Peer Mentors brief The Alchemy Project JUNE 2015 (PDF)

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Title: Peer Mentors_brief_The Alchemy Project JUNE 2015
Author: Rose Fieber

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The  Alchemy  Project  –  Peer  Mentors  
 Dance-­‐Led  Programme  in  Early  Intervention  in  Psychosis  2015  
A  Co-­‐Produced  Action  Research  Project  

The   Alchemy   Project   is   interested   to   hear   from   people   who   have   a   keen   interest   in   dance   and   who   wish   to  
work   with   our   mental   health   client   group   -­‐   young   adults   aged   18   to   35   accessing   Early   Intervention   in  
Psychosis  services  in  South  London.      
The   Alchemy   Project   is   an   enterprise   established   by   Dance   United   Yorkshire   (DUY)   in   association   with  
Cultural   Utilities   and   Enterprises   (CUE)   to   take   forward   the   work   that   Dance   United   had   been   developing   in  
the   mental   health   sector.   Dance   United’s   proven,   award-­‐winning   methodology   evolved   over   many   years   of  
work   in   the   criminal   justice   sector   was   piloted   in   an   intervention   for   young   adults   accessing   Early  
Intervention  in  Psychosis  services  in  2013.  The  pilot  –  named  SeaBreeze  -­‐  delivered  very  promising  results.  
The  Alchemy  Project  will  now  take  this  work  forward  and  deliver  an  action  research  project  to  further  test  
and   develop   the   outcomes   of   SeaBreeze.   The   action   research   project   will   see   the   delivery   of   two  
interventions  for  young  adults  accessing  Early  Intervention  in  Psychosis  services  in  spring  and  summer  2015  
and   is   delivered   by   The   Alchemy   Project   in   partnership   with   SLaM   -­‐   Early   Intervention   in   Psychosis   Services  
and  SLaM  -­‐  Arts  Strategy  team.  
Aiming   to   support   the   young   adults   in   their   recovery   journey,   the   first   action   research   project   will   run   from  
June   to   July   2015.   It   will   culminate   in   a   performance   on   Monday   20th   July   presenting   new   work   created  
specifically   for   this   client   group   by   the   established   choreographer   Darren   Ellis,   and   Dance   Directors   Carly  
Annable-­‐Coop  and  Ellen  Steinmuller.  
As   a   Peer   Mentor   you   will   join   the   4-­‐week   programme   beginning   on   Thursday   11th   June   2015.   You   will  
engage  in  an  intensive  Contemporary  Dance  training  programme  and  need  to  be  available  as  follows:  
• 11th  June  2015:  Mandatory  induction  and  training  day  for  all  peer  mentors    
• 17th,   18th   or   19th   June   2015:   Taster   sessions   with   potential   participants,   peer   mentors   need   to  
attend  one  of  these  two  sessions  
• 22nd   June   –   20th   July:   all   peer   mentors   need   to   attend   10.00   –   16.00,   Monday   to   Friday,   for  
rehearsals  and  preparation  for  the  performance  
As  a  Peer  Mentor  you  will  benefit  from  the  experience  of:  
• working  with  leading  professional  dance  artists  
• intensive  full-­‐time  Contemporary  Dance  Training  programme  culminating  in  a  professionally  staged  
• working  with  young  adults  in  a  community  dance  setting  
The  Alchemy  Project  intervention  is  physically  stimulating  and  Peer  Mentors  will  gain  mentoring  experience  
as   well   as   technical   and   choreographic   skills   whilst   engaging   with   the   young   adults,   professional   dance  
artists,  clinical  practitioners  and  support  managers.    
Breakfast  and  lunch  are  provided  during  the  intensive  4  week  programme  and  peer  mentors  are  required  
to  join  in  these  meals  with  participants.  
The  Alchemy  Project,  is  an  enterprise  established  by  Cultural  Utilities  &  Enterprises  (CUE)  in  association  with  Dance  United  
Yorkshire  (DUY)  to  take  forward  the  work  of  Dance  United.


As   a   Peer   Mentor   on   this   dance-­‐led   intervention   you   are   expected   to   demonstrate   competence   in   your  
dance   skills   and   abilities.   The   young   adults   that   The   Alchemy   Project   works   with   present   with   individual  
vulnerabilities  and  complex  needs.  The  right  candidate  will  bring  sensitivity,  empathy  and  self-­‐reflection  to  
the  role  and  can  manage  being  in  situations  that  can  sometimes  be  stressful  and  challenging.    It  is  equally  
important   that   the   peer   mentor   is   reliable,   holds   an   excellent   attendance   and   punctuality   record   and   has   a  
positive  committed  attitude.  
Please  complete  an  application  form.  Completed  application  forms  must  be  sent  to  Ellen  Steinmuller  
(  by  5pm  on  Monday  18th  May  2015.  Successful  candidates  will  be  
notified  by  22nd  May.  Interviews  (including  a  practical  session)  will  take  place  during  the  week  of  1st  June  in  
South  London  (venue  to  be  confirmed).    
Application  Process  
Application  Deadline  
18th  May  2015  
By  5pm  
Successful  candidates  notified    
22nd  May  2015  
By  5pm  
Interviews  (including  practical  
Week  of  1  June  2015  
10am  -­‐  4pm  
Training  Day    
11th  June  &  12th  June  
10am  –  4pm  
Project  1  
Taster  sessions  
17th,18th,19th  June    
2  hour  session  (am  or  pm)  
Full  company  meeting  
15th  &  16th    June    
10am  –  1.30pm    
Week  1  
22nd  –  26th  June    
Week  2  
29  June  –  30  July    
10am  -­‐  4pm  
Week  3  
6th  –  10th  July    
10am  -­‐  4pm  
Week  4  
13th  –  17th  July  
10am  -­‐  4pm  
Rehearsal  &  Performance    
19th  &  20th  July    
For  further  information  please  email:    


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