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— Be friendly and accomodating. Always begin a reply to a
customer inquiry with “Hi/Hey (their first name)” and sign off with
“Best,/Thanks, (your name).”
III. Content
Content serves to engage customers and represent the brand’s values and interests.
A. General Guidelines
While content will vary based on the platform it is being shared on, there are
some overarching topics to guide decisions.
1. Topics customers are interested in:
Direct topics:
— Notebooks 
— Note­taking 
—To­do lists 
— Journaling 
— Writing instruments 
Related topics:
— Photography
— Travel/other cultures
— Engagement with the world and other people
— Productivity/self-improvement
— Quality-made products
— Taking pride in themselves and their belongings
2. GoogleAnalytics Report Findings (as of 2/15)
— Customers like simple design (based on highest selling
— They’re interested in good quality and details (based on leather
cover and pen sales)
— They care about trends & developments (based on referrals)
— They use mostly apple products