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Title: New Facts Apocalypse

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Press Release:

: March 16, 2015


THE APOCALYPSE has already been designed and activated by Nature!
We explain why, how and when the Apocalypse will happen
and more important how the humans can prevent it!
To understand all conceptions in this information, you should read our book as basis! In our
book we disclose slowly and step by step, all unknown facts about the real construction of
life. We disclose everything in detail and simple words! We offer a complete different kind of
perspective at life, the so called "Higher perspective of the Soul". We disclose more than 200
unknown Truths of Life. In our book and this information we reveal all dots and connect all
lines about life logically. And when you see that all connections make sense, than you can
conclude: that this knowledge is real and the honest Truth, nothing more and nothing less!
This information about the Apocalypse is just a small, but an important part of the book:
The Spiritual Bible, 2015! Written by Thomas Francisco Pelgero, as a medium for the spirit
guides. Don't judge us, before you have read our information. We will explain why the
magnetic shield is really weakening and why the flipping of the poles is the result. What we
call the Apocalypse. See for yourself, if we can tell you some unknown facts of life! Compare
our knowledge with your believes and than make your own conclusions! When you can't see
something or can't measure it, that does not mean that it doesn't exist. You have enough
examples in your history and in life that supports this statement!

The humans have a right to know everything about the Apocalypse! What is real and is
already developing on earth! We explain why, how and when it will happen in this
generation. And more important, how the humans can stop this event from happening!
The solution to stop the Apocalypse can only be found, if you understand the real cause!
The real cause can be found in the immaterial construction of life, what is connected to
your apparently material world. We will explain the basics of the real construction of life.
The truth differs a lot from your perspective. Just hear us out, we will explain everything!
191. A New Truth of Life, the magnetic shields are weakening, because of the unbalance of
positive and apparently negative energy created by the humans. Nature, reacts on this
unbalance and wants to create positive energy and to restore balance by destroying the
cause of the unbalance! This is only possible by flipping the poles in an Apocalypse!
Your scientists can confirm, that the magnetic shield is weakening rapidly and quicker than
expected! Ask your scientists; Why is the magnetic shield weakening? They will say: "It is
normal that the poles flip of a planet, because it happened also before on earth, suns and
other planets." They will state: "We see some changes in the liquid iron, that is moving to
different positions in the core of earth." "And they will conclude wrongly, that this is the
cause of the weakening of the magnetic shield". This is not the cause, but a symptom. "They
see, that the positions of this iron fields are changing and measure that the magnetic shield is
diminishing." They state: "Normally it will take 1000 or 2000 years for the poles to flip", and
this is not true! And when you listen carefully, than you will know, that they don't know the
real cause. The real cause is found by understanding why the liquid iron is repositioning !

We will describe first the basics of the immaterial construction of life and than we will
explain the cause of the Apocalypse! The real construction of life is not easy to understand
for humans with the ego perspective! In our book we use about 1,000 book pages to change
your perspective! Because, you will need a higher perspective, than your material
conditioned and limited ego perspective! When you understand the construction of life
correctly, than you will be able to find the real cause of the Apocalypse. And when you know
the real cause, than you will know what you really can do to prevent the Apocalypse. We call
this disclosing the interlinked causality between cause, symptoms and effect! You disclose the
causality by observing and following the negativity honestly. And when you found the cause
as negativity you should handle the negativity with positivity and change the existing
negativity in positivity! That is learning correctly from the Lessons of Life!
First we will give you some statements and questions from your scientists and brain
specialists and than we explain them! The brain specialists can't find a decision maker in
your brain, only the executions can be measured in the brain. The brain specialists have
already proven that your thoughts have specific frequencies. The brain specialists have found
out that 5% of your brain is working. They claim you use only 5% of your brain, what is not
correct! Your scientists have already proven, that all material on earth is made from energy.
They can't find real material on earth! Still you believe, that you live in a real material world.
We all know that we have an energy life force in our body to live. When we don't have this
energy in our body, our body and mind is dead! There is no organ nor process in our body
that produces this energy from the elements of food and water. Energy and the elements from
the food and water in the cell are divided. Than you hear on the same time that people and
scientists say, that we have enough energy in our body to light certain cities for a few days!
What is this energy, they can't see nor measure it? But, still people believe this energy is real.
Did you tell yourself or others one day: "I feel that I have so much energy, I can do anything
today". Even Cellular Energy Healing is based on transferring energy from the healer to
another person. The process of healing is based on transferring energy directly to the cells of
the other person. With this extra energy the cells can reconstruct order and balance in the
cell. Pains and illnesses will dissolve more rapidly and easier. Than we have the psychic
people who have proven to have possibilities to download information from another persons
subconscious mind and inform them about this! Still we can't see it and measure this energy.
If the scientists are honest, they will tell you, that they don't have a clue what the energy in
the body is, and how it exists! If the brain specialists are honest, they will tell you that they
know only 5% of the brain, and the rest is unknown! Scientists who research healing know,
that something is happening, but they can't explain it! We are going to explain the basics of
the construction of life and you will be able to connect all above dots easily!
Three dimensions are important and exist in the construction of life!
The truth about the construction of life. You have problems to measure above mentioned
energy or even your real awareness, your Soul (The decision maker), because it is in another
dimension. The so called In-Between dimension. The In-Between dimension makes a
connection between the apparently material dimension (including earth, your body and mind
and our universe), with the immaterial dimension. The Immaterial dimension is the
dimension where "only pure positive energy" can exist. The In-Between dimension is a
dimension where "only pure positive energy" and "positive and negative energy" can exist.

And the apparently material dimension is a dimension where only "positive and negative
energy" can exist. "Positive energy and negative energy" forms in simple words, the
apparently material world, by adhesion and cohesion of the molecules. The respectively
pushing and pulling of the molecules form the apparently material in different combinations.
The smallest parts in the molecules in our apparently material world, are energy parts and
consists from "positive and negative energy". This negative energy is not really negative
energy, but positive energy with a very specific energy frequency. What acts like it is the
opposite of positive energy. Therefore we call negative energy, apparently negative energy!
The energy parts are stacked in a specific order with a specific frequency and that creates the
basics to form our apparently static material world. Our material world is a static expression
of energy parts in a certain stacked combination. We explain further below.
Who are you really? You are a Soul as energy being, in your human body and mind that
drives the body and experience life as your awareness, your conscious part of your Soul!
Your Soul exists from: 1. a split conscious part of your Soul (Your awareness, at birth
normally at zero memory, to experience, learn and create new and fresh in this new human
life!). 2. a subconscious part of your Soul (Your Souls awareness or higher self, settled in
your subconscious). 3. pure positive energy what is divided among all cells by the energy
channels and chakras in and around your body. 4. the astral layers. 5. your aura.
Why can you logically know, that you are not your body and mind? Very simple, because
material does not exist on earth and material doesn't exist at all! The apparently material is
just an expression of energy! And everything in the world and even your body and mind is
build from energy. This is already confirmed by your quantum physics. Because everything is
build from energy you can know, that your awareness can't be a product of a material
creation or evolution! Instead you are an immaterial design and creation. Just like everything
what exists in the apparently material dimension! We explain the creation of your Soul, the
universe, earth, the apparently material dimension in our book step by step! The apparently
material dimension, including earth is created to be a plane, where energy life forces can
experience, learn or adjust and create positive energy in an apparently material world.
The humans are so convinced in the reality of this material dream world, what leads them to
make a lot of wrong and negative decisions in their lives. And this negative behavior will
escalate into the Apocalypse. We will explain this below. It is time to wake up and to realize
who you really are. It is time to realize that the material world is not real, but that the
immaterial world is real! Including Souls in a human body and Souls of passed over loved
ones who still exist, spirit guides, and other intelligent energy beings in the immaterial
dimension are real awarenesses! Therefore we inform you as spirit guides about the real
truth. You can reject it, label it or avoid it and still believe metaphorical, that the earth is still
flat (material). Or you can wake up and try to understand the real truth of life! You live in this
earthly dream world, but your awareness, your Soul is real! Negative thoughts, actions and
creations of your awareness, your Soul in this dreamworld have consequences! If you make
people suffer or let other people suffer, you will be suffering yourself in the future. "What
goes around comes around!" Don't forget we are here to help you, to guide you on the right
positive path in life. Let us go together deeper in detail of the real construction of life. There
you will find the real cause and the real solution for the Apocalypse.

Your complete Soul is a "pure positive" energy being and can only exist in the In-Between
and in the immaterial dimension. The In-Between dimension is interlinked with the
apparently material dimension and the immaterial dimension. The interlinking is the reason
that your Soul as life force energy is connected to your physical body and mind. The Soul
consists of energy relationship parts and is connected to the energy parts of your human
body. The human body is completely created from the so called stacked and static energy
parts in an order that is printed in the so called gene string. The stacked and static energy
parts in the apparently material world is just an expression of energy! You have both
dimensions in your body existing! This complete energy of your Soul is existing in the InBetween dimension and therefore you can't measure it.
Psychics can sometimes see, feel, hear, smell, taste into this In-Between dimension and
receive information from your subconscious Soul. Or psychics can see other passed over
loved ones (Souls as ghosts) in the In-Between dimension. Even your visualization,
imagining, astral traveling and even dreaming are happening in the In-Between dimension.
Why is it possible to see or feel the energy in the In-Between by healers and psychics? The
psychic people mostly unaware receive the energy frequencies of the Soul (passed over or
alive humans). The brain translate these messages or pictures to the conscious part of the
Soul of the psychic, which transfers it to the thoughts in the brain of the psychic. And the
psychic can react on this with the conscious part of the Soul. All Souls in the world are
connected and you can do telepathy without any problems. Psychics use unaware about 5%
of this telepathy ability we have as Soul. This means that we can download directly
information of the subconscious Soul of another person or themselves. Everyone have these
so called psychic abilities, but the ego perspective limit these possibilities.
There is constantly a communication of energy frequencies between your Soul and your brain
in the In-Between dimension. Your Soul is the driver and awareness of your human body and
mind. Your conscious part of your Soul is the decision maker. The decisions are also made in
the In-Between by the Soul and these energy frequency still in the In-Between are passed to
your brain and create the executions of the decisions! This goes very quick. Your conscious
Soul thinks with your brain. If your Soul wants to grab a memory, or use reasoning, etc, the
Soul digs in and uses the brain and also here you have the communication between the InBetween dimension and the apparently material dimension in your brain. The brain is the
interpreter between the energy frequencies of the In-Between and transfers them in your
thoughts in the apparently material world. Because this work of communication between your
Soul and your brain means, that your brain does not use 5%, but about 30%. This 30 % is
still less and not 100%, because the humans are not evolved into a possible higher
awareness! When you pass over (die) you will only observe and not think nor reason, because
you can't use the brain anymore. That makes passing over a tranquil process! Everything has
a reason in your Souls life. Life is perfected in simplicity! You have to learn to think and
reason with your Soul again. We explain in our book the phases of passing over in detail! It is
a fact that the immaterial world is more real than the apparently material world!
The Soul is connected with our physical body with a kind of navel cord you can see in the InBetween dimension, but not in your apparently material dimension. Your awareness is in the
In-Between dimension and is your conscious part of your Soul. Your Soul is the decision
maker and driver in your body! Your Soul is communicating with your brain and visa versa.
What you see, hear, taste, smell, feel are interpreted by your brain and send in energy
frequencies to your Soul and visa versa. Your Soul controls your body with energy

frequencies and can experience a more solid form a more material form of life. Your Soul is
consisting from pure positive energy and can only exist in the In-Between dimension in the
apparently material dimension. And both exists in your body! In a cell you have a part that is
in the apparently material dimension what needs the elements of water and food. And another
part that is in the In-Between dimension what needs energy and is based on your life force
energy. Your energy channels through your body, chakras, astral layers, and aura are all in
the In-Between dimension and belong to your Soul. We go very fast now, in our book we go
step by step to explain with information, examples and exercises. You need to understand the
real construction of life, if you really want to understand everything about the Apocalypse.
Now, we have to explain another very difficult fact of life. We will explain the construction of
time and why it exist. When you look at one present moment in life and freeze time
figuratively. Than you have a complete static picture. This we call the expression of stacked
energy parts in the apparently material world. Just make a photo from one moment, and you
see exactly, what is real in the apparently material dimension. The next present moment you
have a little change, and the following next moment you have again a little change in the
apparently material world. Make a video and play it very slow after each other, and you see
pictures one after another. Because, the apparently material world is constantly a static
expression of energy parts in a specific order, followed up by more present moments.
The conscious part of your Soul (your awareness) who experience this apparently material
dimension as life through your body, sees constantly pictures appearing in every present
moment and followed up by another one, etc, etc. This goes very quick and this gives us a
feeling as if we are really moving and the material life looks real! The present moments are
the moments your awareness experience an expression of energy one after each other, what
we call the creation of time and creation of an apparently real life! Time is necessary to make
this movie, or in other words to make life appear dynamic and more real. Because, one day
you will have to realize, that everything is really made from energy and it is never really
possible to create your body. Therefore the body is created by images which are created in the
apparently material world, by the design of the awarenesses in the In-Between dimension.
Your conscious part of your Soul, your awareness is experience life, not your body and mind!
The movements and changes and in total the dynamic of the energy expressions as pictures
are controlled by awarenesses in the In-Between dimension. Awarenesses like: your Soul, the
awareness of earth (Nature), awareness of animals, awarenesses of plants and even a lower
awareness of a rock for example. An awareness is a collection of energy relationship parts,
which can be changed by this awareness. And all energy parts in the apparently material
dimension are linked with the energy relationship parts in the In-Between dimension. And
every time an awareness creates a little difference in the energy relationship parts and the
next present moment of the stacked energy parts are changed. And this design in the InBetween dimension creates the dynamic movements of the sequential present moments that
are lived by your Soul through your body and mind (including your thoughts). Your
awareness are your thoughts of your conscious part of your Soul and always pre looped
before you form thoughts! You think first with your conscious part of your Soul and than you
experience a thought! The Soul really uses your brain. The human body is completely made
for the Soul. Perhaps difficult to understand, but it is the truth of how you are constructed!
Therefore we know time in our awareness. Time is a sequential following up from present
moments of stacked and static energy parts in the apparently material dimension. The
material world is what you see and it changes, by the adjustments of the energy parts in the

In-Between by our awareness, Souls or other awarenesses who share the same space. Space
is here not a place, but connections to the same subject (energy parts). With this
understanding you can easily explain how and why the human beings can create in life and
can influence their future easily. In our book we will explain these creation abilities in detail.
All this information is a real existing part of the construction of life, you probably didn't
understand. But, you knew that energy exist. And everything is build from energy. And that is
logical, because your apparently material dimension is created by the design from the
immaterial dimension. Again in our book we go slowly through these topics with many
examples and exercises, so you can follow and understand this knowledge very logically.
Why do we have to tell you, how life is really constructed? Because Nature is the awareness
of Earth and consists also in the In-Between. Nature is the designer for life, for movements of
growing of organic life, even the growing of a human body or even your nail on your little
toe, movements of water, deceases in organic life to restore balance, gravity and much more
on earth! Perhaps you can understand how highly developed and powerful the awareness as
Nature is. This is how the earthly plane is build for all immaterial awarenesses. With one
goal and that is to produce pure positive energy. And Nature is connected with all life forces
on earth! Nature needs to have balance in the life forces between positive energy and
apparently negative energy. When a human has a negative thought or does a negative action
or create something negative in life, you will create this apparently negative energy. When
you have a positive thought, action or creation that is good for you AND all other persons on
earth AND for nature, than you create "pure" positive energy! (We call this the creation of
positive energy what is based on the ground rule of the Soul). When you make these positive
decisions according to the ground rule of the Soul, you create balance in yourself, balance
between all people on the world and balance with Nature. We call this also to keep the Tree of
Life flourishing and healthy! When you let parts (groups of humans for example) die, get sick,
live in poverty or when they suffer, etc. The Tree of Life is not flourishing and not healthy to
the maximum, because you don't produce "pure" positive energy! You can only evolve as a
human race, when the Tree of Life is flourishing!
The problem with the humans is that greed of the humans has been taught in the so called ego
perspective of the humans. That means that the humans are constantly busy with "getting
what they want". And when they don't get what they want, they experience a negative emotion
and will feel bad. They have no clue, that a negative emotion is created by your Subconscious
Soul. This subconscious Soul guides your conscious part of your Soul, your awareness to
change your negative thoughts into positive thoughts. When you listen to your guidance, you
can grow in line with your pure positive Soul. More about this we explain in our book.
Besides greed and not understanding negative and positive emotions, the humans have also
problems with managing their fears, worries and other negative emotions. Instead of solving
negativity in life, they try to prevent it and to avoid it! And therefore the negativity in life
keeps on existing and being created. When you look at life 1000 years ago, you will see that
the same negativity still exists. Like: wars, manipulation, violence, cheating, deceiving, lying,
dishonesty, fighting, suppression, greed, etc. Only you are getting better and better to become
more negative. We call this the spiral of negativity, what escalates in your case to the
Apocalypse. The humans create only a little bit "pure" positive energy, what is really based
on the ground rule of the Soul. And you create a lot of the apparently negative energy in the
world. When you think only about yourself or your family or country for example, than you

are creating negative energy. Because this is seen by nature as egoistic! And therefore we call
the perspective of the humans an ego perspective. What is based completely on greed. And
this caused the unbalance in the human beings and with the awareness of Earth, Nature!
This apparently negative energy you produce by your: fears, worries, negative decisions,
negative actions and creations, etc. The humans are out of balance with Nature and Nature is
out of balance. And Nature is going to correct the negativity on earth, by changing the
negativity in positivity and preventing this cause of unbalance further to exist! Nature, what
exist as an awareness in the In-Between dimension, has already changed the energy
relationship parts from many present moments of the energy parts in the apparently material
world. With an outcome in the future, that the Apocalypse will happen. We as spirit guides
can see this possible outcome. We want to prevent suffering for humans on earth and to help
the humans to find the right positive path in life. And to show humans how to use their human
lives correctly and positively, as it was meant to be!
How more negativity the humans will produce, how more Nature will be out of balance and
how quicker the Apocalypse will start. Now, you can understand a small basic of the
construction of life. What is necessary to understand, what we are going to tell you about the
Apocalypse. If you know the real true facts why the Apocalypse is unfolding, than you will
know how you can prevent the Apocalypse from happening!
The real weakening of the magnetic shield around the world is happening, because of the
human unbalance with Nature! This unbalance is the result of humans, who created much
more apparently negative energy, than the necessary positive energy. Our apparently material
dimension is created on balance between positive and apparently negative energy. And the
humans are destroying this balance, and that cannot exist in the apparently material world.
You are literally destroying this apparently material dimension! And therefore there are rules
for Nature to stop this from happening and reconstruct order and balance on earth.
We have already learned and know that the energy relationship parts, as the awareness of
Nature, controls the weakening and strengthen of our magnetic shield. And the balance of the
positive energy and the apparently negative energy in the awareness of Nature, decides if the
magnetic field should be weak, strong or even flip! Nature has as task to keep balance,
between all life forces on earth! And when one species is creating, so much apparently
negative energy above positive energy, than balance should be restored on earth. And this
can be done by weakening the magnetic shield and causing a flip of the poles. This will create
automatically a lot of positive energy by Nature! And wiping out the human race, will be the
way to solve the creation of unbalance for the future! Nature has already changed the energy
relationship parts in the In-Between dimension of many present moments for the Apocalypse
to happen. These changes in the energy relationship parts makes the liquid iron increase in
the core of earth and to change its positions. In life your scientists already see that the
magnetic field is weakening! You just have to know the real facts as dots in life, to connect the
lines correctly! Than you will know why the Apocalypse is happening!
Your scientists have to learn not to make facts from the experiences they can prove by seeing
calculating, or measuring it. But, to base their hypotheses direct on the causes in the
immaterial construction of life and indirect on the symptoms in the apparently material
construction of life. And when you created from many hypotheses one most possible
hypothesis, than this will become a fact. Than you try to research this fact, and when you can

proof, that this fact is not correct, than you can change it! This gives the scientists more
possibilities to understand life and what is happening in life! You make ten steps forward in
the future, instead of step by step. When you did this in the past, you would already know
exactly the construction of life. You will already have solved most deceases and problems in
the world. And you would have found already many other possibilities to make life more
positive, harmonious and healthier!
In our book we show a lot of mistakes and wrong and hasty conclusions of the ego
perspective of scientists, physicians, psychologists and the humans in general. This ego
perspective studies and sees only the symptoms in the surface of life of the apparently
material dimension. You build your conclusions on symptoms and therefore you are not able
to find the real causes in life. You reject the immaterial world and you embrace the
apparently material world! You have to start to understand, that life is not a material
happening, but an immaterial event! For the scientists, you will never find real material,
because it does not exist. You know already that the universe as apparently material
dimension is created! This creation is made by the awarenesses in the immaterial dimension
and therefore you can never create material. Only an apparently material (as an expression
of energy) is what you can see and experience on earth. One of the basic rules of creation:
"You can never create something from nothing!". We just want to help humans to find the
right positive path in life by putting the negativity in the light, so you can change the
negativity into positivity!
192. A New Truth of Life, when the poles flip, the earth will be reconstructed completely!
This means that the magnetic South and North pole will change their positions. Think about a
battery, which has one point a positive charge and on another point a negative charge. When
the charge inside of the battery is changed by an opposite chemical process, than this
reversal will change the direction of the current and the poles will be changed. Plus becomes
minus and minus becomes plus. The solid and liquid iron in the core of earth, is turning
around by the spinning of the earth and that creates the apparently magnetic charge and
creates the magnetic North and the South pole. The spinning stays the same of the earth. But,
the liquid iron has increased in the core of earth, because of the increasing heat in the
atmosphere and indirectly in the core. And the liquid iron changes its position inside of the
core. In such a way, that it will cause the charge to weaken, to stop and than to start working
again in the same direction, but on a different position. Metaphorical, see the iron in the core
as a big rectangle magnet, with on one end the positive charge and the other end the negative
charge. Now, inside the core of earth this magnet turns around with a specific degree. That
means that the magnetic shield is weakening and will reach a point that the magnetic shield
will be away and than it starts up again. These movements of the liquid iron in the core of
earth, can only happen by changing the energy relationship parts of the liquid iron in the InBetween dimension by Nature. This is the real cause and this is created by design! Because,
the liquid iron doesn't move by itself. It is just an expression of energy. Sequentially following
up one present moment after another! You can measure the changes in the apparently
material world. But, the changes in the apparently material world, will always be determined
by the changing of the energy relationships in the In-Between by the awarenesses. That is
how life is constructed! All humans are an awareness. And together by creating positive
energy, we are able to change the same energy relationship parts of the future! Because,
Nature and the human race share the same space. Space is in this context not a place, but a
connection to the same subject! And this is, how we literally can prevent the Apocalypse from
happening. This is the only path available!

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