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Technology Student Association is an organization created to encourage students to
engage in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. As important as it is to explain
what Technology Student Association is, it is even more important to explain why it exists; to
craft the next creator, the next discoverer, and the next innovator.
With this in mind, we created this commercial-style film to promote the benefits of
TSA for new members. Using several camera techniques and unique shots, we relied on our
aesthetically pleasing visuals to show, rather than tell, the benefits and the “what” of TSA.
Pairing our visuals with captivating and inspiring narration and music allowed us to focus on
the ultimate goal of TSA, “Learning To Live In A Technical World”.
Resonating through our film is the concept of synergy and working together for
change. At the end of the film, the narration called for potential innovators to write their own
future and design their own dreams.

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