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Delphi 71 .pdf

Original filename: Delphi_71.pdf
Title: Delphi_71
Author: Sean David Morton

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no matter what they are called by people in
every part of the world, are a universal constant in every culture on Earth. Not only do
evidence of their visitations stretch to the
beginning of history, but they predate the
counting of history, as we know it. In
fact, we can only assume that they are
indigenous to this planet.
One might wonder that if
they are using super advanced technology to come such long distances
of billions of miles, why don’t they
just take a few samples, grab a few
earth girls and head home? Why have
they been here for thousands of years?
What do they hope to gain? What seed
have they planted here that they are
watching grow, and seemingly eager
to harvest? What makes us so damnably interesting and entertaining? Are
we on some kind of galactic trade
route? Do we have some rare and
valuable element, like water perhaps,
(or maybe beer?) that keeps them
coming back? Are we nothing more
than some cosmic filling station? A 24-hour
AM/PM with a restaurant and brothel attached?
Or are they not EXTRA-terrestrial .
Maybe they don’t come from OUT THERE
at all. Mayhaps they are ULTRA-terrestrial,
and come from parallel dimensions that are
right along side of us. Instead of traveling
countless light years, a quick rev of those
electromagnetic gravity engines shunts them
sideways, and *POP* there you are. An
Einstein-Rosen bridge that leads to numberless enthralling universes, filled with our own
possible selves, leading the lives we all might
have led had we turned right instead of left,
stayed when we should have gone or simply

ZIGGED when we should have ZAGGED.
Today we think of UFOs as harmless balls of light, zipping around with no
real rhyme or reason. Usually seen by hick
farmers or drunken uncles at family picnics.
In ancient times however, these craft and
their inhabitants were taken dead serious.
They were the absolute Messengers of EL

(which is what the word ANG-EL actually
means.) They were deadly harbingers of
doom. Contactees in THOSE days were
called PROPHETS with messages that came
DIRECTLY from the mouth of God Himself. They were sacred, holy men. These
prophets roamed the land, and not heeding
their warnings, or doing them harm, or even
speaking ill of them, brought with it punishments truly worthy of a vengeful, and wrathful God. A prophet shaking the dust off his
shoes in your direction was a curse that could
induce a standing heart attack. Whole nations
were sometimes destroyed because the
people did them harm.
UFOs and prophecy have gone
hand in hand from the very dawn of history.

When the prophets were not out shouting warnings from the rooftops, then the Angels themselves walked the Earth. Tall, fair, blonde men
dressed in white strode into cities to do reconnaissance, take measure of the people, and pass
their judgements. Many of the ancient laws regarding hospitality came out of a fear that you
might offend one of these angels unawares, and
doom yourself, your family and your
town. This tradition carried on well into
Greek and Roman times, when they had
many tales and myths of Zeus and
Hermes who would travel together and
bless those who treated them well with
great wealth, and curse and destroy those
who treated them ill, robbed them or
turned them away. Hospitality to strangers is still one of the strictest codes in
many parts of the Middle East.
You all no doubt know the story
of Lot. How his brother Abraham bargained with God to spare Sodom and
Gomorrah, if he could find only 10 good
men who had not “Bowed the knee to
Baal.” Which actually meant 10 men who
had not engaged in homosexual practices,
as Baal was depicted as a giant phallus.
Two angels showed up at the city to
judge for themselves. Lot met them and took
them into his home for dinner. A very agitated
mob, smelling “fresh meat”, gathered outside
Lot’s home and demanded he give them the two
handsome young men “that we may know them.”
Knowing them in the Biblical, West Hollywood,
Santa Monica Blvd, sense.
Lot was horrified, and so afraid that he
actually threw his own wife and two virgin
daughters to the mob...becoming the first Jew in
history to use the line, “Take my
wife...PLEASE!” (Sorry. I could NOT resist!)
The angels finally came to the front
door, and when the mob rushed them, they raised
their hands, and blasted the mob with a brilliant
light which blinded them. They told Lot that this

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place had to go, and to gather his things
and run, and don’t look back.
Recently, archeologists believe
that they have finally found these two cities near the coast of the Dead Sea. Sodom,
they believe was later called Ben Dhara Ben
Ara, and Gomorra was called Numera.
Both cities had been destroyed simultaneously in some mysterious fiery cataclysm. Many of the bones were riddled with
syphilis, and there were also highly unusual
traces of radioactivity at the level at which
was the city was found. Nearby, they even
found an ancient church built around
what was believed to be Lot’s cave,
where his two virgin daughters got him
drunk and seduced now that his wife had
been turned to salt, and all the eligible
men were all bar-b-qued.
In Jonah’s case the saucers took
up positions to destroy Nineveh, and at
the very last moment, realized that the
people of the city had repented and
spared the town.
A Column of Fire by night and
a Pillar of Cloud by day led the Children of Israel from the land of Egypt,
then led them around in a circle for forty
UFOs are all through the ancient scriptures and texts, but they are
called flaming shields, flying tabernacles, wheels within wheels, flaming
chariots, God’s Holy Mountain, The
Rock of Ages, the Four-Squared City of
Jerusalem...it goes on and on.
In fact every bit of paranormal
phenomenon that occurred in Biblical times
is STILL occurring in the modern day. But
instead of hairy, wild eyed prophets and
sacred texts, you get guys like me, the
Internet, the tabloids and monthly newsletters.
The most amazing thing about the
modern day is now the amount of startling,
undeniable, and unimpeachable proof that
we have access to. Whereas in ancient
times, like say the 1950s, we had to rely on
eyewitness accounts and testimony. Now
we have footage from NASA satellites and
the Space Shuttle. In fact the universality
of the home video camera has dragged
ufology from the arcane, back wood luminous weeds, and into the homes of millions.
The only problem is that the gigantic controlled media has cut off all access to this
information, because we no longer have
SHOWS to air it on. Notice that as of 2000

there is not a single mainstream show that
deals with true cases of the paranormal?
Unsolved Mysteries, Strange Universe,
Paranormal Borderline, even Hard Copy,
are all gone. There are a few late night specials on TLC or the Discovery Channel, but
it is all back to the closet with no budget
and no production value.
In the old days academia and “Establishment” scientists and researchers
could look down their noses and sneer at
the quaint yokels and their fairy tales. Now
they must deal with hard evidence that can

be verified by cold computers. Now all they
can do is scurry further up the winding stairs
of their Ivory Towers, and build the ivy
covered walls of their fortresses that much
higher so that none of them can look out at
the real world encroaching on their smaller
and smaller minds.
You might also want to notice that
there are a number of truly vile internet
hacks out there trying to make a name for
themselves in ufology as “Debunkers” or
“Critical Investigators”. Since they do not
have the guts or the brains to actually go
out and investigate cases for themselves,
their preferred modus operendi is to attack,
smear and libel the background or personality of other investigators or of witnesses
and contactees themselves. They will not
deal with the actual EVIDENCE because
they can’t. The media builds these swine
up, because they need them. If 1000 people
see a gigantic glowing, stadium sized UFO
fly over a town, and one crazy blind man

doesn’t bother to go outside and doesn’t see
it, that crazy blind man’s opinion will get
as much press/ink/airtime/ video as the
1000 who saw it first hand. That is called
“Fair Reporting”.
With all that said I want to bring
you up to date on so much that has been
happening around the globe and in outer
A few years ago, a mysterious man
who would only be know as Victor, claimed
to have smuggled a revolutionary, and horrifying two minute fifty five second piece
of film footage out of AREA 51. It showed
a small, sad, sickly alien in a dark room at
the end of a long table, being held behind
a sheet of glass in a bio-containment cage.
Victor said that this Alien was being kept on Level 5 at the now famous S4 facility adjacent to Area 51, which lies
about 130 miles north of Las Vegas.
In shadow in the foreground, we
can see two men, who Victor claims were
an “Int.Com” or Intuitive Communicator
and a military officer. The IntCom was
trained to attempt to communicate telepathically with the Alien, and had been involved in many hours of these interrogations with only moderate success.
In what Victor said was this final
secession, the Alien begins to go into
spasms, is very distressed and starts to
cough up a light red foam. Visible in the
lower right hand corner of the frame is a
cardiac monitor with a light green blip, that
is measuring the being’s vital signs.
When the attack begins, the officer
presses an intercom and calls for the medical team to get in there STAT, that the Alien
was having a problem. It takes them almost
a full minute to respond. When they enter
the picture, they use a flashlight to check
the eyes, mouth and ears of the being for
blood and mucous and to make sure it’s airway is not blocked.
And then it ends.
This is the kind of tape that drives
investigators crazy. Here we have a witness
who smuggled out the footage, who would
not come forward because he was legitimately afraid for his life. He was interviewed in shadow and in disguise with his
voice masked. Any picture or video is only
as good as the eyewitness, and we had a
man we could not check out, but who knew
things about Area 51 and S-4 that only
someone who had lived and worked there

Page 4 of 16 The Delphi Associates Newsletter, Vol. VI, Issue 71, MAY 25, 2001
$60. suggested donation for 12 issues. Published by P.R.I. ( Prophecy Research Institute) OUR 24 HOUR TOLL FREE ORDER LINE: 888-452-7999
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could have known. Art Bell and I even interviewed him on the air for over 3 hours,
and couldn’t punch any holes in his story.
With most footage of actual UFOs,
computer analysis can be used to determine
height, width and breadth. Parallax photography can also be used to determine distance
and size. We can do spectrum analysis of
the quality of light and shadow. We can now
tell you that you really are looking at an
object that is so many meters across, and
not just a pie-plate flying at 30,000 feet.
But what do you do with an ACTUAL ALIEN sitting at a table in a darkened room. Is it a puppet? All done with
strings? Special effects guys having us on? It is the kind of thing
that has guys like Stanton Friedman, the Grand PooBah of
M.U.F.O.N. (which stands for
“Morons Ultimately Finding Out
NOTHING!) “Harrumphing” all
the way to the bank, even though
he has done absolutely NO RESEARCH into the case, and never
spoken to Victor, which is pretty
There was one key element. A clue which all of us had
totally over looked, except Mexican journalist and investigator
Jamie Mausson. Jamie is the Mike
Wallace of Mexico, where he, for
many years, was the host of the
Mexican version of “60 Minutes”
which is seen in every country in
the Spanish speaking world.
Jamie and I had a chance to sit
down at dinner and talk about the key element at length, while we were both speakers at the UFO WORLD CONGRESS in
Laughlin, Nevada last March.
What we had all missed was the
read out on the cardiac exopulminary machine monitoring the beings heart rate and
vital signs.
“I have now shown this piece of
film to over 2 dozen doctors,” Jamie said
with his rolling Spanish accent. “I have tried
to seek out heart specialists where ever I
can find them, and every one of them believes this film to be absolutely genuine.”
He leaned forward and continued
“You have to imagine that if this
is a fake, then whoever is working the puppet, must also be working that machine with
expert precision, because every motion, ev-

ery cough, every expression of pain and distress on that creatures face and in the alien’s
body is mirrored perfectly by that monitor.”
Another thing he said the doctors
pointed out was that the monitor did not have
a regular “Lub-Dub” double ventricle signature, but only a single pulse. This correlates with not only Victor’s statement, but
others going back years who claim to have
experience with these beings that they have
a very simplistic pulmonary system which
consists of a single a single heart/lung sack.
It is also why colonies of bacteria build up
in their lungs so easily.
“The doctors told me that machines

of that kind cannot be faked or rigged.”
Jamie went on.” And even if this one was,
the operator of the machine and the puppeteer would have to be in totally perfect sync.
These doctors said that the only possibility
was that the machine in the video was
hooked up to a man having a heart attack in
another room, or that it is really hooked up
to a being in distress with a single ventricled
This is just one more piece of observational evidence that supports a revolutionary, groundbreaking piece of footage
that I have believed is very real all along.
Alice Haggerty is a very close
friend of mine, who I met working on the
documentary series “UFO CONTACTEES”
back in 1990. She is, I believe, one of the
single most valid UFO contactees that I have
ever encountered. She has numerous eye
witness accounts to back up her claims of

abduction, and physical evidence inside her
body that has been scanned with both Xrays and MRIs. For many years I have been
trying to talk Alice into writing a book about
her experiences, and she may just take me
up on it this summer.
Briefly, when Alice was six, she
was dying of dyptheria. Small grey aliens,
wearing belted uniforms, with straps running in an X pattern across their chests, took
her up into a craft where she met the man
that she would know for the rest of her life
as simply “The Doctor”. He was tall, at
about 6’3", dressed in a jet black uniform
and boots, that was also belted, with two
sashes running in an X pattern across
his chest. He also wore a medieval
style cowl around his head, like the
hood that would go on before old style
chain mail.
“He had a face that looked
like the Indian on the old nickel,”
Alice said. “Red skin, and very, very
Native American looking face. He
was the commander of the entire operation for all the years that I was
taken aboard the ships.”
Alice was placed in a large
glass tube, where she floated like she
was in a tank of water. She was then
bathed in a blue beam, which instantly
healed her dyptheria.
She was then placed on a
table and given a thorough medical
exam by the little greys, and two metal
probes where shoved up into her nostrils. The probes were small balls, with
metallic wires that protrude visibly as two
silver studs out the roof of her mouth. These
probes have mystified doctors who can not
explain how they got there, nor any modern medical procedures that can remove
Over the years, and after literally
hundreds of abduction/contact experiences,
these aliens used her as a breeder, and
crossed her eggs with alien DNA to create
over fifty children, which the aliens said
were hers, and that they would be the beginnings of a new race that would populate
the earth someday.
The aliens possess a hive mind,
and had reached and evolutionary dead-end,
and it was our self-contained individuality
and creativity that was most prized about
human beings. Alice believed they were trying to use genetics to breed and individual,
evolving soul into their species.

The Delphi Associates Newsletter,VOL.VI, Issue 71, MAY 25, 2001, Page 5 of 16
Our website: www.DelphiAssociates.ORG. OUR 24 HOUR TOLL FREE ORDER LINE: 888-452-7999
The Cosmic JOKE is that The TRUTH IS NOT OUT THERE! It’s ALWAYS been IN US!

On many occasions she was taken
to the bridge of the craft and shown pictures on the main viewing screen of Earth’s
possible future, and told that this was why
their genetic program was necessary.
“I was shown what appeared to be
a bubble forming in the mantle of the planet,
under the area around what I think was Turkey.” Alice said, thinking back, trying to
remember as best she could.
“This bubble began to grow and
the rotation of the earth became more and
more erratic, until it led to a polar shift, and
the planet just flips over.
“I also saw a time when all the cars
were stopped and there was no power to any
of the cities. People were
living in caves, and everyone was on horseback.
Horses became one of the
most valuable things in the
world. It was like all of civilization went back to the
1800s almost overnight.
“ I was also shown
a list of people that I needed
to contact right before these
cataclysms were about to occur. They said that I would
remember it clearly when
the time came.”
On a more cosmic
note, at one point in her journeys she relates an experience that may explain all evolution and the greater cosmic
“At one point during a trip that for
me lasted several days, but turned out to be
only a few hours when I was returned to
Earth, we actually went outside of the universe. Not just the galaxy, but they told me
we were actually outside of the entire universe as we understand it.
“It was the most horrible feeling,”
she said, tearing up at the memory. “An
awful black void, with a feeling of utter
hopelessness. Like a depressing physical
weight that pushed down on me.
“We were on the bridge, and the
Doctor slowly turned the ship around, so
that the universe would come into view on
the main screen. I was totally shocked. It
was a huge, glowing MAN! Just floating in
this infinite void.
“He didn’t have discernable features, like a defined face. I could see his
head and arms and legs, but it was like he
was transparent and his body was filled with

“The Doctor said that the galaxies
that we could see were like the cells in our
own bodies, but obviously infinitely larger.
“I asked him if he could show me
where Earth was. The Doctor flipped a few
switches on the console and showed me that
the galaxies and super universes that were
all part of the Grand Man, as he called Him.
Where the Milky Way is, and where Earth
is located, is right at the heart chakra. And
that is why Earth is important now, because
we are right at the center of the current awakening and evolution of this tremendous
Being. We seem to somehow be the key to
a great many things.

“It took me a long time to come to
grips with that experience. That I was literally physically looking down at...well, God!
At first it made me feel small and insignificant, but then later I realized that we are all
bigger...literally...than ourselves.”
Alice was in a car accident in 1996,
which caused severe damage to her spine,
neck and skull. The Beings and the Doctor
all made one last visit to her in her hospital
room, where they told her that she had
served her purpose and that her contacts
were at an end. She asked for their help in
healing her injuries, but they refused, telling her that one day she would find the
power within to heal herself.
From that day the contacts stopped,
and she still suffers severely from her injuries.
In ancient times UFOs and the
Watchers and Visitors who drive them, may
have been angels or demons and harbingers
of doom, but today evidence is pointing to-

wards a far different, more loving, dynamic,
and courageous scenario: They seem to now
be buying us time.
Over and over again, everywhere
I look evidence is mounting that we are currently the beneficiaries of Divine Intervention. That the Earth and Mankind may not
make it through the next few years, or even
last long enough to evolve into the Great
Ascension, unless we get some outside help.
I have been saying for many years that the
Good News would be that humanity’s fate
would be left in our own hands. However
the Bad News, is that humanity’s fate would
be left in our own hands.
The Mayan Prophecies told us that
if we could get 144,000
people to greet the dawn
in peace and love on August 17, 18 and 19th of
1987, that an amazing
Harmonic Convergence
would occur and that all
the earth changes and predictions of disaster would
be pulled down by a factor of 10. Jose Arquelles
got his 144,000, and millions more across the
world, and the future began to change.
In the early
morning hours of June 28,
1992, I ran onto the strand while my house
shook from a 7.6 earthquake in the desert
of Landers, California. It was big, and here
on the coast you never know if this one
would be the BIG ONE. The sky was overcast with a thick marine cloud cover, but I
could see up the coast to Santa Monica and
Malibu, and south to Palos Verdes. What I
saw took my breath away.
There was a row of about a dozen
or so green spheres that stretched like a
strand of emeralds across the bay. At first I
thought they were planes backed up to land
at LAX, but it was the wrong pattern. As I
looked inland, there were BEAMS of bluish light coming down from the clouds as
the neighborhood shook!
I ran back inside of my still swaying house to get my binoculars, and ran back
out and took a closer look, and they were
craft alright. I was watching first hand some
kind of Divine Intervention in our future.
The beams continued for about ten
minutes and then the green spheres blinked
out one by one.

Page 6 of 16 The Delphi Associates Newsletter, Vol. VI, Issue 71, MAY 25, 2001
$60. suggested donation for 12 issues. Published by P.R.I. ( Prophecy Research Institute) OUR 24 HOUR TOLL FREE ORDER LINE: 888-452-7999
2207 Hermosa Ave., Hermosa Beach, Calif. Republic, PZ(Postal Zone) # 90254-2527...Office Phone: 310-318-1848

Later on the news they said that
police and fire stations had received thousands of calls reporting UFOs over the city,
and of the strange beams of light, which they
explained away as earthquake induced “Ball
Lightening, transformers exploding and
skydivers with flares attached to their
ankles...” At 5:30 in the morning. During
an earthquake. Ooo-Kay!
It was AFTER this event that all
the psychics started to go wrong. Gordon
Michael Scallion was THE MAC DADDY
of prophecy at that point. His predictions
had been DEAD ON accurate in three previous quakes, including this one, giving
magnitudes, locations and dates. I knew
dozens of people who moved out of California to New Mexico because of him. But
after the Landers Quake his accuracy
started to fade drastically, until today he
is just another gloom and doomer who
lives with his wife and his llamas and is
always wrong. The media trots him out
every now and then, usually during
“SWEEPS”, to mock “New Age Predictors”. He has changed the dates on his
disastrous world map several times, as a
monument to “Time making fools of
Prophets”, while he somehow morbidly
hopes that his visions of massive destruction will someday come true.
Currently, something very bizarre has been happening with our sun,
and the evidence is coming directly from
NASA/JPL and SOHO (The Solar and
Heliospheric Observatory). In a nutshell,
certain solar events have been recently
manipulated in order to alter the sun’s ‘natural’ evolution. This may possibly result in
either a physical OR an electromagnetic
shifting of the poles by 2012 to 2014.
A serious contender in the instigation of anomalous activities surrounding
this scenario is the Brookhaven Laboratories, the home to the infamous Relativistic
Ion Super Collider, (http://www.bnl.gov),
where attempts are being made to alter the
earth shifts by directing energy paths thus
preventing earthquakes from occurring on
the continental US shelf.
Our star, the sun, is the life-blood
for survival of planet earth and our sole
source of heat, light and energy. Traditional
and government sources say our sun is an
“ordinary star similar to millions of others
in the universe.”
In about 10-20 billion years the
surface of the sun will expand enveloping

the inner planets of our solar system, including earth, and thus creating a red giant
star. Eventually, because of its size, it is expected to contract into a smaller cool star
known as a white dwarf.
However, evidence suggests the contrary,
including the fact that our star is now a
Helium Star (since 1991) and in its present
condition highly unstable, ultimately being
given approximately only 2,045 years of
extended life. That is, in 4045, our sun will
be going SUPER NOVA! This would fit
in with the time coding of the Great Pyramid of Giza, as to the final ending of the
Great Cycle.

Carlos & Margarite Diaz
It seems that in 1962 the sun lost
its polarity and is assumed to have reached
half-life, based on telescopic observations
made at the time from The Aerospace Stellar Facility in Simi Valley, California.
Some years later SKY LAB (http:/
/guinan.gsfc.nasa.gov/docs/heasarc/missions/skylab.html) was launched to observe
the solar anomalies occurring at the time.
In 1978 SKY LAB eventually plummets to
earth in the region of western Australia. The
next probe to be launched was SOHO
(http://sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov/) and
Ulysses, verifying the fact that no polarity
existed on the sun and it was in fact all helium.
In November 1997, those following the SOHO satellite images observed
large anomalies orbiting the sun. These
‘anomalies’ can still often be observed today and have been given names like ‘Sun
Cruiser’ or “Plasma Carriers”.
In 1996 I met a Pleiadian
contactee who called himself Adrain in

Miami, Florida. He told me that he had
ridden on huge craft with the Pleiadians
on a number of missions and that there was
something wrong with the Sun. The Sun
was about to begin a phase of extreme activity an solar flares, which would wipe
out life on Earth in just the next few years,
around the year 2000 and beyond, if it was
not fixed. The picture on page two with
the Sun in the background was taken by
him in 1995. You can see that it is remarkably similar in shape and design to the
“Sun Cruisers” taken by SOHO just recently.
It transpires that these anomalies
are in fact gigantic Extra Galactic spacecraft, which came in towards the sun and
delivered two Venus sized missiles into
the sun, causing huge flare explosions.
(See page two sequence.)
The comment by NASA at the
time is summed in the headline “TWO
added that SOHO was dislodged and located three million miles from its original location.
(For images and animation of
this event see Orbit at http://
projectile.html )
In May, 2000, we were witness
to further ‘missile’ activity towards the
sun, of which this may be observed at
The result of all this manipulation being the Sun regained its polarity in
1998, (and the complete story behind this
may be read at http://www.eagle net.org/
phikent/orbit/june/attack.txt and http://
www.eagle net.org/phikent/orbit/june/
It seems the “Galactic Federation” has altered the basic polarity of the
Sun to allow it to maintain the integrity of
the Sun’s planetary system. In recent
weeks we have been experiencing increasing solar and geomagnetic activity emanating from the Sun as the charts and satellite images show. This activity has been
literally OFF THE CHART. The CME of
April 3, 2001 was originally called an X20 event and then was put into a new classification catagory of Y-1.
The recent missiles fired into the
sun will have started an internal electrical
reaction within the Sun itself. This reaction will begin to be absorbed at the core

The Delphi Associates Newsletter,VOL.VI, Issue 71, MAY 25, 2001, Page 7 of 16
Our website: www.DelphiAssociates.ORG. OUR 24 HOUR TOLL FREE ORDER LINE: 888-452-7999
The Cosmic JOKE is that The TRUTH IS NOT OUT THERE! It’s ALWAYS been IN US!

level at which time the core will begin its
next cycle at its stage of growth. This will
continue until the great alignment of December 21st 2012, when the sun aligns
with the exact center of the galaxy at 27º

The addition of RHIC to the scenario offers new aspects as to what can be affected.
By combining the E/M from RHIC and
HAARP emissions, it is quite possible to
create a hole in our atmosphere, in fact, a
hole in the grid itself! If this were to occur,
any ships would be able to enter our atmosphere. This might also cause similar effects
to the Philadelphia Experiment, whereby a
hole is created in the Time - Space Continuum.

A floating garbage of oil and dead
fish……..floating bodies
Of dolphins accompanied by tremendous
upheavals of the Earth and violent
Holes in the sky would be the second
sign of destruction of man, and it was said
At Brookhaven National Laborathat from this point forward man could no
tories in New York, attempts are being
longer heal the earth with physical action.
made at replicating the “Big Bang”, the traThese holes are a direct result of
ditionalist view of how our Universe was
NIGHT OF THE RED SKY: man’s life, his travel and
created. At the RHIC (Relativistic Heavy
Many know of the famous Fatima Of the sin’s of his grandfathers and
(Portugal) prophecy where it is foretold grandmothers……….
www.rhichome.bnl.gov , heavy
And the grandchildren will be
ions are “shot” through two
faced with a choice tubes, the Blue and Yellow tunto continue following the path
nels, to collide at high frequency
of destruction, or to move
in effort to recreate this effect.
In so doing, the Electro-Magto the philosophy of the earth
netism (E/M) surrounding the
and a simpler existence.
ions is affected.
The third sign is when
What has been seen
the sky turns red, even the stars
since the RHIC has been conshine red…
ducting these experiments is that
This, then, is the third
the E/M of the surrounding ensign, the night of the bleeding
vironment is also affected. This
can be seen in the weather radar
It will become known
maps, whereby the air over the
throughout the world, for the
facility is “heated up”, creating
sky in
an E/M field over the surroundall
be red with the blood of the
‘Red Skies’ will be witnessed prior to an
ing area. For detailed weather maps showsky,
event of great proportions, but how many
ing this effect, see The Flash Bang Page,
there will be no hope know of a similar and equally profound vihttp://members.xoom.com/_XMCM/
sion by an Apache in the 1920’s, (Nexus
magazine, http://www.altnews.com.au/ Has lived it will come to an end, and there
The combination of the E/M from
nexus/RedSkies.html ) where a series of can be no turning
BNL and the output waves from HAARP,
prophecies, or warnings, were made by an Back, physically or spiritually.
result in the RHIC energy being sent along
Of course the RED SKY happened on
Apache wise man in the 1920’s, foretelling
grid lines to their targets, as shown in Julie
3, 2001, when the Y-1 solar flare that
death and destruction for mankind.
King’s article HAARPSTRINGS, http://
barely missed earth, created a blood red
It was a vision of destruction of man. But Aurora Borealis that was seen across North
It is believed HAARP on it’s own
America and as far south as Mexico. I can
man was given four
can create E/M fields over various targets,
Warnings to that destruction, two of expect we have many more of those to
resulting in earthquakes, weather changes
come, but is this the Red Sky the Virgin
which gave man a chance
and physiological symptoms. This can be
to change his ways and two of which and Hopis warned us of?
carried out directly through the grids or sent
would give the children
to satellites and back down to the target. It
of the earth time to escape the creator’s
is also believed that HAARP could be used
Few volcanoes have as much spirito create holograms in the sky as part of
tual and geologic significance as Mt. Popo.
The first sign was one of a famine and Its eruption seems to herald the beginning
mass disease born of monkeys, drugs and and ending of great ages of mankind’s spiriPROJECT-BLUE-BEAM.htm.) a gigantic
sex, this was taken to mean Aids, in addi- tual evolution. The last great solar eclipse
mind control hoax that could be used by
tion to wars in the cities as a result of this over Mexico was in 1501, which the
the New World Order to stage a fraudulent
Mayans and Aztecs called the beginning of
“Second Coming of Christ” scenario.
The second sign was that of a barren the Fifth Tiger sun. The eclipse foretold a
The effects of HAARP have been seen
earth landscape, animals dying where the 500-year age of death, terror and enslavefor some years now via the weather maps,
sun appeared much larger and more in- ment. That “The People” would be slain,
as shown on FLASH RADAR, (http://
sold into bondage and that a great spiritual
Page 8 of 16 The Delphi Associates Newsletter, Vol. VI, Issue 71, MAY 25, 2001
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darkness would come upon South America
and the entire world. Mt. Popo erupted two
years later in 1503 and thee years after that in
1506 came Cortez and the Spanish Conquistadors.
The next great solar eclipse to occur
over Mexico happened on July 11, 1991. It
was called the Sixth Dragon Sun, and was,
according to the Mayan Codex, to be the beginning of great earth changes in earnest, that
would lead to the cleansing of the earth and
her people, but directly after that it would lead
to a 500 year age of peace, brotherhood, Cosmic Consciousness and “The Return of the
Masters of the Stars.” And return they
On that day, a massive wave
of UFOs were seen over Mexico City,
caught on camera by hundreds of
home video cameras all recording the
eclipse. In fact researchers had a field
day when a number of the same objects were filmed from 17 different
Right on schedule, three
years later in 1994, Mt. Popo began
to erupt again. Her latest eruption last
December 2000, was the greatest the
mountain had seen since 1106 AD.
Popo sits astride a triangular tectonic fissure called Coco’s Plate,
named after the wife of the geologist
who discovered it. When Coco’s Plate twists,
Popo erupts, great quakes and tidal waves are
seen in Central America, countries like El Salvador, Panama and Honduras. But more importantly for us in the USA, is that the very
bottom of what becomes the San Andreas fault
and runs up through the Gulf of California,
sits directly atop Coco’s Plate. So you begin
to understand our dilemma.
Carlos Diaz lives in Tepetzlan, right
near the foot of Mt. Popo about 60 miles outside of Mexico City with it’s population of
nearly 30 million. For about the last 20 years
Carlos and his wife Margarita have been in
contact with a group of Beings that are truly
unique in the field of ufology. His case has
been thoroughly researched by Jamie
Mausson and the University of Mexico. His
hundreds of photos and hours of video have
been exhaustively investigated and authenticated. A picture of one of his ships graces the
cover of this issue. You will notice that there
are four separate frames of reference, being
the trees, the guardrail, and the hood of the
car, and the huge plasma craft came up over
the cliff and over the roof of the car. It is probably the greatest and most under reported case

in the entire field.
I met Carlos back in 1996 while
working as a producer on the UPN TV show
Strange Universe, and had a chance to go to
Mexico and see these craft flying around with
my own eyes. Carlos has never sold out to
any American TV show, and insists that he
will only release his materials to individuals
that will allow him to talk about his spiritual
Carlos says he does not know what
planet they come from, or what the name of
their race or species is. He simply calls them
his “Amigos”...The Friends. He says they take

like state, staring at a series of pulsing colors
on a huge screen.
“These people are being programmed with information,” Carlos says. “Information that will be stored in the subconscious mind, so that when the great disasters
and catastrophes come, they will all know
what to do and where to go.”
Since I first met him, he was talking
about the eruption of Mt. Popo, and what an
important event that would be. That the
Friends were working feverishly to lessen the
coming eruption, and try to turn it into a controlled release of energy.
Vulcanologists had discovered
that the main flume of the volcano was
blocked and that a major eruption could
threaten Mexico City some 60 miles away.
Remember that Mexico City is built on an
old swamp, with no bedrock, atop a major
fault line, with no zoning and no real construction laws. Thirty million people live
in high rise buildings that are really nothing more than plastered over cardboard
boxes in what has become the most polluted city in the world.
Jamie Mausson, at Bob Brown’s
World UFO Congress, showed clips of
video that literally made me cry. The film
showed a small, lone, pulsing white and
black craft, moving back and forth around
the 7000º plume of the erupting volcano.
The ash and flames made it look like the very
heart of hell itself. And this lone ship slowly
moved into the heart of the column of fire and
smoke and a few hours later the eruption subsided.
I thought to myself what courage and
love that act must have taken. Surely we are
blessed to have “Amigos” like these who are
risking there very lives for a world that will
not even admit that they exist, much less welcome with open arms and hearts.

on the form of handsome young dark haired
men and women more for our benefit, and to
interact with us. In fact he complains that he
has never been taken OFF the planet at all,
and that his excursions consist of going into
the sub-continents within a Swiss cheese-like
earth. In these sub-continents, the Friends keep
hundreds of large reddish-orange glowing
eggs that are called the “Spheres of Remembrance”.
“I have put my head inside them and
seen African veldts, forests, animals, and in
some cases music...whole symphonies, like TROUT LAKE and the SATVA RANCH
The hottest UFO case on the planet
the works of Mozart!” Carlos says, with eyes
lighting up with a childish wonder as he speaks is happening at Trout Lake, right near the foot
of Mt. Adams, on the eastern side of the Inof these marvels.
“They tell me that they are trying to dian Heaven Wilderness in Washington State.
save all the best...all that is good about Earth On May 22nd, at around 10:00 PM, when I
and Mankind, should we destroy the surface called James to talk to him about this article
he was on the phone, out on his deck with
in the disasters that are to come.”
The remarkable plasma ships, or about 10 other people, and I had caught them
Mercabas, used by these Beings can grow to all right in the middle of a major sighting. I
immense size depending on the job at hand. could hear them all yelling and screaming in
On many occasions, Carlos has been taken the background, “OH MY GOD! LOOK AT
aboard the craft, only to find thousands of THAT! IT’S LIGHTING UP! LOOK AT
people, all either naked, or in their underpants THOSE COLORS!”
I asked James if they had to do any
or night clothes, all standing, but in a tranceThe Delphi Associates Newsletter,VOL.VI, Issue 71, MAY 25, 2001, Page 9 of 16
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