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Tools and Parts

3 ½ feet of 4 conductor shielded audio cable
o For maximum noise immunity, the cable should have a layer of foil or a tightly-knit
braided shield
o If necessary, you can use a pair of 2 conductor shielded audio cables scavenged from
old headphones
Wire strippers
3.5mm (1/8 inch) stereo audio jack (must be “closed circuit,” i.e. will pass through a signal if
nothing is plugged into it)
o DO NOT use a standard 3 pin “open circuit” stereo audio jack. It will not work. I
recommend you use Radio Shack part number 274-0246.

Male-to-male 3.5mm stereo audio cable to connect your device to the jack
Set of male and female connectors with at least 5 pins
o I used DB9s because I had them around
Crimper for the connector pins, if necessary
o Needle-nose pliers will probably work in a pinch
Philips screwdriver
Small flathead screwdriver
Electrical tape
Heat shrink tubing (optional)
Cable ties
Duct tape or other strong, heat-resistant tape
Hot glue (optional)
Soldering iron and solder
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