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Original filename: Tamarrion_VerticalSlice.pdf
Title: Tamarrion
Author: Camilla

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A concept by Camilla von Paykull och Oskar Lidh Frykmark

Tamarrion is a hardcore, action-RPG, boss killing game
where the player will fight as a paladin with holy abilities.

Tamarrion is all about that feeling of accomplishing the impossible. The player
combats huge boss monsters, each boss with their own unique mechanics.
It is up to the player to tailour-suit their character in order to defeat the boss
monsters with the best possible combination of items and spells.

”Born to be a queen, Tamarrion has renounced it all to answer a call from the Gods. Now a paladin, she is all that
stands in the way of the hellspawns, forged by the twelve, and the ultimate undoing of humanity.” – High Priest of
Carleen, 972 A.D.

• Combat

Combat is the heart of Tamarrion. It is based on a combo-point system, where each sucessfull strike grants a
combopoint. Different fighting styles, depending on movement based actions, such as hit-and-run attacks grant more
combo points than regular striking. The combopoint system rewards players who take their time to study and
experiment with different combo and spell combinations.

• Book of Light

The Book of Light is what grants the player magical abilities. The player will be able to choose abilities from the book
that they want to make active for their character. Examples of abilities found in book: teleportation, heal.

• Tiers

The game world will be built as a map with several unlockable locations to which the player can travel. Each location
will have three tiers, or three rooms, with a unique boss in each.

• Boss Fights

Boss fights are at the very core of the game. The player squares up against large boss monsters, each with their own
unique abilities and combat patterns that the player will have to study and learn in order for the player to progress in
their boss fights. The game at GGC will feature three complete boss fights, with two sets of difficulties.

• Gear/Customization

By defeating bosses, the player may have the chance of aquiring new items which will inrease their stats. The player
can switch between different items to customize their efficiency against a certain type of boss. E.g. a ring with poison
reduction will be useful against a boss that uses poison attacks.

• Combo Points

Landing strikes on the enemy without being hit will award the player with combo points which can be used to activate
abilites from the ”Book of Light”. The larger amount of combo points gathered, the greater effect of the ability.

Features in Detail
Combat is the player’s main interaction
with the gameworld. The player has to
learn the mechanics of each boss, in
order to emerge victorious.

The game lets you get right into the
action, fending off large boss monsters.

Spells and combopoints
The player will use spells from the
spellbook, known as the Book of Light,
that has been customized by the player
on beforehand to vanquish their foes.
String together enough melee attacks,
and gain combo points that may be used
to cast these powerful spells.
There are 5 different types of spells,
either active spells (useable in combat)
or passive abilities (gives a passive
bonus) that the player may choose from.
The player may only equip five spells at
once, so they must choose wisely before
entering combat.

Features in Detail
Book of Light
The book of light is what sets every player apart.
Tamarrion allows players to customize their own
set of abilities, effectively creating their own
class. Each time a foe is defeated, the player
earns a Skill point, which allows the player to
either respecialize or invest in new abilities.
The Book of Light contains five different TYPES
of abilities, each with five unique spells and
abilities, using the Book of Light wheel.

The player collects gear by defeating bosses. Gear
comes in different varities of rarity as well as with
different types of stats.
The gear is what the player is expected to
experiment with if they are to progress further into
the game and beat the bosses ahead of them. Not all
bosses can be defeated using a standardized set of
items and abilities.
This combination of items and abilities caters to the
collector playertype as well as the achiever; you
cannot achieve spectacular victory on the battlefield
if you do not have a solid collection of items.

Level 1 Layout
Boss #1:
The first boss focuses entirely on movement and the
reaction time of the player. The player has to be quick The Boss slows the player down with the poison strike
and then uses the whirlwind attack to close the
on their feet in order to defeat the boss.
Small Cleave
Using the environment to counteract the poison strike,
Quickly cleaves the area in front of the boss several
as well as speed boosting abilities and items to
times. Can be interrupted.
counteract the cleave. It is all about timing and
Poison strike:
Strikes the enemy with a poisonous blade, causing the
player to be slowed down and take damage over time.

Level 1 Layout: Graveyard

(Note that the levels are not final, they are still in a conceptual stage)

Boss: This is where the boss
spawns. Attacks the player
when the player approaches
the boss, and starts the fight.
Player: This is where the
player spawns. Player may
reset the fight and respawn at
this point at any point in time.

Gravel allows players to walk faster, whilst tall grass slows the player down. The areas with
tall grass offers protection in the form of tombstones that can be used to hide behind, while
the gravel allows the player to move away from the boss to the outer ring, where combo
orbs are available (to quickly regain combo points if melee combat is not an option)

Layout: The main fighting area
is around the middle statue
and the tombs.
The safe zones are created in
such a way that it allows the
player to use the pathways to
quickly move away from the
action to regain strength,
gathering combo orbs as well
as getting out of harm’s way.

Level 2 Layout
Boss # 2
The second boss will focus on heavy attacks, he will be
slower than the first boss but his attacks cause massive
damage. The ”Hit-and-Run” Boss.

Leap Attack:
The madman leaps across the room to close the
distance. Causes massive amounts of damage to the
player if hit, as well as stunning the player.


Gaze of the madman speeds up the boss by a significant
amount, closing the distance to the player if not
countered. While gathering speed the madman will leap
into the air stunning the player and then performing his
massive smash to finish the player off.

Gaze of the madman:
Slows the player and starts gathering up speed.
Each ranged hit the player performs, slows down one
stack of the madman’s speedbuff.
Massive smash:
This boss smashes his giant hammer into the ground,
causing shockwaves around the room that spreads. The
hammer gets stuck in the ground for 3 seconds, causing
the boss to be vulnerable to attacks, taking 25% more
damage for the duration.

The player will have to utilize ranged spells in order to
slow down the boss, as well as stun the boss if it does
get to close. The player should also focus on building a
burst-type set of abilities, so that when the boss has
performed the massive smash attack, the player may
burst the boss down.

Level 1 Layout: Crypt (Note that the levels are not final, they are still in a conceptual stage)
The layout is created to have
open areas, with small corridors,
forcing the player to make a
decision, fight the hulking beast
on an open surface, or dodge
around the large tombs with the
risk of being cornered.
The small orb rooms present an
interesting challenge, they are
easy to get to, but the player
can easily be cornered inside
the room, where there is
nowhere to hide.

Level 3 Layout
Boss # 3
The 3rd and final boss will combine elements of the Pulse:
previous two bosses and add an increased difficulty Will send a stunning pulse from his hand.
level. The player will need to move around quickly to
avoid his very heavy attacks.
Will go from an upwards slash in melee situations,
and into a slam if the player is close enough.
Mighty Cleave:
The boss will also try to combine the pulse with the
Cleaves the area in front of the boss while moving mighty cleave and slam ability, to quickly finish of the
forward. Picks up speed if not interrupted.
Upwards Slash:
A diagonal sword strike going in an upwards

The general counter to this specific boss fight is a
mix of hit-and-run with the same hard hitting
mechanics as boss #2 and a light-footed healing
intensive build as the poisonous boss #1. The player
Will strike down onto the floor, creating a stunning will have to get creative with their build in order to
AoE wave, sent out from the point of impact, causing defeat this boss.
massive damage. Will knock the player to the
ground if hit.

Level 3 Layout: Mausoleum

(Note that the levels are not final, they are still in a conceptual stage)

The layout of level three is based
on offering the open spaces of
level 2 with the tight corners of
level 1 inside the alcoves, where
combo orbs randomly spawn.
This map will be created to
maximize the difficulty of the
boss abilities, forcing the players
to get creative.

Main Character

Tamarrion is the main character of the game. She was born and raised to become a queen but renounced
it all to answer a call from the Gods. Now she is on a quest of fighting evil as a paladin.
Tamarrion as a character develops as the game progress; she starts out as a newly called paladin,
unaware of what abilities she has been granted. As she continues on her journey she will develop as a
warrior and uncover new abilities. She will become more and more powerful which will allow her to take
on more difficult enemies. One day she must be strong enough to face the ultimate evil.
Tamarrion is equipped with a sword and a Book of Light. She will have a wide range of spells and attacks
which the player can buy with skill points and equip at their desire.

Examples of spells and attacks that the players at GGC will be able to test:
Attacks (Melee):
Thrust attack:
A very fast thrust straight forwards before quickly stepping back to avoid being countered.

When activated Tamarrion will be able to teleport to avoid taking damage.
Holy Light:
Tamarrion will heal herself for a sum of health points depending on how many combo points she has

Combination possibilities:
A hit and run combination, that allows the player to quickly enter combat and escape. Great for
defeating boss monsters with heavy melee damage.

Main Menu
The main menu presents all basic game
information. “Play “takes the player to
the main game window, which allows
the player to choose spells, choose
which boss to fight and what gear to
equip before the boss battles.
A menu/interface will never be more than one click away from any other
menu/interface, focusing on making sure that the game is accessible. Ensuring that
the player can focus on what is important: fighting huge boss monsters.

Boss Health

Combo Points
Character Health
Equipped Abilities

The ingame interface shows the
player only what is important
during the fight. The UI and Hud
focuses solely on making sure
that the player has the bareboned information that is needed
during the fight, cutting out any
superfluous information that only
clutters the screen.

Boss Health: Shows the remaining amount of health on the boss, also shows any and all
debuffs currently active on the boss.
Combo Points: Lights up as the player gains combo points ( see Combo Points above)
Equipped Abilities: The character’s four (up to 5) active abilities that have been chosen for
the fight. Shows cooldown status as well as being bindable to any key chosen by the player.
Character Health: Shows the current amount of Health the player possesses.

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