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Nepal Earthquake Recovery Appeal 2015

In Bhaktapur, a city devastated by the earthquake. Many homes look structurally sound from the outside but on closer assessment
are completely unstable.

Following the devastating events in Nepal on Saturday 25th April, the Nepal Earthquake Recovery Appeal
(NERA) 2015 fund will direct donations towards small, grassroots NGOs working on the ground to support
Nepal’s recovery. Donations are being collected via the UK charitable trust, The Bulldog Trust.
Longer-term aim of NERA is to help create a network of Nepali NGOs working in the earthquake relief effort,
through which direct funds can be channelled, information exchanged and cooperation sought (with the
international non-profit, public and private sector).
The project has been devised and will be led by Alison Marston, Head of Grants and Philanthropy for the Bulldog
Trust, who has both extensive humanitarian work experience in Nepal and broad grant-making knowledge.
Drawing upon the robust grant-making processes and track record of The Bulldog Trust, careful assessment
and selection of recipient organisations will ensure that all monies donated will be directed towards those
in the greatest need. Resources expended will be closely monitored and accounted for without placing
onerous requirements on recipient organisations. The Bulldog Trust is charging no fees for the administrative
support it is providing and is supporting Alison while on secondment in Nepal. (Background section 3 for
more information on Alison Marston).
Alison will call upon her fluent Nepali, intimate knowledge of the country, extensive local network and grantmaking experience to assess needs, build a local network of recipient organisations and organise the rapid
dispersal of funds. Alison is an expert on delivering aid to Nepal and understands the impact the current
state of logistics, government engagement and hostile climates across the country will have on efforts to
rebuild the country.
To discover some of the challanges that earthquake victims in Nepal are currently facing which form the
basis of this strategic over view, have a look at this short documentary.