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Abyss Soldiers

Enemy attacks: Block Attack lvl 5 x 1, Dark Arrow lvl 1 x 1, Blazing Arrow lvl 1 x 3
Difficulty: 
Strategy: Tauren uses Block Attack lvl 5 at 50 rage, Goblin Lord uses Dark Arrow lvl 1 at 100 rage, Elf mage uses
Blazing Arrow lvl 1 at 100 rage. High defense and HP, High DPS and healing factor would get you through this, pretty
straightforward brawl.
Totems to use: Fire totem, Dragon lord totem
Aegis to use: Sagittarius, Aquarius
Watch to have an idea: http://s74-angel.gtarcade.com//share.php?sid=39005900000074&pkId=1155416d27e4ecfd
Abyss Spikes

Enemy attacks: Clean Cleave lvl 1 x 3, Abyssal Gaze lvl 1 x 2
Difficulty: 

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