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Bottled Water
Island Fruit Punch
Citrus Juice Punch
Sparkling Cranberry Punch
Apple Cider (served hot or cold)

$1.50 per bottle
$8.75 per gallon
$8.75 per gallon
$9.75 per gallon
$15.15 per gallon
$10.95 per gallon

Freshly Brewed Iced Tea

$8.95 per gallon


Bottled Iced Tea
Bottled Soda

$1.05 per b o t t l e
$1.05 per can

Flavored Water

$3.70 per gallon

Citrus, mint, and other seasonal flavors

Hot Chocolate
Coffee, Decaf, and Hot Tea

$13.00 per gallon
$1.50 per p e r s o n

(One gallon serves 15 eight ounce cups/glasses.)

All Meeting Break prices are per guest.
Make-Your-Own Trail Mix


Bowls of Organic Granola, Dried Cranberries, Sunflower Seeds,
Sliced Almonds, Golden Raisins, Miniature White & Milk Chocolate Chips Assorted
soda and bottled water

Pizza Plus (15 guest minimum)


Pizza with assorted toppings
(two slices per person)
Assorted soda and bottled water

Ice Cream Social


Two flavors of ice cream with five toppings Assorted soda
and bottled water

The Sweet Spot


Finger desserts: assorted butter cookies, mini cheesecakes, brownie bites Fruit tray
Coffee, decaf, and tea

Healthy Break


Fruit skewers with yogurt dip, vegetable crudités with ranch dip and
assorted granola bars
Flavored or bottled water

Sweet & Salty


Mixed nuts
Pretzels or potato chips with dip Freshly baked
cookies or brownies Assorted soda and bottled

Cookie Break


Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies & brownies Rice
Krispies® treats
Assorted soda and bottled water
Add Fresh Fruit Platter