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Alison Marston was born in Nepal where, following her father’s service
in the Gurkha regiment of the British Army, her family have lived for 40
years and speaks Nepali as her first language. Educated in Kathmandu
and latterly at Stowe School in England, Alison graduated with a
degree in Education, followed by an MA in Education and International
Development from the Institute of Education in 2012. In the past 15
years Alison has worked on various charitable and humanitarian projects
for Nepal. These include spending two years working in humanitarian
and emergency response efforts and conflict protection in the field in
28 districts across Nepal, including the earthquake epicentre district:
Gorkha , for the International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC). Since
2013, Alison has been running a ground-breaking grants initiative for the
Bulldog Trust, seeking out innovative charities for early stage funding.
The Bulldog Trust (Registered UK Charity 1123081) has given over £4million pounds to a wide range of
charities since 1983. The Trust offers grants to small-to-medium sized charities to enable transformation
change and provides access to pro-bono business expertise through the Engaging Experience Network. The
Trust is based at the Two Temple Place in London.
BVS Nepal (Nepal, Registration No: 415, Social Welfare Council Affiliation No: 27288) is a not for profit nongovernmental organization established by Wendy Marston (Alison’s mother) and Pramada Shah in 2008 to
help and support survivors of burns, resulting from accidents or violence. Wendy Marston’s work with BVS
Nepal was recognized by the Dalai Lama in 2014 when she was honoured as an Unsung Hero of Compassion