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On Demand Video
Athens, Georgia

Northview High School
ID #: 20860066

Table of Contents


Page 3

Shot Log

Page 4-5

A/V Script

Page 6


Page 7


Page 8

Statement of Originality

Page 9

Page  |  2    


Technology Student Association is an organization created to encourage students to
engage in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. As important as it is to explain
what Technology Student Association is, it is even more important to explain why it exists; to
craft the next creator, the next discoverer, and the next innovator.
With this in mind, we created this commercial-style film to promote the benefits of
TSA for new members. Using several camera techniques and unique shots, we relied on our
aesthetically pleasing visuals to show, rather than tell, the benefits and the “what” of TSA.
Pairing our visuals with captivating and inspiring narration and music allowed us to focus on
the ultimate goal of TSA, “Learning To Live In A Technical World”.
Resonating through our film is the concept of synergy and working together for
change. At the end of the film, the narration called for potential innovators to write their own
future and design their own dreams.

Page  |  3    

Shot Log

Shot Number

Shot Type
Long Shot to Medium Shot


Medium Shot


Close Up


Medium Shot


Medium Shot


Medium Shot
Close Up
Medium Shot


Medium Shot; one shot to
two shot.


Long Shot


Medium Shot


Medium Shot
Medium Shot


Medium Shot


Medium Shot

Tilt down the building, dolly
into the girl for a medium
Boy on left third; slight tilt
Boy smiling/laughing;
Girl walks toward screen and
covers the lens with her
Stationary Shot: Screen starts
black; a single girl removes
her notebook from the lens,
revealing a smiling face.
Solar power car/project
Tilt down the TSA logo.
Girl walks toward screen and
covers the lens with her
Scene starts black, girl
removes her hand, revealing
her smiling face. Then
second girl enters, puts her
arm around girl number two
and covers the lens.
Silhouette of trailer door
opening. As the light spills
through the trailer door, a
single electrical car is
revealed. A boy walks into
the trailer and crouches next
to it; slight tilt down.
Truck right from the electric
car to the boy.
Trailer doors close.
Scene starts black, slow dolly
out with a tilt up from the car
to the boy. He covers his
hand over the lens.
Scene starts black. The girl
uncovers the lens. She is
holding a laptop and puts her
hand up and places hand on
the lens.
Scene starts black, slight
Page  |  4    



Medium Shot


Medium Show


Medium Shot (first person
point of view)

slow dolly out to a boy. He
places his hand on the lens
after smiling.
Scene starts black, slight
dolly out with a tilt up to a
girl holding an airplane. Girl
places hand on lens.
Scene starts black. The girl
steps back from the lens. She
is holding a camera. She
leans forward, covering the
shot with her own lens.
The camera uncaps for the
last time to reveal an adviser.
He is holding a TSA name
tag and offers it to the
camera. From the left side of
the frame a hand comes out,
grabbing the name tag.

Page  |  5    

A/V Script
It’s not what we do. It’s why we do it.
It’s not about the trophies or certificates. It’s
about what’s next; imagining the next idea.
Discovering the next experience.

Girl smiling, laughing at the camera. She is
in front of the conference center. In between
her uncovering and covering the lens is broll.

We aren’t just competing. We are creating;
Integrating science and technology to make
an impact on something greater than

Another girl smiling, uncovering and
covering the camera. B-roll of projects and
TSA logo cut in between.

And when we are part of a chapter, a team,
we are part of a collective that inspires
innovation and leadership.

A girl uncovers a camera and her friend steps
in and covers it up again as they smile.

We are given the opportunity to push each
B-roll of electric car.
other; to strive, to challenge each other. To
perform at a level we never thought we were
capable of. Its synergy. The total power of us
working together is greater, more
satisfactory than working alone. We become
the crucial ingredient for catalyzing change;
for creating our future.
For the trail blazers.
For the trend setters for the innovators,
For the competitors
For the vanguard,
For the avant gard.

Successive shots of students/actors capping
and uncapping the lens of the camera.

For all those, like us, who choose be the
authors of our future. Design your dreams.

An adviser uncaps the screen. He hands a
badge to the camera.

Page  |  6    


Canon 5D Mark III

Rode Boompole

Canon 16-35mm

Minolta 55mm f/1.7

Canon 50 f/1.4

Canon 85mm f/1.8

Canon 70-200mm


Adobe Premiere

Adobe After Affects

Vivitar Portable Tripod Dolly

Manfrotto Tripod

SanDisk SD Cards

Page  |  7    

Day, Tom. “Tom Day & Monosoonsirens.” SoundCloud. N.p., 2014. Web. 20 Mar. 2015.

Page  |  8    

Statement of Originality
All images and audio used in the production of this video reflect the original work of
Northview High School’s On Demand Video team.


Page  |  9    

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