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I. Purpose
This style guide contains the guidelines for all content released by the Word.
Notebooks brand. These standards are intended to be tools that enable us to maintain
a consistent voice to the public and provide you with the most effective content
II. Brand Voice
A voice is an identity and a mode of operating in the world. Word.’s voice, like our
customers’, is passionate yet thoughtful, energized yet relaxed, and knowledgeable
yet curious. Use the following brand personas to guide the creation of copy and the
technical guidelines to inform word and punctuation choice.
A. Personas
A brand persona is the embodiment of the brand in hypothetical human form,
sharing the same values and aesthetics. It also serves to make the voice more
accessible — when speaking in the brand voice, imagine that you are the
1. Ed
Ed is 27 and lives in Chicago. He's a freelance photographer mostly
interested in photographing industrial architecture. He has a female pit
bull named Clementine that he rescued from a shelter and a girlfriend
named Emily who is a high-end waitress. He shares a small yet quaint
apartment with one other guy he met on craigslist.The most important
thing in Ed's life is his work. He's constantly trying to improve himself for
the sake of love of the craft.
Ed likes Word. notebooks because he can use them to both draw and
write, which he can't do on a phone. He draw maps of shooting locations
and diagrams of lighting setups. He writes lists of gear he'll need, clients
he needs to contact, and ideas for future projects. He prefers Word.
over other brands because they can fit easily in his pocket while he's
moving around but more so because of their sleek design. His favorite is
the Stealth Camo and he also has a preference for mechanical pencils
because he likes to erase.