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I have read about a certain Ali Hafed, in the speech ‘ACRES OF DIAMONDS’ by
Russell H. Conwell, who wandered into countries of the world in search of
diamonds that laid in the waters in his garden. Now, that’s the funny part. The
painful part is that Ali Hafed, a wealthy man who had orchards, farms and money
died in his quest in unknown land, and the diamonds in the waters in his garden
were discovered and possessed by another man.
The moral from the foregoing paragraph is that whatever good we may seek in
other countries of the world is right here in Nigeria. By ‘Nigeria’, I do not refer to a
geographical location west of Africa, or to a land with rich and diverse culture, a
land where natural as well as mineral resources have been deposited in
stupendous abundance.
No! I refer to a people blessed by God in no small measure. A people hospitable
and loving. A people knowledgeable and enterprising. A people who remain
happy against all odds. A people who continue to make the most of the harsh
realities of life.
The truth is: the good we desire is in us. The security, the jobs, the quality
healthcare, the infrastructural development, the good governance, they are all in
us. As a matter of fact, the change that we so desperately need in this country
today is in us. The multiplier effect of this simple truth, in its manifestation, lends
further credence to the fact that, “where there is a will, there is a way”.
To the man who believes today, change is possible!