II

Serving Northern Caddo Country and the surrounding area for over 32 years- Hydro, Eakly, Ft. Cobb, Gracemont, Lookeba, Binger, Hinton, Colony, Corn, Sickles, Oney-Albert and in between

Voluume 34 Number 24

Guest Editorial
We lost another community newspaper
We lost another community newspaper this month. In February
the Waurika (Oklahoma) News-Democrat ceased publication.
That’s about the sum of what I know about it, and that I only
found out by accident while canvasing Oklahoma newspapers for
my column.
What I found out from a quick search is, the 113-year-old
newspaper served the town of Waurika, population about 2,000,
and Jefferson County, population 6,400 total.
Why it closed I don’t know, but I can guess with a high degree
of confidence.
Small hyperlocal newspapers generally barely break even. When
they are owned by one of the rural newspaper chains, the slightest
financial reverses may mean some have to be cut loose.
Some small papers are family operations, and by family I mean a
husband and wife team helped out by contributions from family and
neighbors contributing articles. A prolonged illness, death or
retirement means they have to shut down if they can’t find anyone
to take over.
I recently had to turn down an offer from a former editor to take
over a rural county weekly in North Dakota. She was literally a
victim of her own success. Her paper actually got big enough that
she couldn’t handle the production by herself with all the other
things on her plate, and couldn’t find anyone willing to move
waaaaay out on the prairie.
So why should my subscribers in one-horse towns in say,
Minnesota, care about a newspaper in a one-horse town in Oklahoma.
And you in the bigger cities, why should you care? I mean,
what’s in Waurika and what do they write about anyway?
To answer the first question, the food you eat.
To answer the second question, important things.
Things important to the people of rural America that they are not
going to find anywhere else.
Sports news from their local schools for one. I have news for
you, it’s not news that sells papers, it’s sports, and sports is the
most demanding form of journalism. Because the readership is so
knowledgeable and a lot of the readership were at that game you
reported on.
The police report for another. What are the town troublemakers
up to and what are the cops doing that justifies the cost of a new
cruiser roughly every two years?
City and county government. The county sheriff is going to
argue before the county commission that the half-dozen full and
part-time deputies need some expensive gear. The county commissioners are going to point out it never gets used. The sheriff is
going to say that may be true – but when you need it, you need it!
And you the citizens are going to have to decide what your
opinion is. Because in a rural area that could be you who needs that
equipment at your place in a hurry. Because the tax bite in a place
with a small tax base is not trivial, and because in a county of a few
thousand people your vote really does matter.
Speaking of the food you eat, what are the weight limits on grain
trucks farmers use to deliver to the local elevators? In many places
they vary from winter when the ground under rural roads is frozen
to spring when it gets soft and squishy.
You may not be a farmer, but you durn sure use roads, and pay
for their upkeep.
Advertising! Sports sells newspapers, advertising pays for them.
Retail outlets in rural areas struggle against competition from
regional box stores and C-store chains. Without advertising…
The crisis in rural newspapers reflects the crisis in all newspapers, we just feel it here first. We don’t know what the future will
bring in the news business. Maybe it’ll go all online or to e-readers.
We just don’t know.
In the meantime, I hear some folks are trying to start up a new
paper to fill the needs of Jefferson County.
Good luck and best wishes from all of us in the business. You’re
going to need it.
(Editor’s note: We here at The Country Connection are still struggling to bring the news to our readers, but most importantly, recording history of the communities and people we serve. We depend on
and are thankful our advertisers and appreciate the assistance of
our faithful reporters and columnists who make this a newspaper
about and written by YOU!)

Making Connections
FORT COBB-- Caddo Kiowa Tech Center is hosting a Blood Drive,
from 8 a.m.-3 p.m., Friday, February 27. Donors may select an appreciation item from the Oklahoma Blood Institute’s Treasure Chest. For an
appointment call 877-340-8777.
HINTON--Jace Hilliard, a 12 year old Weatherford 6th grader, formerly
of Hinton, has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Community
Volunteers and family friends will host a fundraiser on Sunday, March
1, at the Hinton First United Methodist Church Family Life Center. A
luncheon and live auction are in the works for the event which will be
from 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Please mark your calendar.

February 24, 2015

L-S School Board
researches bank
to handle accounts
Since Anadarko Bank & Trust
is closing its Binger Branch, the
Lookeba-Sickles School Board
had to discuss other options for
banking at their February 16 meeting.
Action was tabled by the board
but Shana. Lierle was authorized
to research First National Bank &
Trust in Hinton and Legacy Bank
and report at the next meeting.
Board members present were
Frank Klassen, Chad Cooper, Jami
Radacy, Casey Horn and Tommy
Supt. Mike Davis gave the invocation.
After the Consent Agenda was
discussed and approved, Davis
reviewed his Principal’s Report
and read Mrs. Gather’s Principal’s
He then reported on the
OSSBA District 10 meeting; the
new Impact Aid numbers for the
current year; the Fort Cobb Fuel
increase; and read a letter from
Angel, Johnston & Blasingame
concerning health insurance payments. The Board approved the
Indian Policies & Procedures for
the Public Law 874 Program, which
funds the school federally for
housing and Indian Grant Land.
The School Calendar was approved as well as the District
Wellness Policy.

Agencies called out for canyon fire

Hydro Fire Chief Allen Entz said sparks from a welder fixing fence north of Hydro caused
a huge fire on Bear Creek, Saturday. Numerous fire departments and other agencies responded to help. It was a windy day and the wind continued to shift from north to east,
which made containing the fire difficult.

Caddo County
Sheriff’s Report
During the month of January, 205
inmates were booked into the
Caddo County Jail.
There were already 84 incarcerated. Inmates were served 8,549
meals at a grocery cost of
$20,204.68. Other supplies cost
Emergency Room charges
amounted to $2,690.71, and visits
to doctors cost $467. Medication
for inmates cost $4,559.66.
Four Sheriff’s Sales were conducted and 133 Civil Papers were
Employees worked 1,875 hours
and drove 27,978 miles, using 842
gallons of gas.
Sixty-seven incidents were investigated and 18 Self-Defense Applications processed.
The Special Ops Unit conducted
19 drug related operations and eight
interviews. They made four arrests,
and conducted five other interviews. They assisted other agencies four times and trained for four

Property owner Ken Slagell who took these photos said his canyon where community
singings and other activities are often held was not hurt but as a precaution, he and others
raked leaves away from the cabin and watered down the area.

Raetz murder trial
reset: May docket
A Jury Trial scheduled for
Stanley Joseph Raetz, 49, of Hydro was set for the February
Caddo County District Court
docket. However, the trial has been
rescheduled for May. Raetz is accused of shooting Robert Ordell
“Bobby” Bailey of Hinton on December 16, 2012 at Bethel Road.
Raetz was arrested by Joe Ferrero
of the OSBI, and charged with first
degree murder. He is out on bond.
His attorney is Doug Friesen of
Oklahoma City.

Blaine County Commissioner was on hand and Blaine County employee, Dwight Slagell,
pushed in the fire line with Blaine County Dozer and Grader. Firefighters worked for four
or five hours to contain the fire.

(USPS 705-130)

The Country Connection News, Inc., February 24, 2015, Page 2

The Country Connection News
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by the Country Connection News, Inc. for $28.00 in-state and $32.00
out-of-state, per year
periodicals postage paid at 315 Main, PO Box 206, Eakly, Ok, 73033
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POSTMASTER: Send address changes to The Country Connection,
P.O. Box 206, Eakly, Ok. 73033

In the Garden
By Catherine Dougherty

Pistachios... the Perfect Nut!

A Moment with Maxine

As we noted last week, winter was not yet through with us... it was
simply teasing us with warm weather last week. The storms that have
arrived with a venomous velocity certainly took their toll on travel.
From Dallas to Atlanta as far North as Providence Rhode Island, travel
by road, train or plane was at a standstill.

by Maxine Bamburg
“It’s day all day in the daytime and there is no night in
Creede,” so wrote the Editor of
the Creede Candle regarding the
rambunctious mining town in
His knowledgeable statement
came from experience in reporting the numerous crimes committed in the wide open mining town
where every other door was a saloon and dead bodies were removed from the streets with each
day’s rising sun.
Among those less than honest proprietors was Soapy Smith,
owner of a gambling house and
employer of around 40 Bunco artists, gamblers and strong-arm
But his most popular and profitable setup was the little bars of
soap peddled by his workers on
the town’s rough avenues.
Purchasers of the soap eagerly paid their dollar with the
hope of discovering a five or ten
dollar bill beneath the usual paper wrapper.
Of course, not many reaped the
reward, only enough to keep
Soapy Smith’s profitable scam

580-654-1776 Carnegie

Weds & Thurs., Feb 24 & 25
McFarland, USA-PG
The SpongeBob Movie-PG Ends Thurs 7:00
Fifty Shades of Gray-R ends Thurs 7:00

Most of us fall into that category, anxious to make a small investment when the promise of a
large return is possible.
But it doesn’t always work
that way.
We love sometimes even when
we may not be loved in return.
We give of ourselves even if
we hear no “thank you’s” or other
expressions of gratitude.
And we do the “right thing”
even when there is no one to see
our actions.
Jesus never described a
Christian’s life as being easy but
He did say it would all be worthwhile upon His return.
Loving and giving are the
“right thing” to do; sharing our
blessings with others, standing
up for those less fortunate and
doing so at the risk of ridicule and
social scorn.
Trusting Him to deliver is not
the same as Soapy’s “maybe somaybe not” bar of soap.
Instead it is a standing promise to which we can entrust our
eternal lives.

Lease to Own
805 E. Main
Weatherford, Ok

It is to be expected this time of year, and hopefully after the next bit
rolls through on Friday, we will have a calm entrance to the lovely
month of March.
As mentioned in the Bible, there is a time for every purpose under
Heaven, and thus it is with nuts.
Nuts arrive right on schedule as the last Fall harvest ends and the
landscape falls barren until the arrival of the earliest winter
proof edibles. To sustain mankind over the rather dismal months of
winter, Nature was kind enough to present us with a hardy and highly
nutritious meal encased in a protective shell. From Pecans to
Walnuts, Cashews to Almonds, Peanuts to Cashews, there is a flavorful nut for every taste.
Nuts are actually considered a fruit encased in a hard shell. The frost
proof shell is imperative to keep the fruit safe from harm as most nuts
mature in late fall. The nutritional value is limitless and the culinary fun
of choosing and then opening a tasty gem is marvelous.... they will
add unique flavor to almost any meal or desert. Thursday is National
Pistachio Day so we should all enjoy some in grateful recognition of
this ancient fruit.
Jim Humphreys has retired from the Crow Roost Fire
Department after serving the Department and Community
for over 15 years. He was always there when the pagers
went off, no matter the time of day or the weather. He
served as Fire Chief in 2010-2011. Jim’s wife Nettie served
on the Fire Department Auxiliary during Jim’s years on
the Department. The Auxiliary is a very important part of
the Department, helping with fundraisers, providing food
and drinks to the firefighters during fires and training,
and supporting in any other way needed. A Retirement
Party was held for Jim and Nettie on January 30, so the
firefighters and community could express their appreciation for the couple’s service. Since Crow Roost is a Title
18 Fire Department, there is no retirement, but instead a
small plaque to hang on the wall. So anyone who wishes
to send the Humphreys a card or note of appreciation
may do so, at CRFD, 203 Crow Roost Road, Fort Cobb OK
73038, or crowroosthief@outlook.com.

The C.C. News
covers 1,000
square miles

Fri. & Sat. , Feb. 26 & 27
* Focus-R
7:00 & 8:50
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* Kingsman: The Secret ServiceR
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Sun., Mon., Tues.,
Feb. 28 , March 1 & 2
* Focus-R
* McFarland, USA-PG
* Kingsman: The Secret ServiceR
Call 1-800-250-3225
or 1-580-654-1776 for times
* Plus a 2 p.m. Sat. and Sun.
Matinee of *ed features
Standard Admission $4
$2 surcharge for 3D
information 1-800-250-3225 580-654-1776


A Bit Of This & A Bit Of That

Friday, March 6 and Saturday March 7
10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
1st and 3rd Friday & Saturday of each month
All items HAND MADE in Ok

Become a member of the
Johnny Bench Museum
of Binger Inc.
Rookie of the Year-$200-$900
Receive Autographed Baseball
All Star-$500-$999
Receive Autographed
Uniform Top
Receive Autographed Catcher’s
All Century Team-$75,000 &
Receive all the above plus
negotiable special recognition
4x8 ad on outside of Museum

Pistachio trees are said to have originated in Syria and traveled
through the Middle East and Central Asia to all parts of the world
where temperate climates exist.
Part of the Cashew family, the Pistachio is considered a delicacy and
is part of the weekly diet of those living in Iran, Syria, Turkey, Greece,
Egypt, India, and Italy. California produces world famous Pistachios
and is second only to Iran in production. In 2013, the City Council of
Avenal, California, proclaimed the city to be the Pistachio Capital of
the World.
Seed opening tools and remains of Pistachio seeds have been discovered dating back 78,000 years in Israel and they were among the
plants in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in in 700 BC.
The Pistachio is one of three seeds mentioned in the Bible (Genesis
43:11), with the almond and walnut mentioned as well. Pliny the Elder,
a favorite for his observations, mentioned in his writings they were
brought to Greece by a Roman Proconsul to Syria in 35 AD and by the
6th century, Monastic manuscripts indicate they were well known in
Europe as well.
The internal kernels are often eaten whole, either fresh or
roasted. Delicious Pistachios are used in ice cream and the Italian
desert, spumoni, and the Russian baklava use them as a base... the
list of uses for this delicious, delightful little nut is endless.
In July 2003, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the
first health claim specific to seeds lowering the risk of heart disease...
the Pistachio became famous overnight.
Happy National Pistachio Day!

Corner of Simpson & 5th Street
From Arapaho turn West on 2nd Street, go 3 blocks to Simpson,
turn North go 2 blocks

Call 405-797-3648
& relate your news!
PO Box 206

Eakly OK 73033


The Country Conection News, Inc., February 24, 2015, Page 3

Once Over Lightly
by Tony Lightcap

A Bill for What?!?
Nothing gets my goat like poser companies that make legitimate companies look bad.
What do I mean… glad you asked.
I have been at my current job now for going on 22 years now, we manufacture heat exchangers for
refineries… you know, the evil big oil companies? We are those selfish citizens who kill decent
education for our kids and make sure grandma only has cold canned dog food to eat in the winter time.
When I first took this position I was a bit like a fawn in the headlights and the fact that there were
certain companies out there that wouldn’t bat an eye about trying to extract money out of us without
an exchange of services totally evaded me. Like a little boy running naked in the woods, the only
knowledge I had about life was what at times was pointed out to me or gettin snagged on a thistle… try
shaking that image out of your psyche today.
On the fifth day of my first week, a company called that claimed to be a “packaging company.” They
certainly were that! They were packaging BULL. They called me on the phone and stated that they had
a case of packing tape with my name on it at a special price… it was special alright, a hundred dollars
per roll!!
Being extraordinarily busy and only half paying attention I simply said, “Send it on”. When the
boss man got the bill he was ready to strangle somebody with a roll of hundred dollar bills.
After I sheepishly explained that I was the little fawn that got hoodwinked, he came down
off his thrown long enough to pat me on the head and assure me that I was about to get
schooled in how to man handle a crook.
Once he got them on the phone he assured them in no uncertain terms that he had a
lawyer that wouldn’t think twice about taking a big old wet bite out of their posterior (his
words were nowhere near that polite and cannot be used in this publication. Come to think
of it I am not even sure they would let the exact phrasing he used be allowed in the oil
field.) I didn’t just learn a work lesson that day; I also learned a life lesson.
The lesson was to make sure you peek under the sheep skin to make sure there is not a wolf hiding
under there with a case of packing tape. Not all companies are good companies and if you are not
careful in life you can get taken, like Gary Busey on cosmetic dentist appreciation day.
In this line of business, greed seems to be rabid at times. I hate to cross paths with the morally
downtrodden, but I suppose at times it is inevitable. A trucking company with a load of plate steel came
in one day about the time the day shift was headed home and asked me if they could drop their trailer
for the night and pick it up the following day. I told them that would be fine. The next day, I called them
to say it was unloaded and ready to be picked up.
Almost four years later they sent a man into our facility to see if the trailer was still here and let me
know that it had been reported stolen. Any trailer that sets empty in my lot will not be empty for long.
My guys found it, put it to work and I soon had for forgotten about it. The man took his trailer with a
big smile on his face and I figured all is well that ends well… until today when I received a bill in the mail
for $25,000 for rental fees.
The fact that the bill hit on a day when the man who signs the checks was sunning himself on a
Florida beach didn’t help my cause in the least, I assured him I had the situation in hand and he should
go back to tending to his sun tan lotion. I am rarely speechless but this was a first!! Once I regained my
composure from my impending conniption I carefully and deliberately formed this e-mail:
“It is neither my will nor my function in life to insure that your company keeps all of their eggs in
their own basket. When your driver came to pick up the trailer in question he let me know that your
company had “18” trailers that were either lost or reported stolen. That tells me right away that the
person in charge of that particular area should either be reassigned or let go. It is obvious to me that
your company has a chronic loss problem and my $25,000 won’t help remedy that. Anyone who
worked for me that bordered on being a derelict would not work for me long. Where does your
company get the audacity and the unmitigated gall to send such a bill??
“Please answer the following questions as truthfully as you can, if your answer to all of the
following questions is “Our company did/was” I assume we are done talking. Who dropped the
trailer in our yard? Who was responsible for insuring that it got picked up in a timely fashion? Whose
responsibility was it to follow up and make sure it ended up in the right hands? You only had 3 ½
years to untangle the mystery. Wasn’t that enough time? I realize this is your company’s misguided
attempt to roll the dice and collect some greenbacks but sadly you have not rolled a lucky 7 today. If
your general idea was to find a patsy and to besmirch my company’s good name you picked the
wrong manager to lock horns with. PS: if you insist on continuing to send this silly, asinine bill we
will be left with no recourse but to in kind send a bill of our own… and by the way, our monthly
storage fees are more than your rental charges. HAVE A NICE DAY!”

Listen to Old Time Gospel Preaching
with Buck Nicholson
KWEY 95.5 FM Weatherford, OK 9:00
a.m. Sunday
KTLR 890 AM Oklahoma City

Eakly Notes
EAKLY—Slade Klein, the son of former Eakly residents Rob and Gina Klein was involved in a single
car accident February 21 near Boerne, TX. He sustained numerous injuries including several broken
bones, internal bleeding and gaping wounds. He is in very critical condition. He is in the ICU, he is on a
ventilator, he is sedated but does recognize his parents and responds to simple commands. He does not
appear to have any brain injury at this time. Gina said, “We have been overwhelmed with the love and
support of our friends, family and strangers who have prayed for his healing and showered us with love.
We thank you all. Please continue to keep Slade and his dedicated healthcare team in your prayers. And
please take a minute to hug your kids and extra minute today, every day.”
To help with expenses for the family go to http/www.gofundme.com.mz50jk.
Former Eakly Assembly of God Pastor Harvey Wampler had shoulder and arm surgery in Texas on
Tuesday. We hope he recovers swiftly and we know Carolyn will take very good care of him.
Brad Baxter is back in Houston for more cancer treatment. His mom, Mildred, had a birthday last
week and we are sure one of her birthday wishes was to have Brad well again soon.
Congratulations to Jesus Villegas and Ana Hinojosa who were married this past week.
Also newlyweds are Austin L. Starr and the former Tinde Mashaney.
Please call Dorothy Adams with all your Eakly News! Or email to countryconnectionnews@yahoo.com
Dorothy has not been well, so help her out, as she is such a faithful columnist.

The Country Conection News, Inc., February 24, 2014, Page 4


HYDRO—More snow. School was out Tuesday after a wintery blast began Sunday night and continued Monday. More bad weather is predicted for the weekend.
Betty Eakins’ kids made a quick trip to the E.R. at Mercy Hospital after which Betty had surgery to
correct complications from another recent surgery. She is in lots of pain so remember her in your prayers.
The flu bug is still going strong in the area with too many bitten to name. Jimmy Harris has avoided
that particular bug but has another one which is making him pretty sick. Get well, Jimmy.
We must extend sympathy to several in Hydro. Chad Miller’s dad, Vernon, of Weatherford passed
away this past week. Our sympathy to Chad and Renee and the rest of the family.
Evert Smith, a former Hydro resident also passed away at Weatherford. Many of us remember his
parents, Tom and Elise Smith. Two of Evert’s sister, Bettie Smith and Hazel Byrum still live in Hydro
The Propps families also lost their aunt, Joyce Shawver of Geary.
Sympathy also goes to Joyce Houk at the death of her 96 year old aunt, Letha Houk Wells, whose
services will be Thursday at Sickles
Former Hydroite, Vance McPherson had surgery in Tulsa Monday. He fractured his foot and tore
ligaments and cartilage. We wish him a speedy recovery.
Little Merritt Major, tiny daughter of Phillip and Katy Wieland Major, had surgery on her spine,
Tuesday at Childrens’ Hospital. At press time, we haven’t heard how she is doing, but so many prayers
have gone up, we are sure she will be fine.
Stacy and Rachel Smith joined other family members for the services of Larry Smith at Norman. Larry
is the father of their cousins, Tori, Shelly and Jeremy Smith, who are the grandchildren of the late Bud and
Lenore Carney.
Congratulations to Tim and Kamber Graham Livesey on their wedding and to newlyweds Steve and
Aida Austin. Also tying the knot were Janelle Lawrence and Don Elwick.
. Happy Anniversary to Ricky and Susan Helmeth and Jeremy and Amanda Stockton..
Amanda Stockton fixed her dad, Rusty, his favorite birthday dinner of chicken fried steak and the
trimmings and his favorite chocolate cake, for his birthday..
Others celebrating birthdays were Gaylon Slagell, Kay Wyatt Villines, Candice Wyatt Slagell, Barb
Wyatt Lindamood, and Bob Langdon.

Hope &
by Dr. Dixie Yoder
I’ve recently had a number of people ask about the movie, Fifty Shades of Grey. The conversations
have included various forms of, “I’ve heard it really spices up your love life,” or “It’s not really porn…”
and “I’m an adult so I can watch what I want.”
I’ve not read the book nor seen the movie and won’t, because I value my mind and my time too
highly. However, I’ve read reviews. Some of that information is included here.
There are a few sympathetic reviews, but critical reception of Fifty Shades of Grey has been
generally negative, noting poor literary qualities. Sir Salman Rushdie said, “I've never read anything so
badly written that got published. It made Twilight look like War and Peace.” Maureen Dowd described
the book in The New York Times as “dull and poorly written.” Jesse Kornbluth of The Huffington Post
said: “As a reading experience, Fifty Shades...is a sad joke, puny of plot”. The movie received its “R”
rating for “unusual behavior.” Really.
Lukewarm reviews aside, there’s the far more serious question of the effect this kind of “entertainment” has on our thinking, our marriages and our culture. I work with families frequently destroyed by
pornography, sexual unfaithfulness and abuse. Much of what we see happening is “copycat” behavior.
It’s also called “the James bond effect”, in which disrespect, abuse and violence are glamorized.
A study published in Pediatrics, the American Academy of Pediatrics’ monthly publication, found
that implicit sex, violence and alcohol use was nearly as common in movies rated PG-13 as in those rated
R. Can we look at these statistics and ask with a straight face why teen violence, sex and underage
drinking are a growing problem?
Research conducted by the American Psychiatric Association indicates that “media brutality
increases aggressive behavior and causes desensitization toward violence in children and adults”, as
reported by child psychologist Robert Butterworth. The same research showed the average child
watches 100,000 acts of TV violence and witnesses 8,000 TV murders by age twelve. However,
Butterworth evasively added that “only people with a predisposition toward violence act it out”. It’s
time we acknowledge the very strong probability that it is early and constant exposure to violence that
exponentially predisposes our culture to violence.
If only Christians refused to watch Fifty Shades of Grey, its monetary intake would be far less. But
whether we name ourselves Christians or not, we cannot honestly and intelligently suppose that we can
remain unaffected when exposed to erotic violence, abuse and sadistic cruelty.
The Motion Picture Association of American (MPAA) states the purpose of its rating system is to
reflect the standards of American parents. “The rating board rates a film the way they believe a majority
of American parents would rate it. Societal standards change over time, and the rating system is built to
change with them.” In other words, there’s no unchanging standard that governs the level of immorality that pours into our homes and the minds of our children. Our only defense is to assess entertainment choices by the instruction from God’s unchanging Word. We are the gatekeepers for our children.
Ephesians 5:3-5 (HCSB) “But sexual immorality and any impurity or greed should not even be
heard of among you, as is proper for saints. Coarse and foolish talking or crude joking are not
suitable, but rather giving thanks. Know and recognize this: every sexually immoral or impure or
greedy person, who is an idolater, does not have an inheritance in the kingdom of the Messiah and of
Like us on Facebook, and keep up with ministry information and opportunities on the Infinite Grace
Ministries page! For help strengthening your family, call 580-774-2884.
Send your questions or comments to:
Dr. Dixie Yoder
http://www.drdixie.org PO Box 466 Weatherford, OK 73096 580-772-4854

The Country Connection News, Inc. February 24, 2015, Page 5

The Country Connection News covers
over 1,000 square miles in Northern
Caddo County

This is the 2nd in a series of
articles highlighting some of
Hydro’s Veterans as we strive to
erect a Veterans’ Memorial at the
Hydro Masonic Cemetery in
honor of all who served. Any donation, large or small, would be
greatly appreciated. Donations
may be sent to the Bank of Hydro, Box 7, Hydro, OK 73048.
Please make checks payable to
Hydro Veterans Memorial Fund.

Burton Kidd, wife Pauline and two small children, Shirley
and Sharon, before Burton left for overseas duty during World
War II. He never returned, leaving Pauline a widow at the
age of 20.

Burton Kidd died in Italy inWorld War II
by Pam Klaasssen
Burton Kidd was born June 25, 1924 to Roy and Yula Rhoads Kidd of Hydro and grew up south of
town. He was the oldest of three children that included a brother Billy and a sister Betty (the present day
Betty Pieper of Hydro).
Burton was involved in all the things that Hydro kids have always been involved with. In high school,
he was active in FFA and Burton, along with Ted Scott and Paul Griffin, won the National Livestock
Judging Competition in Denver, Colorado.
Burton also played basketball and was Captain of the Basketball Team when in 1941, he escorted
Pauline Johnson as she was crowned Homecoming Queen. Burton graduated from Hydro High School in
Burton and Pauline were soon married and had two daughters, Sharon, now Sharon Barnes of
Colony, and Shirley. Shirley was born with a heart defect and in later years would be Oklahoma’s first
successful open heart surgery patient.
Burton entered the United States Army Air Force in June of 1942. He was a Technical Sergeant with
the 415th Bomber Squadron, 98th Bomber Group, 15th AF where he trained as a B-24 mechanic in San
Diego, California. He also had gunnery training at Laredo, Texas graduating in May 1944.
Sgt. Kidd left the states for overseas duty in early November, 1944. He was assigned to the 15th AF
stationed at Manduria, Italy. He was serving as a gunner when he was seriously impaired by a lack of
oxygen while in action at high altitude over Austria on February 12, 1945. After two weeks of unconsciousness, he died in an AF hospital in Southern Italy.
He was awarded the Distinguished Air Medal and the Purple Heart. He is buried in the Sicily-Rome
American Cemetery at Nettieno, Italy. He also has a gravestone at Hydro Masonic Cemetery.
Burton left behind a 20 year old widow and two daughters, age 1 and 2.
May God bless all our Veterans and their families-past, present and future.

The cost of the Memorial, including maintaining it, is approximately $30,000. Everyone is encouraged to donate to
this very deserving cause. This will be a total community
project. Hopefully everyone will be able to be part of this
tribute to our Veterans. To donate, no matter how large or
small, take or sent a check to the Bank of Hydro, PO Box 7,
Hydro OK 73048. Make the check payable to Hydro Veterans
Memorial Fund. You may also donate at the Bank of Hydro
Eakly Branch or Bank of Hydro in Weatherford. Let’s show
our Hydro Veterans how special they are by honoring them
with this very fitting Memorial.

Listen to Old Time Gospel Preaching
with Buck Nicholson
KWEY 95.5 FM Weatherford, OK 9:00
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In Memoriam

The Country Connection News, Inc February 24, 2015, Page 6

Vernon Miller
Vernon was a longtime Southwestern Bell employee
Services for Vernon Walter Miller, 74, of Weatherford, will be at 10 a.m. Thursday, February 26, in the
First Baptist Church of Weatherford, where he was a member, having been baptized during the summer of
1991. Pastor Earl Stephenson and Bro. Tony Canon will officiate with burial in the Greenwood Cemetery,
directed by Lockstone Funeral Home.
Vernon was born November 12, 1940, in Higgins, Texas to Walter
Frank and Wilma Farnsworth Miller. He grew up in Higgins until
moving to Woodward where he graduated from high school in 1959.
He joined the United States Navy and served for four years on the
Destroyer USS Kidd. He then began working for Southwestern Bell
in the Oklahoma City area before moving to Weatherford in the late
1960’s. On September 28, 1974, he marred Sandy Leppke and they
continued to make their home in Weatherford. He retired from
Southwestern Bell after 33 years, retiring in June, 1997. He enjoyed
hunting, fishing, camping, playing dominoes and cards, reading and
He passed away February 21, 2015 at Integris Grove Hospital. He
was preceded his father; his stepfather, Ray Holman; and his brother-in-law, Leroy Wreath.
He is survived by his wife, Sandy, of the home; his mother, Wilma Holman of Woodward; and his
children and their spouses, Mark and Richelle Miller of Yukon, Chad and Renee Miller of Hydro, Molly and
Chris Peters of Oklahoma City, and Jennie Morgan of Weatherford. Also surviving are ten grandchildren;
one sister, Yvonne Wreath of Mutual; his mother-in-law, Mary Leppke of Weatherford; other relatives and
friends. Memorials may be made to Stage 4 Life stage4life.com, PO Box 892241, Oklahoma City Oklahoma 73189.

Letha Wells

Letha loved Sickles Community Church
Services for Letha Fern Wells, a wonderful and loving wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother
and friend, will be at 2 p.m. Thursday, February 26, at the Sickles Community Church with Bro. Tom Clifton
officiating. Burial will be in the Sickles Cemetery entrusted to Turner Funeral Home-Hinton.
Letha was born October 5, 1918 in Colony to William and Lillie
Mae Houk. She graduated from Cowden High School where she
was active in Drama and Debate. Soon after, she married Jess Wells
and together they farmed in the Sickles Community for 50 years.
One of Letha’s great loves was the Sickles Community Church. She
derived great joy from seeing the sign, donated by her family in her
honor, each time she drove into the church parking lot. She studied
and made notes daily in the Bible given to her by Bro. Tom and
would often stop by his office to discuss his sermons. (One can’t
help but wonder if she was telling him what to say.) Letha was
always supportive of school, the Volunteer Fire Department, and
church activities. In fact, she and her friend, Bertha Lanier, were
Lookeba-Sickles Basketball Honorary Fans. They could be seen in
their special seats at all the games. They were quite the “team”
themselves. Letha enjoyed watching her favorite television programs
. On any given day, after tuning in to a basketball game, “
The Price Is Right,” or “Everybody Loves Raymond,” she would
call family to ask, “Did you watch……?” Sadly, eleven years ago,
her health required a move to Houston, Texas. Leaving her Sickles Community friends and farm life was
very difficult for her, but to help with the transition, her grandchildren and great-grandchildren made her
very happy. And as always, anything pink or red was always worth a compliment. At the Heritage Living
Facility, she was known as the “Pink Lady,” and everyone called her “Granny.” The caregivers gave her
special attention with lots of hugs. Becky and Anita in the Heritage Hair Salon pampered her and kept her
in the salon as much as possible to enjoy the excitement and attention. “Letha, Mom, Grandma, MeeMaw,
Granny, you will be greatly missed but we feel so fortunate to have had our time with you. You lived your
life with much faith, prayers and caring for others. Now you can share your love in your Heavenly Home.
MeeMaw, we love you.”
At age 96, Letha went to her Heavenly Home on February 21, 2015. She was preceded by her husband,
Jess; her son, Linden; four sisters and two brothers, Esther Young, Luceil Duncan, Doris Newton, Berniece
Morris, Lester Houk and Lenord Houk.
She is survived by her daughter, Patricia Lacey and husband Donald of Houston, Texas; three grandchildren, Darren Lacey and wife Suzanne of Baltimore, Maryland, Tana Tamez and husband Steve of
Houston, Texas, and Tiffany Lacey of New York City; and five great-grandchildren, Caleb and Helen
Lacey; Ryan, Nicholas and Luke Tamez. Also surviving are her sister, Venita (Pauline) Phillips of Lakewood, California; and the families of Lori Andrews and Lucinda Dawson, other relatives and friends.

Lorene Clay
Lorene was active with youth and church events
Services for Zola Lorene Clay of Lookeba will be at 11 a.m. Friday, February 27, with Rev. Tom Clifton
and Rev. Mike Davis officiating, Burial will be at the Sickles Cemetery, entrusted to Turner Funeral HomeHinton.
Lorene was born August 31, 1918, in Sickles to Cicero Marion
and Clara Brooke Golden Mogg. She attended Willow Dale Grade
School and graduated as Valedictorian of her class from Sickles
High School. She married Harry Clay in Sickles in 1937, and has
lived in Sickles her entire life. Lorene was the Caddo County
Singing Association Secretary, and an active 4-H member and
leader for many years, supporting the students, and helping with
transportation to and from conferences. She was also a member
of her local Home Demonstration Club. Lorene was a devout
Christian, always willing to share her faith with others. She was
saved during a four-week revival held by Rev. Thomas J. O’Neal in
the Sickles High School auditorium in 1930. At that revival, over 100
committed their lives to Christ. As a Charter Member of the
Sickles Community Church, Lorene’s contributions and service included many years of teaching Sunday
School classes, including over 20 years at teacher of the Adult Class. She belonged to the Bible Memory
Association and memorized many verses and scripture. She and Harry sponsored the young people’s
group, encouraging many of them to also memorize scripture. Harry and Lorene took the young people to
Bible Camp at Ringgold, Louisiana each summer for many years. Lorene was also active in the organization, teaching and leadership of Vacation Bible School and the Ladies Missionary Prayer Band. Through
the years, Lorene and Harry hosted over 40 visiting missionaries in their home. Lorene was a wonderful
gardener and cook. Her greatest joys were her family and serving the Lord.
She passed away February 22, 2015, at her home in Lookeba at the age of 96. She was preceded by her
husband; her son, Don Robert Clay; her siblings, Cicero Mogg Jr. and Juanita Long; and her parents.
Survivors include her children and their spouses, Delores and Jim VanDean of Oklahoma City and
Dean and Pam Clay of Lookeba; her grandchildren, their spouses and children, Brent and Dana VanDeman,
Savanna and Sierra, Dena and Drew Burris, Addison and Alyssa, and Denton and Richelle Clay, Canyon
and Conleigh; many other relatives and friends. Memorials may be made to the Sickles Community

Andy Justice

Andy worked at Hydro for several years
Services for former Hydro resident William Andrew “Andy” Justice, 71, of Thomas, were Wednesday,
February 18, 2015 in the First United Methodist Church with Kip Heathley officiating. Burial was at Mound
Valley Cemetery at Thomas under direction of Lockstone Funeral Home-Thomas.
Andy was born July 15, 1943 in Walnut, California to Taft and Mary Elizabeth Davis Justice. He grew up
in the Chouteau area where he attended school. He worked for K.D. Dobbins Harvest Crew, where he met
his future wife, Cheryl Key. On October 6, 1966, they were married in Wagoner, and made their home in
Thomas. Andy then worked at the Hydro Elevator from 1969-1976. In 1977, he began working as a driller
and tool pusher for Helmrich & Payne Oil Company, retiring in 2004 after 30 years. He worked for Ace
Hardware for three years. He had been the caregiver for Cheryl for the past year. Andy enjoyed camping
and sports activities. He enjoyed being part of the Methodist Church and helping with their many breakfasts and dinners.
He passed away Sunday, February 15, 2015, at Weatherford Regional Hospital; having been preceded
by two brothers, Leroy and Johnny; and his parents.
He is survived by Cheryl, his wife of 48 years; his children, Richard Justice and wife Gayleen of
Weatherford and Jodi Justice Biddy of Thomas; eight grandchildren, Kaitlyn, Erica, Heath, Kassie, Dylan,
Harli, Dalton and Macy; and two great-grandchildren, Kaylee and Chaysen. Also surviving are his sister,
Claudine Brown and husband Lynn of Mounds; two sisters-in-law, Cheryl and Rema; four nieces; other
relatives and friends. Memorials may be made to the First United Methodist Church of Thomas.

Evert Smith
Evert worked hard all his life
Services for former Hydro resident Evert Lee Smith, 83, of Weatherford, were Tuesday, February 24 at
the Pleasant Valley Baptist Church with Bro. Terry Flansburg officiating. Burial was in the Greenwood
Cemetery in Weatherford, directed by Lockstone Funeral Home.
Evert was born July 20, 1931 in Sickles to Thomas “Tom” Evert and
Elsie May White Smith. When he was three his family moved to
Lake Village, Arkansas where the family raised cotton and worked in
the logging industry. When he was 20, he moved to Hydro and later
moved to Oklahoma City. He worked hard at different jobs all his life.
In 1981, he moved to Weatherford where he worked for the City of
Weatherford for eleven years, retiring in 1994. He then did lawn work
before going to work at BOP Ram in Weatherford where he worked
until one month ago. Evert enjoyed spending time with his family,
fishing, hunting, riding motorcycles, travelingand bowling.
He passed away Friday, February 20, 2015, at his home, having been
preceded by two brothers, Thomas Evert Smith and William Lonnie Smith.
He is survived by his wife, Nedra Lynn Smith of the home; one son, Jackie Lee Smith of Oklahoma City,
and six daughters, Patsy Ann Ash and husband Lindsay of Edmond, Linda Joyce Drummond and husband
Richard of Lone Grove, Kathy Jean Simpson and husband Jimmy of Guthrie, and Nora Gayle Smith of
Ardmore; and two bonus daughters, Debbie Jones and husband Wesley of Sapulpa and Bobbie Tudor of
Colony. Also surviving are 14 grandchildren; 20 great-grandchildren; and three sisters, Nettie Barringer
and husband Orvil, Bettie Smith and Hazel Byrum, all of Hydro; as well as other relatives and friends.

Frances Kissler
Frances was known for her friendly smile
Services for Frances Rachel Kissler, 92, of Weatherford, were Saturday, February 21, at the Zion Church.
Pastor Ron Thiessen officiated with burial in the Greenwood Cemetery, directed by Lockstone Funeral
Frances was born to Reuben H. and Rachel Rosenoff Kissler, on January 9, 1923 in Washita County
southwest of Weatherford, where she grew up. She attended Enterprise School and graduated from
Weatherford High School with the Class of 1941. She attended Southwestern Oklahoma State College for
a year before taking a train to Washington D.C., where she worked for the War Production Board for two
years, during World War II. She then moved to Oklahoma City, where she worked for American Title &
Trust and later for HUD. In 1980, she moved home to Weatherford to help care for her father. Frances
always had a friendly smile and enjoyed spending time with her family. She belonged to NARFE, was a
Pink Lady at the hospital, and was active in church.
She passed away February 17, 2015, at Weatherford Regional Hospital. She was preceded by her niece,
Julianna Bergen; her siblings, Kenneth, Calvin and Vernell Bergen; and her parents.
She is survived by her brother-in-law, Zane Bergen; her sister-in-law, Barbara Kissler; and five nephews
and their wives, Mark and Jan Bergen, Brent and Sarah Bergen, and Myron and Kimberly Bergen, all of
Arlington, Texas, Weldon and Rachel Kissler of Weatherford, and Dennis and Renee Kissler of Oklahoma
City. Also surviving are nine great-nephews and great-nieces, Martha Bergen and husband Theo Chao,
Jonathan Bergen, Austin Kissler, Zachary Bergen, Jullianne Bergen, Madeline Bergen, Zane Ross Bergen,
Kaylei Kissler and Benjamin Kissler, other relatives and close friends.

Larry Smith
Larry was a retired teacher
Graveside services for Larry Wayne Smith, 74, of Clinton, were Saturday, February 21, 2015, in Sunset
Memorial Park in Norman with Richard Royal officiating. Lockstone Funeral Home was in charge of
Larry was born June 8, 1940, in Coalinga, California to Buster
Durwood and Margaret Ann Creech Smith. He grew up in Oxnard,
California where he graduated from Oxnard High School in 1958. He
attended Coalinga Junior Collage and transferred to OU where he
graduated in 1962 with a Bachelor of Science degree. He taught
school for three years before going to work on a ranch in Arnett.
From 1982-2003, Larry taught school in Fort Supply and Arnett. He
attended Northwestern Oklahoma State University in Alva where he
received his Master of Education degree. He retired in 2003, while
living in Arnett. He moved to Clinton in 2005.
Larry passed away February 17, 2015; having been preceded by his parents.
He is survived by his children, Jeremy Wayne Smith and wife Brenda and Tori Leann Levine and
husband Steven of Irving, Texas and Shelly D’Esta Thompson and husband James of Clinton; five grandchildren; his sister, Margaret Ann Wolf and husband Tom of Norman; one niece, Melissa Chavis of
Norman; one nephew, Christopher Chavis and wife Jamie of Brooklyn, New York; two great-nephews;
other relatives and friends.

Norma Lee Repp
Norma loved cooking for her family
Services for Norma Lee Repp of Fort Cobb were Saturday, February 21, at the First United Methodist
Church in Fort Cobb, where she was a very active member. Burial was in the Oak Grove Cemetery at Fort
Cobb, directed by Steverson Funeral Home.
Norma Lee was born June 17, 1928, the first of three daughters of
Freddie Goble and Juanita Grady Reinking. She graduated from
Alfalfa High School where she played basketball and was
Valedictorian of the Class of 1946. She attended Oklahoma College
for Women in Chickasha. She found the love of her life, and she and
Herbert Dale Repp were joined in marriage on December 2, 1947, in
Alfalfa. They farmed the rest of their lives in the Fort Cobb and
Alfalfa areas. Norma was an active member of the Crescent Home
Demonstration Club until it dissolved. She enjoyed quilting and
watching her children and grandchildren excel in school and sports
activities. She and Dale traveled extensively, visiting many foreign
countries and hosted many Rotary Exchange students. Norma
Lee’s main love was cooking for her family, church gatherings and
Norma Lee passed away February 17, 2015, at an Oklahoma City hospital. She was preceded by her
husband; her daughter-in-law, Keri Jo Repp; and her parents.
She is survived by her four children, Cheryl and Jerry Dickson of Bartlesville, Eddie and Mary Janes
Repp, Rodney Repp and Tammy and Skipper Bates, all of Fort Cobb; and her grandchildren, Cheri Woolman
of Bartlesville, Jamie and Taylor Cameron of Carnegie, John and Jeremy Repp of Fort Cobb, Katrina Placke
of Mason, Texas, Brett and Scott Tahah, and Erin, Zakary and Caleb Bates of Fort Cobb. Also surviving are
her great-grandchildren, Taylor and Kennedy Woolman, Midway Park, North Carolina, Joshua Woolman
of Bartlesville, David Repp of Fort Cobb and Katy Cameron of Carnegie; two sisters and their husbands,
Collen and Bob Dyer and Lynda and Verle Coon, of Fort Cobb; her cat, Cookie; many relatives and friends.
Memorials may be made to the First United Methodist Church, PO Box 9, Fort Cobb OK 73038, or to Oak
Grove Cemetery %Washita Valley Bank, Box 100, Fort Cobb OK 73038.

Nilda Elizondo
Nilda had a great love for family
Mass of Christian Burial for Nilda LaVerne Elizondo, 81,of Weatherford, were Friday, February 20, at St.
Eugene Catholic Church with Father Chris Tran officiating. Burial was in Greenwood Cemetery, directed by
Lockstone Funeral Home.
Nilda was born August 11, 1933, to Verner H. and Millicent
Lickenbaugh Swartling in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she
grew up, graduating from St. George High School in 1952. She lived
in Weatherford since 1976, working for SWOSU until retiring in 1995.
Nilda married Daniel Elizondo on December 27, 1986. She had a
great love for family and friends. She especially enjoyed her only
daughter, Christy Segress and husband Stan, and her two precious
grandchildren, Megan and Austin. She loved to dance and travel.
She passed away Monday, February 16, 2015, 2015, at her home;
having been preceded by her parents.
She is survived by her husband, Daniel, of the home; her daughter
, Christine Segress and husband Stan of Columbia, Missouri; her
grandchildren, Megan Kneipp and husband Tom of Waynesville, Missouri and Austin Bates of San Diego,
California; one sister, Gloria Maroney and husband Clair of Miamisburg, Ohio; and many beloved cousins.

The Country Connection News, February 24, 2015, Page 7

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The Country Connection News, Inc. , February 24, 2015, Page 8

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