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This guide follows alphabetical order in monsters name for easy searching and reference.
Difficulty rating here describes the monsters skill ability, setup and rage cost. The screenshots and fight logs recorded
here are only a guide of how fighting the monster is like. The monsters’ strength varies with different stages as you
At higher stages of the Dark Abyss, the same monster type will naturally be harder and stronger.

Any monster can be in any Star Multiplier. Regardless of the Star Multiplier, you have to know your party strength and
weaknesses to choose which type of monster. Generally applies to most players, but not limited to (if you are strong
Always Avoid: Blazing Seraph, Blazing Light, Dark Valkyrie, Fury Claw, Death Reaper, Smaug
Always Pick: Children of the Universe, Dark Elves, Skeleton Warriors, Cave Titans
Should you select stats when being prompt? Yes, primarily more ATK and DEF would be helpful, if you have a dodge
tanker a Dodge boost is also good. Choose 10 stars/15 stars buff will help you save more stars and gain 30 stars reward
at every 5 stages when collecting rewards. Alternatively, you can choose to save your stars by closing the window.

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