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The Official Twitter Guide (by @TomMakesBeats) .pdf

Original filename: The Official Twitter Guide (by @TomMakesBeats).pdf
Title: The Official Twitter Guide (by @TomMakesBeats)

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The official guide to gaining UNLIMITED followers forever!
- made by @TomMakesBeats
However big your account is already, this method will still benefit you in
gaining more loyal followers so your account can really start to grow.
Progress may be a little slow at first but it will definitely pay off (proven
by myself having 5+ accounts with a total following of 300K+).
In this guide, I will teach you the most effective techniques in gaining
followers for yourself so you can have a bigger impact and a bigger
‘reach out’ on social networks, mainly twitter.
Steps for FOLLOWING:
Step 1) make your profile look as neat as possible. Accounts with
#FOLLOWFORFOLLOW in their display names or anything similar to
that will not gain as much authentic, loyal followers compared to
someone with a neat, professional-looking account. Make your profile
personal and as unique as possible.
Additionally, a personal profile picture will benefit you a lot more
compared to a picture of Drake, Nicki Minaj, Michael Jordan or Barak
Obama. If you’re focusing on making and growing a parody account, this
is obviously irrelevant but even so, you will still need to make the parody
account unique in some way.
Step 2) find common users that have thousands of followers already
who seem to get a lot of retweets on their own tweets. Make sure that
the tweets are something quite personal such as a thought throughout
their day or a tweet that a lot of people can relate to. When looking for
these types of big accounts, do not go for famous people who get a lot of
retweets as the process will not be as effective with them. If you’re not
sure what to look for with the big accounts and retweets, you can always
use my account and the tweets i’ve posted. Once you have found these
types of accounts such as my own, proceed to the next step. (See
bottom of guide for a template of big accounts to follow from).
Step 3) turn on notifications for this account through the twitter mobile
app. This way, anytime the user tweets, a notification will be sent to your
phone so you don’t have to keep checking if they’ve tweeted something

new. Additionally, the tweets will be brand new so anybody retweeting
them will currently be browsing twitter and have more chance of
interacting with you.
Once the person tweets, immediately start following all the accounts that
retweet AND favourite the specific tweet. This gives you an increased
chance in gaining more followers as the user is more likely to be online
at that specific moment.
Step 4) browse some of the accounts that already retweeted the specific
tweet to see if there are any more ‘big tweets’ that they have retweeted.
This way, you can find more tweets that have recently gained a lot of
attention. If you do come across more ‘big tweets’ with a lot of retweets
and favourites and the tweet was posted in the last 20 minutes, go
ahead and follow all the users that retweeted and favourited that tweet.
This just helps you find more people that are more likely to be online
instead of just depending on one account such as my own account.
Step 5) when wanting to gain more followers, consider the different time
zones across the world and pick which you think is best for yourself. For
example, i’m British and live in England. There are a lot more people
who use twitter in the USA because of a larger population. When I think
about gaining more followers, I think about the targeted time zone and
only follow people during this time. For example, I follow people around
8am (USA time) sometimes to get followers that have just woken up in
the US and are more likely to check twitter. Also, I’ll follow at 7-11pm to
gain even more followers that I know are more likely to be online. You
can use the method at any time in the day but it’s just more effective by
doing it at twitter’s ‘peak’.
- (optional) Step 6) if you’re using this method to gain a lot of followers,
other big accounts doing the same are a lot more likely to follow you as
you appear on a lot more peoples ‘followers’ lists etc… If you’re not
bothered about people unfollowing you, pay no attention to this step. If
you want to reduce the amount of people who unfollow you on a daily
basis, you must follow back as many accounts who follow you first. If
you do not wish to follow others back who follow you first, you’ll notice
that the number of accounts that unfollow you daily will be greater
compared to if you follow them back.

Not everybody you follow will follow you back. Some people will follow
you back instantly, some will follow back the next morning when they
check their twitter and some people won’t follow back at all. If the people
who you follow but don’t follow you back aren’t cleared up, this method
will not work for you at all.
Step 1) use mobile apps such as ‘unfollow for Twitter’ or CrowdFire to
unfollow all users that don’t follow you back after a sufficient amount of
time. When you first start to grow your account, you’ll have to do this a
lot more frequently so that twitter allow you to follow more accounts. As
your account grows and more people follow you, twitter will allow you to
follow a larger number of people which means you could cut back on
clearing up the non-followers. Personally myself, I clean my nonfollowers up about once every 3 weeks. Twitter allows you to follow 1000
people every day and you must do this for the best possible results. After
3 weeks (21 days), 21,000 new people will have been followed. A lot of
these people will have followed back by this point but there will always
be people that don’t. Cleaning these types of accounts up and
unfollowing them is essential for your account growth. CrowdFire have a
add on which you can purchase (one off payment, not the monthly rolling
deal) where their limit of you unfollowing 100 people a day goes to
unlimited people per day. I highly recommend purchasing this cheap add
on as CrowdFire is very specific and lets you efficiently clean up the
waste. ‘unfollow for Twitter’ works just as good which you can download
for free and purchase their add on for $0.99/£0.79. Both work as good
as each other and I personally recommend purchasing them both but
that is solely down to the individual.
Step 2) on both apps, they give you the option to view ‘inactive users’.
This allows you to see users who haven’t tweeted in the last week,
month, 6 months, year etc… Do you really want to be following a bunch
of accounts that never see your tweets as they’re inactive regardless of
if they follow you back or not? I always make sure to clean these types
of accounts up as they do not benefit my account at all. I normally view
users that are inactive for 1 week and unfollow them.
Step 3) do not unfollow users who do not follow you back straight after
following a bunch of new users. Of course there will be a lot of users
who don’t follow you back after you just followed 100 new people from a
recent ‘big tweet’. Give them time to follow you back (I normally leave it

for at least 24 hours of following people). After 24 hours, you can
effectively unfollow all of the accounts that didn’t follow you back.
Steps for your TWEETS:
Step 1) make your tweets relevant and appropriate to the masses.
Tweet daily quotes that people will be able to relate to. This way, more
people will retweet/favourite them and this will lead to them reaching a
larger audience. Once people start retweeting/favouriting your tweet,
make sure you’re following them and if not, follow them as soon as
possible. Users that have just interacted with your tweet will be very
likely to follow you back if they don’t already.
***This step is more helpful to people who are part of my personal
tweet deck as people who purchase space on my deck will receive
a lot more retweets/favourites as they reach a much wider
Step 2) make sure your tweets are relevant. For example, if someone
famous has just appeared in the public spotlight such as Kanye for his
ignorance or Kendrick for dissing somebody, tweet your opinion about
the situation. When doing this, make your tweet as funny as you can so
that people will be more likely to retweet it. Also, any funny photos that
you find surrounding certain topics are good to tweet as they receive a
lot of attention. You can find examples of all the different types of tweets
on my personal account, @TomMakesBeats
Steps for growing your other social networks by using twitter:
Step 1) CrowdFire offer a automated direct message feature which is
embedded in their mobile app. Do NOT abuse this feature as people will
react negatively to annoying or abusive automated direct messages. A
lot of people find automated direct messages annoying or view them as
spam but this feature can be used to benefit you greatly. When new
people follow my personal account, within 24 hours an automated direct
message is sent to them directing them to my instagram account and
also telling them to add me on snapchat. By doing this, your other
accounts grow in addition to your twitter. If you’re wanting users to add
you on snapchat, make sure that your story is set for everyone to see
unless you want to add the new snapchat friends back (which i don’t
personally recommend).

Steps for building your own twitter team/empire:
Step 1) start your own tweet deck. This will not be very effective at first
because you will not have a big audience. I have an audience of over
300K currently so whenever I use tweet deck to retweet a specific tweet,
the tweet gains a lot of attention. If you’re wanting to start off with your
own tweet deck, I recommend purchasing space on my deck at first so
you can gain a lot of attention to start you off. You can contact me for
inquiring about space on my tweet deck through my personal twitter
account (@TomMakesBeats) or emailing me at
Step 2) have more than one twitter account. Twitter only lets you follow
1000 new users per day through one account. Even if you gained 10%
of the people you followed (which is not gaining a lot of followers), you’d
gain 100 followers per day. If you had 5 personal accounts doing this,
you’d be gaining 500 per day instead. By having more accounts, you’re
increasing your audience as you’re able to follow more and gain more
followers. However, you’ll have to be on top of your accounts and clear
them up often. The harder you work at this, the more followers you’ll
gain at a faster rate.
If you have any questions about the information in this guide, contact my
email below.
Also, if you’d like to purchase any add ons such as space on my tweet
deck or a template of current ‘big’ accounts which you can use to
effectively gain from, contact me through my personal twitter or my
Twitter: @TomMakesBeats
Email: TomMakesBeatsXXVI@gmail.com
Thank you,

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