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On behalf of my colleagues and management, I congratulate our

graduates for their success. We are proud that you have excelled academically.
Many of you are now pursuing your chosen career and fulfilling your dreams.
Your success is our pride; your achievements are our success. We are proud of you.
I also thank the parents and other family members for
entrusting us with their children’s education. I appreciate
your support.
As the first Vice Chancellor of HELP University I look
forward to leading it with confidence and courage. There
are many challenges which I consider as opportunities.
First, being a young institution means that we can
learn from the journeys made by other great universities,
especially in how they have achieved their successes.
Whilst we do not have hundreds of years of tradition, we
are lucky to have an uncluttered 21st century platform
to build our special vision and develop the strengths in
the areas of excellence where we have already made
our name.
Since 1st April 1986, we have developed our dream:
that within 50 years we will join the community of the
top universities and will be able to influence learning
and research on an international scale.
To do this we will have to build both the intellectual
capability and institutional capacity to function as a
university which will produce outcomes which are
recognized and respected by peer groups and the
intellectual fraternity. This will take time, talent,
resources, and total commitment on the part of everyone
at HELP University.
There are thus certain priorities that we address.
First, we need to further strengthen and sustain
our already strong governance system, our robust
management, our high academic standards, and our
core culture. Our strong ethical principles and practices
for which we are well known will remain at the core of
our corporate culture.
Secondly, it is imperative that we nurture our
intellectual culture that will help to attract academics
of the highest quality who will be leaders in research and
research-led teaching. This will enhance our intellectual
standing in Malaysia and worldwide
Third, to put ‘the student’ in the centre of all things
we do; to improve, sustain and develop our teaching and
learning practices to ensure that there is a recognized
philosophy to create a culture where the students take
responsibility for their learning. This will give coherence
and enhance our role as educationists.
Fourth, to enrich and expand our portfolio of programs
that are relevant to the needs of society and that helps the
employability and personal fulfillment of our graduates.
This actualizes our vision of helping people to succeed
through education.
Fifth, to further exploit the new ecology of education
by co-innovating with an alliance of partnerships of
top universities; professional institutions; and global

companies who share our vision and aspirations. This
will enrich our network among equals.
Sixth, to continue to innovate the internationalization
of HELP University in terms of market reach and
customer segmentation: composition of staff and
students: partnership and program diversification and
a business model differentiation. This will expand our
ecology space and will further enrich our diversity.
The seventh is to complete the necessary campus
infrastructure and technology facilities to support our
growth and expansion. This benefits our scalability,
sustainability and enhances the ambience of learning.
All great universities are research-rich and provide
global thought leadership. There are also great colleges
that are known for their teaching excellence. Before we
achieve the status of the former, we must succeed in the
latter. Hence, in these early years of our development,
we focus our energy and resources in crafting the
appropriate teaching and learning philosophy and
Our teaching-learning philosophy focuses on
preparing our students to have the relevant graduate
attributes that stress scholarship, global citizenship, and
lifelong learning. Breadth and depth must be balanced.
Our graduates must have specific competencies which
are shaped by mindsets that are reflective and analytical,
collaborative and contextual, and opportunity and results
In this way, our students would not only be sought by
quality organizations and have clear career development
but they also can achieve personal fulfillment in their
More than that, every graduate of HELP should
be a person of their time. To succeed, everyone must
understand their time. When our graduates understand
the rhythm of their time, they can use their talents to
provide the immeasurable quality leadership and service
to the community they serve. They become people of
influence because of their insights into future history.
We have always reminded ourselves that to become
a visionary university HELP must have a resilient core
culture that has a clear sense of purpose and a set of
enduring values.
Our purpose is defined by our mission: “To help people
succeed in life and to live a life of significance through
Our values are actualized in our principles:
Pride of Achievement
Sharing Success
The Courage to Be
To be Compassionate
To be Significant.
In light of the above, we are mindful that all great
universities have thought leaders who have a
transformational role. Members of such fraternities

spend their lives to reflect and reason, to search and solve.
As the pursuit of truth in science and the humanities is
critical to the health and progress of society, especially
in this age of pessimism and uncertainty, this role of ours
becomes more urgent and pivotal.
To be outstanding, all first class universities have
to be elitist. At HELP, although we are strong believers
in meritocracy we are also mindful of our community
responsibility. Academic elitism must be balanced with
the spirit of egalitarianism and the recognition of multiple
intelligences. Thus, as an exemplary model of a social
business enterprise, HELP addresses the aspirations
of individuals, the bottom line, and at the same time
contributes to the growth of social capital. Some of
this is reflected in our strong community engagements:
each year we offer RM 20 million worth of scholarships
and bursaries for the talented and needy. We have also
initiated Project Self HELP, with UNHCR, for refugees
in Malaysia.
During the last 26 years, we have defined ourselves
by our achievements and are recognized for our quality
outcomes. This includes building a highly successful
business faculty, the largest and best psychology school,
a top quality law department, and an innovative IT and
multimedia program. Our preparatory programs (being
the largest London Edexcel A Levels center in the world,
and our own Foundation Course that is increasingly
recognized internationally) are market leaders. All these
programs have produced outstanding students who have
won numerous awards and are featured routinely in
Deans’ lists in top universities. Many of our business
and psychology students have continued to excel in
their Masters and PhDs in world class universities.
We are proud to say that many of our graduates hold
high positions in multinational companies and many
are successful businessmen and community leaders.
There are others who shine in the public sector and the
academic world.
To sustain our success and to have a clear view of our
future, we must constantly re-examine ourselves as we
evolve our growth with value and expand our presence
It is thus fitting that the theme for our Annual
Convocation Strategy Seminar 2012 is ‘The Innovative
University’. I take this opportunity to welcome the
distinguished participants from all over the world.
I take this opportunity to express my personal
gratitude to the Minister, Ministry of Higher Education
for granting us the University Status. This has given us
a new dimension to our mission.
I thank all partner universities and corporate partners
for their trust and support in our collaborative venture
to offer more educational opportunities and options to
Malaysian and international students.
Last, but not least, I thank my colleagues, the University
Council, and the Board of Directors for their total support.
The last 26 years have been a most satisfying journey.
I look forward to greater success for HELP University in
years to come.

On Behalf of the Management
Datuk Paul Chan
Vice Chancellor and President



in celebration with
YBhg Dato’
Paul Leong’s

As Chancellor for HELP

University the person must be an
exemplary model who has integrity,
courage, independent-mindedness,
corporate experience and solid leadership
qualities. He or she should also have
contributed to the community, nation and
at the global level. He must also be a

YBhg Dato’ Leong has a distinguished and
impeccable record of dedicated public
service, success in securing the profitability
of the nation’s primary commodities, and
expanding its share of the world market,
and skill in forging alliances and
enhancing Malaysia’s leadership role in
international economic and trade forums,

family person who believes in age old
values of family devotion, filial piety, and
respect for the elders.

and contributions as a community and
corporate leader in the finance, aviation,
commodities and media industries.

In light of the above, we are honoured
and proud to announce that YBhg Dato’
Paul Leong is our first Chancellor for
HELP University.

YBhg Dato’ Leong’s devotion, singleness
of purpose, steadfastness of character and
nobility of values are exemplary and will
inspire and guide us in our endeavours.



Rosemary Gosling

In recognition of her untiring efforts to strengthen the
bonds of collaboration and friendship between the University of
London and HELP University, and her selfless devotion to maintaining
the high academic standards of the University of London to which
HELP University has subscribed for the last 26 years, and her active
campaigning and championing for the wide recognition of HELP
University’s success in creating a culture of excellence, achievement
and social commitment that is appreciated and shared by students,
staff, partners and stakeholders alike.
HELP University has two affiliated centres which are HELP Academy
and HELP College of Arts and Technology.







Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) First Class Honours
Chai Sze Lin Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) Second
Class Honours (Upper Division) Lim Hwee Xin Bachelor of Business
(Accounting) First Class Honours Khaw Ching Ai Bachelor of Business
(Accounting) Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Chan Chee Hoong
Chong Su-Yin Choo Yuinnie How Weng Keat Kan Kok Weng Koh Xiu

Doctor of Business Administration (honoris causa) Rosemary Gosling
Master of Accounting and Finance Bar Chuan Hong Chen Liubei Gan
Hui Ling Hon Shil Hong Letty Lau Ming Hui Lee Sui Heng Lee Xian Yang
Leong Siaw Ling Lim Yan Ling Tew Kok Seng Brian Tan Wai Ken Yan
Han Zhan Hui Yap Cheng Leng Master of Entrepreneurship Dai Jingwei
Han Jin Ho Shaw Fhung Jin Ting Liang Yuncheng Said Mammadov
Mohamed Imran bin Mohamed Faruk Tan Kam Wai Wong Chee Young
Yan Xiaoyan Master of Business Administration Abdourahmane Balde
Arash Davar Aymen E El-Shwihdi Bui Quoc Hoan Bui Thi Thien Tam Bui
Xuan Duong Cairil Irwan B Mohd Amir Sharifuddin Cao My Linh Cao Ngoc
Lac Chen Chen Cheng Jian Chong Kin Lei Cui Jing Dang Hong Thai
Dang Nguyen Thuy Hang Dao Thanh Long Dao Tu Lich Dao Van Nghiep
Dinh Kim Nguyen Trinh Do Duy Loc Do Huy Hoang Do Son Duong Do
Thi Hai Ha Do Thu Huyen Doan Le Bao Ngoc Doan Thi Thu Ha Doan
Thu Trang Duong Quang Son Eko Rachmadi Enene Maurice Ebong Gan
Kang Kai Geng Song Rakesh Kumar Ghosh Ha Dat Tuyen Ha Thi Viet
Phuong Ha Thu Trang Ha Tuan Anh Ha Van Binh Hazly Izwan bin Abdul
Hamid Ho Manh Tuan Ho Nguyen Khanh Dung Ho Xuan Cuong Hoang
The Anh Hoang Thi Le Dung Hoang Thi Mai Thanh Huynh Anh Tuan
Huynh Lien Huong Kwan Wai Shiang Le Doan Thang Le Hai Ha Le Minh
Hoang Le Quang Chien Le Thanh Ngan Le Thi Lan Anh Le Thi Vu Thanh
Le Tuy Nguyet Lee Yuen Chee Li Yong Liew Hau Seng Lo Truong Son
Lou Lingzhi Luong Le Nhan Luong Thai Thanh Luu Xuan Hoa Luu Xuan
Thao Ly Tai Hung Lyailya Makhambetova Mai Thi Phuong Anh Mai Thi
Song Nga Mai Thi Van Anh Rustam Mukhanov Yonah Lusekelo Mwaseba
Navvir Singh Pasricha Nguyen Anh Phuong Nguyen Anh Quan Nguyen
Bich Diep Nguyen Binh Nguyen Nguyen Canh Tai Nguyen Chi Thanh
Nguyen Cong Khanh Nguyen Cong Viet Nguyen Duc Thuan Nguyen Huu
Trung Nguyen Huyen Phi Nguyen Khanh Huong Nguyen Kien Cuong
Nguyen Minh Nhut Nguyen Ngoc Chuong Nguyen Ngoc Diep Nguyen
Ngoc Lieng Nguyen Nhu Quynh Nguyen Phi Long Nguyen Phuoc Tuu
Nguyen Phuong Linh Nguyen Phuong Trang Nguyen Tang Tam Hien
Nguyen Thi Le Trang Nguyen Thi Ngoc Mai Nguyen Thi Phuong Nguyen
Thi Thanh Phuong Nguyen Thi Thu Hien Nguyen Thi Thuy Hoa Nguyen
Thi Tuyen Nguyen Thi Xuan Quyen Nguyen Tien Hoan Nguyen Tran Phuoc
Hau Nguyen Van Tho Nguyen Viet Hieu Nong Van Minh Temitope
Oluwayomi Oladeji Ong Teng Cheng Pham Minh Bai Pham Quang Dung
Pham Tat Thanh Pham Tung Long Phan The Minh Phan Thi Hoai Huong
Qi Jinting Qin Kai Qin Xiaoxue Sun Wei Ta Thi Quynh Nhu Tao Ming
Tinagaran Sunderan Tran Duc Hung Tran Huu Xinh Tran Kieu Nga Tran
Phat Huy Tran Quoc Hung Tran Thi Kieu Trang Tran Thi Phuong Thao
Tran Thi Quynh Truong Minh Huy Truong Ngoc Anh Vatsala a/p Nadaraja
Vu Duc Cuc Vu Minh Tuan Vu Ngoc Hoang Hai Wang Cong Xie Qingchang
Xu Weiwei Ye Hongxia Yong Juen Wah Zhang Yanyan Zheng Yongwei
Zhou Fanglei Zou Shuangjun

Masters in Counselling Evelyn Chew Seen Ming Philip Chua Kiaw Huat
Alison Fernandez Lee Kok Han Loo Siew May Mavath Sailaja a/p
Subramaniam Benny Mun Chin Yin Himrani Ramsewak Marisa Martiana
Sjahrir Stephanie Jasvinder Kaur Ter Poh Jin Carol Yip Master of Clinical
Psychology Aina Nur binti Azmi Michelle Cheong Kwai Ping Foo Pei Lynn
Foo Xiang Yi Frances Lim Chin Pei Low Yaw Dong Ng Kah Wei Tan Lyn
Fynn Tan Pei Jun Tey Pei Yee Wong Ee Lynn Master of Managerial
Psychology Ahmad Niqi Fauzan Aida Rohana binti Ismail Zabri Airuliza
binti Aziz Avinesh a/l Devadas Karen Van Dalsem Lai Fung Min Lavanya
a/p Selvaratnam Lee Chen Ling Lee Eng Chai Liu Yu Mohd Roshan bin
Mohd Yusop Murugamoorthy a/l Kumarasamy Ng Eng Hooi Ng Lai Mei
Evelyn Ooi Su Mei Remilla a/p Seereederan Ruhana binti Abdul Razak
Sa Wai @ Boon Chock Sarkunarajah a/l Sanmugam Sim Kay Loh Sukanya
a/p Dhanarajan Tan Hai Chiang Tan Siu Theng Tan Soo Luan Wan Arjunaidi
bin Awang @ Wan Abdul Halim Woo Zi Yaang Yee Wai Hoong

Nsini Anselem Eyo Gao Qianqian Khor Chen Weng Koh Mei Xin Linda
Juliana Hartono Ng Lee Ying Ng Phuay Shan Ng Si Cheng Nur Lina binti
Azhari Reshma Sanghvi a/p Dilip Kumar Jo-Ann Tan May May Tan Poh
Eng Jonathan Wong Weng Choy Bachelor of Communication (Public
Relations) Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Alia binti Nordin
Andelisia Darmansius Lai Jing Wen Lim Chee Keong Lim Kuok Chuan
Andy Gadiy Lim Yong Quen Valerie Siah Ching Ying Rahma Ramadhani
Tarishi Desiree Jamie Tay Li-Ing Brandon Luke Valladares

Bachelor of Communication (Marketing Communication) Second Class
Honours (Upper Division) Chai Kar Yi Edwin Petrus Chalik Debbie Chen
Sook Han Chen Xue Ying Cindy Chew Chong Carmen Ee Wy Lyn
Jessica Jane Funk Iis Rosiva Merrylin Khor Chia Yin Koh Fui Yee Law
Peck Hsia Lim Li Wen Sunitha a/p Sundrarajah Tan Khai Sin Tan Suet
Lin Teng Mei Yen Eliza Wong Chuen Foong Wong Mae Sau Bachelor
of Communication (Marketing Communication) Second Class Honours
(Lower Division) Robin Chan Chun Loong Chuah Chin Sim Husna Ally
Laay Kat Wui Mun Kesala a/p Murugaya Lee Jia Wen Lisa Anne Sta
Maria Loh Ee Siew Mohd Zhafran bin Mohd Zulkafli Ong Yeen Nee Tan
Sin Yee Benjamin Tan Wai Keong Tee Fei Chew Teoh Yen May Wong
Wei-Li Yap Shin Wen Bachelor of Communication (Media Studies) First
Class Honours Chan Hoi Cheong Charlotte Lee Jia Xin Bachelor of
Communication (Media Studies) Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
Ashreena a/p V Krishnan Pillai Goh Wah Hong Kavitha a/p S Selvam
Melissa Lee Chew Ann Mah Mun Cheng Shalini a/p Ramakrishnan Soo
Jue Liene Tisa Hanifa Sukendar Too Wei Lian Wan Nurul Aimi binti Wan
Abdul Aziz Yip Lye Munn Bachelor of Communication (Media Studies)
Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Rumbidzai Lyn Kasinamunda
Nagini Devi a/p Ramiah @ Mogan Nidianti Tri Koeswardana Tunu Nkunya
Rizuan Arus bin Tajul Arus Tan How Chuan Teoh Harn Shing Bachelor
of Communication (Public Relations) First Class Honours Helene Sylvia
Gomez Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations) Second Class
Honours (Upper Division) Amirah Farhani binti Ami Nardin Abygayle Brani
Agnes Chan Sue Lee Chee Si Hui Grace Chin Sze Mei Chong Qiao Wei

Master of Science In Economic Crime Management Aizada Kadyrova
Beh Beng Han Lim Ming Lynn David Andrew Stearman-Smith Wahid Ali
bin Mohd Khalil

(Transfer Arrangement)

Bachelor of Laws First Class Honours Choong Wei Ling Bachelor of
Laws Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Chee Lai Yi Dev Sundram
Lee Kah Ling Ngoi Evon Wong Hui Lin Bachelor of Laws
Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Chan Ser Mun Dick Lee Chin
Tong Jessica Lim Lee Wei Low Huey Theng Lyiana binti Ruslan Ng Tzer
Yng Siaw Sye Yong Tai Yee Lian Ting Shi Wei Bachelor of Laws Third
Class Honours Leong Tik Tsin


Bachelor of Business Psychology Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
Noelle Chew Li-Yen Bachelor of Business Psychology Second Class
Honours (Lower Division) Carlamittie Jane Chan Siew Fuin Chiew Chien
Ling Dinar Rengganis Daniel Ding Khong Yong Foo Sook Yee Han Mei
San Lim Lee Fen Low Jeck Sen Sim Yi Leen Wong Wan Cho Bachelor
of Business Psychology Third Class Honours Daniel Leimana Bachelor
of Psychology First Class Honours Ch’ng Li Ern Joycelyn Koay Jun Min
La Veina a/p Sangaran Bachelor of Psychology Second Class Honours
(Upper Division) Agyar Wirawan Hardjasudjana Boey Sze Ni Chan Oga
Cheng Ching Shean Clara Cheng Huey Yi Cheong See Yeang Sarah
Jane Choi Li Yun Chua Hui Chin Jasmine Chua Hui Ying Chua Yee Hwa
Nicole Chua Yoke Teng Chuah Siew Mooi Eng Tsai Ch’ang Faustino
Rinaldon Mundaw Foo Er Ling Grace Hu Yi Zhen Jordan Kamsul Kalsom
binti Alias Karuna Sarah Thomas Khor Kia Vin Koh Junhao Ku Zhenwei
Lee Kah Yee Mechell Leeyana binti Adam Leonard Leong Siaw Lin Jasmin
Lim Hui Hsien Lim Zi Yan Mitshel Lino Moi Kok Lum Neoh Phaik Yee
Ng Chee Shiang Esmeralda Ng Ming Sze Ng Phooi Kee Ng Siew Yan
Nilanjana Sanali Hennayake Ocella Chriestelia Ong Chew Wei Prakash
a/l Ravindran Rachel Gomez a/p Clement Samuel Satya Puspitaputri
Sasongko Alicia Tan Yu Ling Tay Yee Mei Alvin Teoh Xuan Minh Tham
Sin Yi Thinakaran a/l Raveendran Voon Cui-Ci @ Wen Cui-Ci Stephanie
Wong Lai Teng Melissa Woo Mei Foong Debbie Yeoh Pei Ling Yogi Atlin
Bachelor of Psychology Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Adrian
Stevenson Charles Aifaa Ayla binti Aminudin Anne Renicca a/p Rayar
Annemarie Yani Ruthrapathy Anushiya a/p Mariappan Au Yeong Yee Taz
Aurelia-Ann Valentina De Souza Bavani a/p Jayadevan Rajaretnam Brenda
Shalini a/p Kesavamani Chai Jen Feng Chai Li Zi Chan Kai Yan Cavan
Chan Cheng Sheng Chan Su Jie Chang Chia Wen Chang Chia Yee
Chang Yee Lee Rowen Cheah Hock Kinn Cheah Lye Fhun Chee Jo-Ey
Cheng Yik Xin Cheoh Huei Yee Cherng Han Wai Stephanie Cheng Kar
Yen Chew Yoong Hui Chew Yun Wei Chia Yiling Chin Han Ying Chin
Jing Guo Chin Sheau Yng Gabriel Chong Mun Kit Choo Bee Giek Choong
Pui Chee Christina Gan Yoke Sean bt Hisyam Gan Vivienne Chu Li Ling
Chua Lai Ying Chua Xin Rou Chua Yee Wen Chuah Ee Vee @ Evie Chuah
Chuah Sin Yee Charissa Rebecca Daniel Dayang Nadia binti Abang
Iskandar Divakhari a/p Mahendran Eunice Jeremi a/p Abraham Faiza Hilal
Mohamed Al Adawi Fathmath Salwa Foong Woei Lin Caryn Gan Zhie Wen
Goh Chin Looi Goh Chun Feng Goh Ser Li Heng Chek Ing Charissa Ho
Geng Hoong Ho Woan Ni Hor Ying Jie Jashpreet Kaur a/p Devinder Singh
Jeihan Lee bin Yahya Sofi Karanjeet Kaur a/p Pran Singh Grace Jane
Kelios Khong Siong Yew Nicholas Koe Wai Kit Koh Wei Quan, Koo Ley
Ser Kow Wen Fey Kelvin Kung Chun Wai Kwong Chin Guan Lai Mun
Yeu Lau Su Xian Lee Ying Kit Elaine Leong I Ling Leong Zhi Jiunn Leow
Jia-Min Liew Hui Pin Liew Khuen Tang Liew Sin Yin Lim Choo Mei Chi
Eric Lim Phiang Zhun Lim Suat Ping Lim Wee Sern Joel Lim Wei Kit Lim
Weng Khye Logan a/l Selvaratnam Loh Kim Wei Loh Tuck Cheong
Benjamin Looi Tink Wei Low Kai Lon Low Pei Vern Vicki Mah Hui Xin
Maxveen Kaur Sandhu a/p Jasbir Singh Mazlina binti Jamil Melania
Dermosesian Mohamed Shareef Muhammad Indra Ginting Mushiirah Banu
Khodabux Nabila Fauzia Rahman Fachir Ng Chun Chiat Ng Kei Kei Alicia
Ng Ming Huey Jacqueline Ng Zhen Khim Nor Sabrina binti Azlan Nor Nur
Bilqis binti Bahari Nur Sajidah binti Izani Ong Wei Choon Ong Xin Ying
Ong Yuan Siew Pak Hui Ni Vivian Pang Tyng Tyng Phang Ke Xin
Priyadarshini a/p Nadaraj Adrian Puan Jia Shuen Quay Inn San Raymon
a/l Ram Reshminderjit Kaur a/p Harchran Singh San Ying Chian Sarah
bte Abdul Halim Sabrina Seah Ming Fei Michelle Seet Su Fern Shakila a/p
Rajh Rao Siau Thiam Poh Soh Yong Hui Soon Yong Chuan Tan Aik Kia
Shirene Tan Chiaw Shyuan Adeline Tan Liyiing Krystal Tan Mun Mei Tan
See Yan Tan Siu Huey Tay Choy Yip Alvin Tay Man Kit Tay Shiang Yi
Teh Yee Yen Teoh Peir Yan Tesvinder Kaur a/p Manmohan Singh Thang
Mun Yee Thangeswary a/p Krishnan Ti Yi Hong Toh Ee Fei Toh Weng
Sing Vanessa Darmasetiawan Adeline Wong Chu Quin Wong Kah Yan
Wong Kar Wei Wong Kei Yan Wong Kin Mei Adrian Wong Zhun Zyip Yap
Yun Hui Yasotha a/p Sri Pathmanathan Yau Hua Xian Yeap Jia Wen
Deborah Yee Koi Yean Yeo Vei Vei Yeoh Huey Yee Yong Yen Wei Yuen
Siu Mei Karina Zhangireyeva Bachelor of Psychology Third Class Honours
Chan Shu Yi Darimi bin Mahsun Juvieri Bong Liew Chou Siang Lim Mei
Sun Poon Lai Ling Suen Kui Chun Tan Chen Yin Teo Yi Pei Yap Hwee
Chee Bachelor of Psychological Science (Flinders-HELP Joint Degree)
Sean Ang Choon Hong Edward Chan Waihong Chong Mei-Fern Chua
Jack Yune Hoh Li Ling How Mun Kuan Koo Min Jern Loh Siyan Ng Zi
Yen Oh Boon Chin Ong Chia Wei Ong Ying Ying Saw Kooi Chin Jonathan
Tan Wei Jun Toh Li-Sha


Bachelor of Information Technology Second Class Honours (Upper
Division) Ng Chuee Leng Siow Chee Hong Tan Kin Yeu Wong Heng
Choong Bachelor of Information Technology Second Class Honours
(Lower Division) Andony Han Jiawei Aaron Law Lee Jet Shaun Mohamud
Ali Ahmed Kanjana Nookaew Ong Fei Siang Teuku Azhari Effendy Tran
Dang Khoa Bachelor of Information Technology Third Class Honours
Pratomo Nugroho Bachelor of Information Technology (Business
Information Management) Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Peris
Ngami Bachelor of Information Technology (Business Information
Management) Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Achmad Fahlevi
Alfarisyi Choong Chee Hong Munyaradzi Christopher Danha Deni Apriza
Ellangga Seta Manggala Mada Gugulethu Hendrix Sobuthana Ndlovu
Jeffrey Leonard Nurfiqih Ismail Hardiputra Satria Triatna Prakasa Toekan
Veronica Christiani Yue Kong Yew Bachelor of Information Technology
(Business Information Management) Third Class Honours Affe Dzafre
Syahme bin Abd Shukor Stefanus Sutanto Bachelor of Information
Technology (Mobile Communication) Second Class Honours (Lower
Division) Muhammad Nabil bin Shamsuri

Wei Leow Chai Wen Ngo Thi Kieu Vui Oh Tze Chin Phong Shiun Jeng
Shalini a/p Gunaseelan Sum See Wan Sharon Tan Bee Lian Clarissa Tan
Mae Jing Kelly Tan Soek Ching Yap Yeow Loong Yee Weng Theng Bachelor
of Business (Accounting) Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Aik
Wai San Jessie Ang Pui Yee Bui Thi Cam Duyen Chai Sin Ngok Chan
Kok Kong Chaw Jee Yan Mary-Ann Chen Chan Yin Chin Pui Kuan Chong
Yoong Wei Chu Mai Ly Dao Thi Minh Thao Dao Thi Thu Huyen Deviswari
a/p Muniandi Dinh Thi Bich Ngoc Dinh Thi Huyen Trang Do Thu Trang
Do Xuan Truong Duong Thuy Anh Foo Fang Liang Foo Li Fee Giang Thi
Yen Goh Siow Pei Ho Pham Quynh Nga Hoang Van Thu Khoo Suet Yen
Kieu Trung Kien Le Mai Trang Le Minh Hoang Le Thi Hoa Le Van Quynh
Leh Tiji Lew Kuan Yee Lew Nam Hon Liaw Yee Jack Liew Lee Lee
Vincent Liew Lim Jo Lynn Lim Shi Ling Low Yoke Mui Miwa Nonaka
Ngo Thi Linh Ngo Viet Anh Nguyen Duc Thuan Nguyen Duy Dong Nguyen
Hong Nhung Nguyen Khanh Ly Ly Nguyen Quynh Thu Nguyen Thanh Hoa
Nguyen Thi Binh Nguyen Thi Hien Nguyen Thi Thu Huyen Nguyen Thi
Van Trang Nguyen Van Tam P Kubaesini a/p Pentayah Pang Koak Yue
Pham Thi Hoai Thanh Pham Thuy Ly Pham Thuy Phuong Phang Chung
Kent Por Chooi Ling Ramaniamma a/p Ganason Ta Thi Phuong Thu Tam
Wei Li Tang Mei Yee Tang Pey Voon Tay Shwu Yun Teoh Hong Yee
Tham Ying Xin Tham Yiwen Tin Mei Kin Ting Leon To Thi Thuy Ha Tran
Bao Ngoc Tran Trieu Long Truong Thi Thu Thanh Truong Thuy Chung
Vo Thi Thuy Chau Vu Thi Mai Woo Yuen Cheng Yap Wai Kit Zhang Yang
Zhou Kaisheng Bachelor of Business (Accounting) Third Class Honours
Du Jingjing Lee Chee Ming Lee Yuen Teng Mai Thi Thu Phuong Vivien
Ng Mei Yen Nguyen Hai Minh Ooi Kee Loon Toh Chun Wei Yap Boon
Kian Yap Tysern Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship) Second Class
Honours (Lower Division) Afandi Oh bin Omar Oh Aminath Shamza
Mohamed Ardian Sunarya Fathimath Amna Ibrahim Kevinkumar a/l
Govindasamy Le Duc Anh Loh Yang Chen Oey Johan Sinatra Sumawi
Bachelor of Business (Finance) Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
Charis Chong Ern Ai Chris Adam Chou Chok Liang Ho Lim Choy Lam
An Hui Liu Yao Luo Shili Sia Xin Ying Woon Tah Therk Bachelor of
Business (Finance) Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Chan Chooi
Yee Chang Chien Yean Chang Shiuh Feng Sharon Chay Poh Gee Cheu
Pui Yin Chu Jian Ying Chua Mei Mei Ding Xiaopan Fong Wen Sern Foo
Mun Pang Gan Jian Hua Goh Chee Hau Goh Shi Ying Gwee Shi Jia
Huang Shihong Lau Kok Lii Lee Hann Wen Lee Wen-Che Lee Yee Chien
Li Yuxue Li Zhen Lim Chin Yean Lim Yit Min Liu Xiao Nancy Loh Mei
Chean Vivian Loke Pooi Yee Low Kean Soon Low Weng Yan Lu Qing
Meng Dan Ng Boon Teng Ng Chin Sheung Ng Kai Guan Tony Roger Ng
Zhen Hou Ong Su Huei Pang Hwei Han Peng YunpengM Poh Kok Hoe
Qian Jing Sathesh a/l Gopinathan Sim Phui Yee Siow Nyuk Ching Jacky
Tan Aik Wai Thevi a/p Ramasamy Ti Vee Hung Tiew Kak Lik Tiew Kian
Yeap Wang Anqi Wong Kah Chun Xie Qing Yap Maow Jian Yeong Jun
Jack Yong Chee Khen Yong Kai Sik Zhu Wei Bachelor of Business
(Finance) Third Class Honours Choong Jin Kang Hor Wern Loong Lim
Da Sheng Lim Mei Chian Lin Li Lu Wui Kiat Pua Gaik Kang Seow Wee
Nyap Vincent Yong Hoan Fatt Daley Yu Miao Bachelor of Business
(Human Resource Management) Second Class Honours (Lower Division)
Chong Chien Ching Cynthia Khoo Pek Yen Lee Kit Yee Long Xiaojing
Ng Hui En Rebekah Nazziwa Bachelor of Business (International
Business) Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Alan Fong Tuei Vern
Harmeet Singh a/l Joginder Singh Hoang Trung Thanh Jiang Yan Kee
Zhen Ann Kong Wen Hoe Monica Liem Liew Hui Yang Lim Jia Yang
Loh U-Hong Nguyen Hong MinhN Ong Zhi Xiang Pham Van Quy Poon
Wei Kiat Tran Quoc Huy Yang Ling Yee Bachelor of Business (International
Business) Third Class Honours Kong Wen Leong Tiong Wee Fang
Yaaser Arabath bin Mohamed Haniff Bachelor of Business (Marketing)
Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Jasmine Chan Chui Mei Foong
Pik Leng Wong Huey Ping Bachelor of Business (Marketing) Second
Class Honours (Lower Division) Aw Xin Yi Chai Kean King Chan Xiu Yin
Chia Pin Yu Chiu Soo Jiin Chooi Jia Wen Chua Jia Xin Hone Yen Peng
How Pek Ching Law Wei Seong Lim Jian Hong Lim Kaa Chung Lim
Yeong Nian Loke Yau Chuen Mohamed Faizal bin Mohamed Iqbal Ng Eng
Tiong Oh Terence Phua Soo Ching Poh Wei Ian Poon Chee Hoe Siew
Bin Hui Serina Sim Mei Yin Tan Boon Hui Tan Ching Shu Jeremy Teon
How Keat Thilaka a/p Veluyathan Wong Ee Lynn Wong Kar Yee Wong
Nam Yeong Yap Swee Kee Yeap Thai Lee Kevin Yong Kim Teck Bachelor
of Business (Marketing) Third Class Honours Prakash Chin Chee Chiew
Chow Kien Hor Chun Kok How Lee Eugene Low Boon Ping Ng Woon
Keat Tay Chun Keong Teong Xu Yang Bachelor of Economics Second
Class Honours (Lower Division) Lee Wen Bin, Hew Li Chieh Bachelor
of Management Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Leong Jeun Yan
Tian Siok Lay Bachelor of Management Third Class Honours Lai Ken
Hong Lo Moong Chyi


(Transfer Arrangement)

Bachelor of Laws Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Cheang Chee
Kong Liew Vui Khen Tan Jin Yee Toon Zuyin Zharif Shafiq Bin Onn
Bachelor of Laws Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Chong Wen
Ching Jeffrey Lee Chi Hur Lee Yen Yee Wong Wai Chin Bachelor of
Laws Third Class Honours C K Nisha Dharan Nair Koh Zhi Wei Khareeza
Sunita Kaur Bhullar a/p Harjit Singh Bachelor of Laws Gajendran a/l

(Transfer Arrangement)

Bachelor of Laws First Class Honours Lee Wai Yi Bachelor of Laws
Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Ajay Sharma Thakur a/l Rumesh
Kumar Chong Juen Quan Gayle Brooke Gabriel Hong Jayvian Tasmia
Hoque Lee Vee Vien Lian Eu Chern Lim Hiu Kei Abigail Lim Jiunn
Muhammad Apri bin Jaidir Cheryl Tan Shu Yueen Wong Te Jie Bachelor
of Laws Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Chan Shuk Yee Chiong
Xin Ying Alvin Liew Kar Wei Liew Ling Wei Jamie Loo Huai Ning Manshan
Singh a/l Jeswender Singh Pung Qing Wei Sin Jia Hui Jane Tai Le Qian


Tan Huang Ming Vasanthi a/p Ramasamy Wong Weng Kin Cynthia Wong
Yan Ni Dequeen Yap Ann Pooi Yap San San Bachelor of Arts (Accounting
and Finance) Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Abdulmalik Suleiman
Dili Aliyu Aishath Meesa Aminath Shinan Ahmed Aw Shee Nyn Bibi Siti
Norhafilah binti Hussin Chang Shien Wei Cheong Geat Ling Chia Kok Hong
Chow May Jean Ding Pei Wen Fahim Salim Islam Farah Shafaqat Ali
Hamdhaan Abdul Ghani Hanisah binti Haji Bani Ho Li Shan Jasveen Kaur
Pandher a/p Bachittar Singh Johan bin Matthieu Vanhaecke Kamari Oliver
Odrangwa Bakadi Kevin Sanjeev Jacob Kho Kok Chin Khor Jin Wee Lee
Meng Wei Andrew Lee Wai Keong Li Jing Lim Siew Kim Luqman Aziz
Khan Ma Yiling Mariyam Nazaha Martina Entol Mpoki Burton Mwakilasa
Muhammad Zhafir bin Zaidi Ngu Siew Ching Oh Ban Kim Ong Kher Chien
Paramjeet Kaur a/p Jagidar Singh Patrick Antony Mpariwa Preetsuraj Singh
a/l Jehindera Singh Samanta Racheal Manohar Tan Hoo Seong Tan Kee
Chin Tan Kok Keong Mabel Tan Tan Wei Chiann Marcia Tan Wei Ying
Tang Lingchun Thien Ka Yee Toa Boon Ming Toong Yen Ying Wang Mingbo
Wong Thim Lai Yee Lok Yan Bachelor of Arts (Accounting and Finance)
Thrid Class Honours Ahmad Izzuddin bin Sulaiman Auliani Damayati
Jayasutha a/p Jayakumaran Johan Iskander bin Kamaruzzaman Lee Pei Qi
Li Ziguang Lim Beng Sern Liu Shutong Grace Faustin Lukinda Patrick
Tanaka Matura Raja Idris bin Raja Arif Shah Ren Hui Roshan a/l Bose Tan
Huey Luan Tan Hui Yeong Tan Shih Wei Tan Soo San Tao Sha Terrence
Manyonga Thuan Sue Ann Tonderai Lucian Davies Khatai Wong Tze Ying
Bachelor of Arts (Accounting and Finance) Ahmed Shifau Hezwan bin
Hassan Yang Han Bachelor of Arts (Business Administration) Second
Class Honours (Lower Division) Muhammad Miftahun Nadzir Bachelor
of Arts (Business Administration) Third Class Honours Aldris Prayogo
Limpo Arya Shani Pradhana Huang Lei Lim Sue Ann Liu Xiaonan Qu
Chengkui Raheema Rafick Mahmed Mulla Sun Lingyun Yang Yuan
Bachelor of Arts (Business Administration) Sahal Saeed Saleh Ba Qalaql
Yeong Wen Tyng Bachelor of Arts (Business Studies) First Class Honours
Tee Khai Sim Bachelor of Arts (Business Studies) Second Class Honours
(Upper Division) Abdul Majeed Ahmed Siyaz Han Seungyong Herlina
Jade Lee Yew Theng Leong Fook Yee Leong Poo Yee Ng Wan Lee Ong
Shao Meng Pham Thuy Diem Sanjeev a/l Sudakaran Mathias Mpela Sosovele
Ivy Wong Siew Tien Bachelor of Arts (Business Studies) Second Class
Honours (Lower Division) Andika Nugraha Gloria Onen Berocan Chai
Mey Hoong Dikko Ahmed Kabir Farhan Taher Fatma Mahmud Akrabi Fong
Sow Yan Hiew Hui Jiuan Huang Yun Izwan bin Bahrom Julieth Kagemulo
William Rugumamu Lee Chie Yoong Lian Xin Wen Loi Foon Yee Mohamad
Rudy Priambodo Muhammad Annuar bin Zainordin Mwanazuhura Mohamed
Abdul-Aziz Nguyen Huy Hoang Pang Sze Tyng Pfumisai Ratsauka Seo
Yenee Teo Hui Wen Tichaona Zhou Suzanne Toh Wei-Chi Ummy Noor
Kamilah binti Aree @ Haji Ariffin Charlene Woon Sui Mei Yap Shih Yan
Zhang Cen Zhao Yu Zhu Qiuxu Bachelor of Arts (Business Studies)
Third Class Honours Kong Hanyue Mupindishe Bothwell Makoni Ng Wei
Leon Chakanetsa Biriam Wabatagore Zhang Han Zhang Jiayin Bachelor
of Science (Business Information Systems) Lau Siau Aun

(Transfer Arrangement)

Bachelor of Laws First Class Honours Soon Ley Theng Bachelor of
Laws Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Alicia Vilolin Chuah Jo-Shua
Jamie Goh Moon Hoong Bachelor of Laws Second Class Honours (Lower
Division) Sarah ‘ Asimah bt Abi Sofian Bachelor of Laws Shahnon Lau
Chen-Yuen Lee Yi Ling


Bachelor of Laws First Class Honours Beh Huey Ching Tina Chak Jee
Nee Bachelor of Laws Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Chin Yu
Yen Chuah Chien Chien Jolene Gong Wai Fen Delia Lee Sze Zhen Loo
Sim Yi Ng Yee Chien Soh Siew Sun Song Zhi Leng Bachelor of Laws
Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Ang Pei Ling Gerard Darryl Chong
Hu Shi Jian Khoo Xin Yi Lee Huey Fang Giffin Lee Weon Li Terence Sia
Sze Lin Tan Yi Bin Tan Yi Wen Tang Huixin Wun Qing Yao Yeoh Leng Yang
Joey Yong Chin Yong Maxine Bachelor of Laws Leung Chee Bond


(Transfer Arrangement)

Master of Business Diyar Abdrakhmanov Abobakar Ali Abdelbagi Eltoom
Ajeng Ramadya Anushka Binwani a/p Narain Ao Ziwei Azamat Balabekov
Chai Anqi Chan Mei Yin Allison Harison Charles Chen Man Chung Cheong
Soon Haur Chia Wan Lin Chow Wei Sum Darkhan Duisenbiyev Gulzar
Kassymzhan Kavita a/p Ramalingam Khoo Swee Lan Julie Shahlo
Koshvakova Liew Siow Ling Liu Hongyan Loh Geok Mooi Loy Yee Jiun
M Za’ba bin Mohamad Zaham Mohamed Meftah Elsowaisi Mohammed
Abdullah Mohammed Bagazi Nazym Mukasheva Arailym Muratbay Ng
Hong Choon Rustem Nurpeisov Ong Pooi Choo Abzal Ospanov Puvanathevy
a/p Bhoopalan Qin Shengnan Sun Yingying Tai Cheng Rui Tilek Temirbekov
Wan Nordalia bt Dato’ Wan Mohamad Nasir Wang Guohua Wang Wei
Wang Yuze Wong Yeen Fern Xia Xiaoxue Yang Wei Alan Yeoh Chee Eng
Yong Shao Lin Rachel Denis Zhirkov Bachelor of Business (Accounting)
Bao Qianqian Chan Sok Yee Chen Choong Ee Goh Men Xuen Harpreet
Singh Hoh Yoong Chuen Li Na Shen Bingjing Tan Chen Tong Vendy
Jesen Wang Rui Wang Yucong Wong Sai Choong Wu Yang Xu Liqian
Yeoh Yap Xiong Bachelor of Business (Finance) Bach Ha Phuong Chia
Jit Luen Elisha Maharani Sriyatmo He Anqi Joshua George Mathews Kong
May Foong Law Mei Gye Lee Chi Ling Mok Li Yeong Pang Su Yen Tan
Han Yong Yu Ting Bachelor of Business (Marketing) Agung Anugrah
Au Pui Mun Sainey M Ceesay Ruvimbo Gillian Chiteragozho Errin Verani
Fathimath Ifthan Maumoon Haztini binti Hassan Trashmah Kazembe Khaw
Ree Nee Janet Leong Shin Yuin Lim Chee Yong Marcellinus Christian
Zaria Seif Mmanga Mohamed Azzam Nabilla Andhini Yasmine Ng Pei Ling
Nguyen Huong Giang Chengetai Adeline Nyagweta Sartono Tan Ke Ting
Tan Mun Lin Tan Se-Ken Teoh Keng Wei Voon Wai Kuen Xie Junli
Bachelor of Communication (Advertising) (Transfer Arrangement) Lesley
Cheong Lin Yi Bachelor of Information Technology Johannes Suwandi
Mohamed Naji Naeem

Master of Business Administration (International) Ang Boon Chow
Balwindarr Kaur Bajwa Cheah Siew Phin Chua Sing Ping Jong Choon
Choon Kuah Lee Koon Lai Len Soon Lam Chin Chiew Lam Wai Khuen
Lim Boon Leong Lim Ing Keat Lim Jo-Sen Lim Lik Chun Mohammad Kiani
Ng Wun Shi Phoon Kai Meng Shakeela Mary a/p Abraham Tan Kian Wei
Tan Yong Chuang Lucia Tho Chooi Wah Varunnath Ramanathan Wong
Suk Fung Wong Wai Hoo Yau Kok Wen Yew Eng Teik Bachelor of
Business Chang Su Harn Chew Wei Wei Fung Mei Gui – Golden Key
Goh Kok Sing Goh Yie May Ho Shi Lee – Golden Key Kam Yeng Tak Khor
Xue Huan Kok Kian Sen – Golden Key Lee Pei Fern Vivian Lee Wai San
– Golden Key Lim Po Guam – Golden Key Lim Rui Pei Jason Loke Kok
Yong Low Ching Shuang Angeline Low Su Ying M Mainadevi a/p Manogaran
Muhannad Mustafa Kamal Eling Ng Elain Ng Yin Huey Esther Ong Yee
Peng Pang Yung Peng Tan Chun Howe – Golden Key Tan Kim Heong –
Golden Key Tan Shiau Leng Tan Syea Din Tee Sher Li – Golden Key Term
Chai Hsiu Toh Chin Hooi Yap Choong Leong

(Transfer Arrangement*)

Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) First
Class Honours Go Kai Meng Kheshenraja a/l Subramaniam Mutasim
Mohamed Musa Lutfi S Kavidha a/p R Nagapan Tee Wei How Bachelor
of Engineering (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) Second Class
Honours (Upper Division) Koh Zheng Qian Mohd Nazree bin Mohd Espri
Tian Chow Wei Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronic
Engineering) Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Manimaran a/l
Malayandy Suthesh Kumar Balbir Singh Bachelor of Engineering
(Mechanical Engineering) First Class Honours Chamara Sampath Foong
Chow Fong Liew Jenn Shens Ling Ziang Zhong Mukhtar Omar Elmi Sabin
Petdale Babu Sasitharan a/l Sreedaran Sung Jun Hoe Bachelor of
Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) Second Class Honours (Upper
Division) Letchumena a/l Subramaniam Hariharan a/l Kusala Kumaran
Loo Shen Ren Mohamad Zulfadhli bin Bahar Vishnu a/l K Thanniyachalam
Abdullah Iyad Ahmed Sarankan Segarajasingham Bachelor of Laws
Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Adelin Phung Pui Lin* Sheik
Mohammad Yashfir Beeharry* Tan Lee Quin*

Bachelor of Science (Accounting and Finance) First Class Honours
Lee Pei Qing Suzana Joe Loudes Bachelor of Science (Accounting and
Finance) Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Lee Yee Lin Lim Heng
Rui Wong Suk Ee Bachelor of Science (Accounting and Finance) Second
Class Honours (Lower Division) Ho Yenn Yee Low Pei Yee* Tan Shu
Hoei* Bachelor of Science (Banking and Finance) Third Class Honours
Lim Shen Loong Bachelor of Science (Business) Second Class Honours
(Upper Division) Lee Seng Hoe Bachelor of Science (Economics) Second
Class Honours (Lower Division) Tan Jun Rong Bachelor of Science
(Economics) Third Class Honours Ying Wei Jin Bachelor of Science
(Economics and Management) Second Class Honours (Lower Division)
Gui Shu Ci*

Bachelor of Arts Hui Juin Giap – magna cum laude Lee Tze Hui – magna
cum laude Bachelor of Science (Business) Adil Durjay Amed – cum laude
Ang Khai Sian Aryadi Bong Chan Sue Ann – cum laude Cheang Chee
Siang Chia Chia Yee – cum laude Chua Sue Wee – cum laude Enyu Wee
Shing Goh Wee Shing Goh Wei Boon Gui Wee Han – summa cum laude
How Chee Hooi – cum laude Kam Peck Shee – cum laude Khoo Er Wei
– cum laude Khoo Teck Chuan Kelvin Koh Keng Kiat Kudakwashe Tapiwa
Makhuza – cum laude Lee Jian Jie – cum laude Lee Joy Ling Lee Kin Yun
– cum laude Lee Yuan Qing Leong Jin Quan Leow Shir Ley Lim Chern
Yang – cum laude Lim Hao Yuan Lim Joo Li – magna cum laude Lim Kee
Yieh Lim Weng Shin Jacklyn Low Su Ting – magna cum laude Low Vyn
Gene Mah Phui San – magna cum laude Mao Yuan Yuan Mohammad
Usman Javed Mohd Syafiq Hairuddin Ng Boon Kiat Ng Jue Lyn – magna
cum laude Ivan Ong Jian Hau – cum laude Ong Loo See Phang Yee Kuan
– cum laude Shahid Hamza Hussain Shahid Siti Daliana Daud Tan Aisha
– magna cum laude Tan Bee Lay Tan Chiu Hau Tan Choon Yau – cum laude
Tan I Ning – magna cum laude Tan Kuan Li Alan Tan Pei Yee Tan Poh San
Tan Shi Hui – cum laude Tan Siew Mei – magna cum laude Tan Sze Yin
Rachel – cum laude Iona Tan Vi Czn – cum laude Tan Wai How Tan Wei
Wei – magna cum laude Teh Soon Ming – cum laude Teo Jeah Ying Tinashe
Oliver Makura – cum laude Ummy Rahinatu Mustapha – cum laude Wong
Chee Hong – cum laude Yat Chun Fai Yu Chuen Hong

Bachelor of Arts (Accounting and Finance) Second Class Honours (Upper
Division) Chew Jia Yee Chew Jia Yiing Choo Mei Chee Eng Shu Ling
James Navin Vincent a/l Anthony Vincent Lo Mui Kee Loh Jess Min Kevin
Ngo Chen Hung Nur Sabrina binti Mustack Ali Pang Zin Leng Margaret
Phung Mei Mei Puvaneswary a/p Meganathan Dominic Tafadzwa Takaendisa


Bachelor of Laws First Class Honours Daevinddra a/l Premanand
Bachelor of Laws Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Amardeep
Singh Toor a/l Amar Singh Chang Chung Yuen Chua Meixin Sherri Daljit
Singh a/l Harjit Singh Deepa Nanthini a/p Sundaran Farah Jihan binti Ariffin
Esther Hii Kim Hui Izzy Aisyah binti Nabil Amanda Khoo Ming Ee Kow
Kean Fatt Liew San Liang Lim Yin Ping Timothy Naik Shiang Jon Omar
Mohammad Ali Abu Ayyash Saravanakkumar a/l Vadiveloo Victor Tai Yong
Sheng Vekneswaraan a/l Balakrishnan Daryl Wong Sen Chun Wong Yee
Lynn Kellie Allison Yap Siu Yin Zatil Ayuni binti Abd Wahab Bachelor of
Laws Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Angeline Ang Mei Fong
Chen Lee Na Cyril Joo Ali Basah Faridz bin Musa Ooi Beng Ean Sarah
Jacalyn Pang Yeng Cui Wong Jing Wei Bachelor of Laws Third Class
Honours Vithya a/p Rajan

Bachelor of Laws Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Lim Jin Hong
Emilie Low Yuen Khoon Tan Chuan How Tan Kuan Hoe Bachelor of Laws
Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Stephanie Ang Jia Yee Malar a/p
Loganathan Tan Lih Boon Bachelor of Laws Third Class Honours Chan
Tjun Leung Julian Wong Li Huei

(Transfer Arrangement)

(Transfer Arrangement)


Bachelor of Laws Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Gooi Yee
Zhen Lai Wei Shiung Lau Kei Jin Lau Kei Yi Teh Chiew Yin Bachelor of
Laws Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Choo Lyn Pearl Low Yaw
Ren Wai Hon Meng Florence Yong Zhimin

(Transfer Arrangement)


HELP University
The 15th Strategy
Seminar 2012 –
The Innovative
Speakers and

Professor Paul Leblanc
President, Southern New
Hampshire University
Topic: Applying the Clayton
Christensen Model of
Disruptive Innovation and
Opportunities through
Tan Sri Ghauth Jasman,
Vice Chancellor, University
of Malaya
Topic: New Directions for
the University
Dr Nora Colton, Dean
Royal Docks Business
School, University of East
Topic: Business Education in
a Changing World
Professor Noel Cox Professor
of Law and Head of
Department of Law and
Criminology, Aberystwyth
Topic: Innovations in Legal
Professor Graham R. Jones
Associate Dean (Teaching
and Learning), Flinders


Topic: Steps to Success
Professor Ian Zimmer
Deputy Vice-Chancellor
(External Relations),
University of Queensland
Topic: Innovation and
Professor Philip Charles
Visiting Professor and
Special Advisor, Lee Kong
Chian School of Business,
Singapore Management
Topic: Extending the Reach
of the traditional University
for Impact.
Dr Chris Haslam
(Corporate development
and the Student
Experience), the University
of Chester, UK
Topic: International
Collaborative Partnerships
and the Impact on the
Student Experience and
Academic Journey
Mrs Julie Stone
Head of e-Learning,
Derby University

Topic: Technology and
Innovative Delivery
Dr Song YongHak
Principal Consultant, Global
Consulting Group,
Topic: Smart Answer for
Future Campus Model:
Leveraging ICT Solutions to
Foster Creativity and
Innovation of HELP University
Dr Teresa Chahine
Director of Strategy and
Planning, Systems Reform
Group S.A.L. SRG
Topic: Investing in a
Sustainable Future through
Education and
Mr Che Wei Min
Director, Division of
International Cooperation
Chinese Service Centre for
Scholarly Exchange
Topic: Curriculum
Internationalization and
Student Mobility- New
Chances and Challenges
facing International
Education Programs in



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