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Background of the Kids:
The Kids come from underprivileged families. Their parents have to work odd jobs or work long hours to
meet ends meet and to put them in school. These families are not the poorest or the poor but they are
the working poor, the ones who fall through the safety nets and not eligible for complete assistance from
the government. However, due to being underprivileged, they are not able to afford for their kids
developmental avenues like tuition or motivational courses offered by Adam Khoo etc. These kids are
losing out in such aspects as compared to their peers from the middle class families. Moreover, the cycle
of poverty is a vicious cycle. Most of these kids live in homes where there is not much positivity or good
values inculcated in them. Losing out on opportunities to excel in school, many are unable to develop the
cognitive skills for better learning, communication and leadership. Due to the same reasons, many of
these kids also inherit negative traits or qualities from either their parents or their circle of friends whom
they “lepak” with. Thus, one of our aims for these kids at Yusra, is to help these kids get up, get equipped
to catch up in the race and inculcate them with good values and behavior that can transform them into
better individuals.

Story Board:
In a faraway land called, Chai Chee Madagascar; a recent massive forest fire sets homes of the 5 clans
ablaze. Now that Chai Chee is inhabitable, they have to begin their journey to find a new space to build
their new homes. However, it would not be an easy journey from the clans. Each clan in the faraway land
has to rebuild their homes by embarking on a journey of interesting challenges. In each clan, there are
Protectors who will have to work together with each other to complete the tasks given by Guardian Angel
(Facilitators) by also protecting their Villagers (volunteers). While rebuilding their homes may sound easy,
clans are to be aware of the malicious Hunters (Yusra Programmers) who will steal and snatch the things
from the appointed Mascot from each clan. To save their Mascots, Protectors will have to perform their
cheers to the Hunters in order to be freed or ward them off.
In detailed Itinerary:
12:00pm – 12:30 pm:

Mass briefing to all on safety & general itinerary of the day.
Separate into groups, Facilitators to sit in the lead while children are ‘posted’ behind their
respective facilitators.
Personal Packs to be given out to Facilitators i.e. Maps/logs needed to be given out to
Introduce the story board of the journey : Explain their roles (To be done by Nabil)


Guardian Angels




Give out instructions about the task sheet for the day, their choice of routes, Prize presentation
info. Children MUST complete the tasks with facilitator and volunteers as they sight see. As a
team, they have to accomplish as many task as they can. Facilitators make sure everyone uses
the perm marker to write their names on the piece of masking tape and paste it on their

12:30 pm – 1:00 pm:
Icebreakers: Important for the children to get to each other and forge a bond between facilitator and
volunteers. Group must be in a circle at all times when doing activities so that they do not obstruct the
public path ways.
A. Simple Introduction/Name memory Game/ Whacko/Name your 3 favorite things/Fruit
B. Brainstorm for a group name. The name must be in the following format (Adjective+Animal, e.g.
Brave Lion or Speedy Cheetah)
C. Must use this time to come up with a group cheer
1:30 pm – 2:00 pm:
A. Mascot competition
Remarks: Refer to instructions 1
2:00 pm – 3:30 pm:
A. Complete Task Sheet of 2 major activities 2 in between walking and sight-seeing
B. Move from one enclosure to another enclosure – facilitators to be tour guides. Can take the tram
too for faster movement.
Remarks: Facilitators are not required to visit ALL exhibits or enclosures. Let the kids decide TWO
main exhibits/enclosures they want to visit. It is at these TWO places where the major activities
have to be carried out IMMEDIATELY upon arrival. Once activity is completed, the kids can view
the animals and other enclosures, if time permits.
C. Every major activities are given 30 minutes to complete. The breakdown for time per activity is as
a. 15 mins for task,
b. 5 mins for debrief on task,
c. 10 mins for movement



Refer to Appendix E
Refer to Appendix C : Logistics

3:30pm – 4:00pm: Elephants of Asia show!
4:00 pm – 4:45 pm: Groups assemble at Picnic Site or Pavillion neat Elephants of Asia for debrief, prize
4:45 pm – 5:15 pm: Everyone head towards the exit/entrance of the Zoo to board the bus and head
5:15 pm – 6:00 pm: All to board the bus and head home. Pick up point – KFC next to ticketing counter.
Drop off point – Blk 22 Chai Chee
6pm: Children will be escorted to their individual homes

Activities and Games with Suggested Debriefing points
1. Create a clan mascot (1:30pm – 2:00pm)
a. Since the venue is at the zoo, each clan is required to combine 2 animal features and
give it a name. (E.g: Lion+Fish = Merlion)
b. At least one of the animals have to represent their group name
c. 10 extra points will be rewarded, if the protectors appoints a villager (volunteers) and
not one of them to be the mascot.
d. Protectors are to use ONLY the materials provided in the activity pack.
e. The ‘hunters’ (YUSRA Programmers) will judge and decide on the best costume, but this
will only be announced at the end of the journey
f. Facilitators are supposed to be remind them on the importance of their mascot
i. Because it represents their identity, values, treasures, honour
 E.g.: Red for Bravery or Cheetah: Fast and Hardworking etc. *HELP THEM
ii. Marks will be deducted if hunters (YUSRA Programmers) were to damage/steal
any part of the mascot AT ANY PART OF THE JOURNEY
iii. The game score will be awarded by facilitators BASED on how well they explain
their design and NOT the design itself.
g. Facilitators to keep prompting protectors why they choose their design to be that way
and what it represents (courage, bravery etc). This is to ensure that the mascot is
purposeful and symbolic and not just a walking sculpture.
h. If they score 45 in total for this game, they get 2 clues for password that will be needed
for the last game. If they score lower than 45, they will only get 1 clue.
i. 2 CLUES: ‘2015’ and ‘A’
j. 1 CLUE: ‘2015’

Making a skipping rope using rubber bands (2:00pm – 2:30pm)

Protectors are given 15 minutes at this task
After which, ALL protectors and villagers have to jump rope




The number of times they successfully jump (until 15 mins is up) will be the marks they
achieve at this station
i. To get FULL 10 POINTS, all members INCLUDING Volunteers (except facilitators),
must complete 10 continuous jumps.
Suggested Debrief points (Facilitators and Volunteers are encouraged to add on to these
i. Ask them what they learn from this task (team work, patience etc)
ii. Process of joining the bands represents establishing friendship with others. It is not
easy in the beginning but friendships must be established to achieve tasks in life.
Rubber bands when are tied together are unbreakable and can be used for many
things. Same are friendships and teamwork, the stronger the bond in a team, the
more unbreakable they are and can complete unimaginable tasks.
iii. Involving everyone to participate in this task represents that all members are
important. No one should be left out or left behind. All of us have different
strengths and weakness. Some are stronger/faster/braver than others but those we
must always help others and not be selfish with our own achievements
Ask them how could they improve next time or how they can improve their team
If they score 35 in total for this game, they get 2 clues for password that will be needed
for the last game. If they score lower than 35, they will only get 1 clue.
2 CLUES: ‘R’ and ‘U’
1 CLUE: ‘U’

Build a home for your mascot (2:30pm – 3:00pm)



Protectors are given 15 minutes at this task
Using all the art and craft materials in the activity pack, protectors have to build a home
for their mascot and justify the reasons for the features and structure. To stabilize the
structure, they can use straws and icecream sticks.
Get them to explain why their structure is suitable and will be comfortable for their
MAXIMUM game score will be awarded by facilitators BASED on how well they explain
their design.
Suggested debrief points:
i. Praise them and commend them for any praiseworthy conduct they displayed such
as taking initiative, being on task, good teamwork etc.
ii. If they displayed any inconsiderate behavior, do not remand them but ask them
questions that make them reflect on their behavior and team dynamics
iii. Get them to SAY THANK YOU to each other for the cooperation on finishing a
difficult task
If they score 35 in total for this game, they get 2 clues for password that will be needed
for the last game. If they score lower than 35, they will only get 1 clue.
2 CLUES: ‘Y’ and ‘S’
1 CLUE: ‘Y’


Save your new home! (3:00pm – 3:30pm)
a. Protectors have reached their new lands to live on.
b. But oh no! They found out that there is toxic water at this place. And if they don’t
remove this water, the whole zoo will explode!
c. Thus, they not only have to remove the water, they musn’t let it spill!
d. Use a rafia string to create a circle on the ground to represent the toxic waste radiation
zone. The larger the radiation zone, the more difficult the activity.
e. Place water bottle in the center of the radiation zone and fill it with water to represent
the toxic waste.
f. Place the neutralization zone 10m away. The greater the distance, the more difficult the
g. The kids must bring the toxic water to the neutralization zone and whisper to
Fazila/Syarfeena, the correct password – YUSRA 2015
h. If they don’t have enough clues, they have to bring back the bottle to their base but with
eyes closed (except 1 person). Upon reaching their base, they can open their eyes and
have to repeat step G. After this, Fazila/Syarfeena will give them clues for them to
discuss the password and whisper it back to them.
i. If they still get it wrong, they will have to repeat step H.
j. Video of how this game MAY LOOK LIKE: http://tiny.cc/toxiczoo
k. Suggested debrief points:
Ask them the most challenging part of the task
Speak methaphorically, what the does the bottle represent in life, what does the
toxic water represent, what does the strings represent
Sit in a circle, get them to praise their team members by using good attributes. For
example, “Thank you Johny, you helped us/me because you are very patient.”

Volunteers are like Mirrors to the kids. You are like a mentor for the day. You should be close to them,
be friendly with them and be likeable to them. So in any activity or any time of the day, volunteers are
to guide the kids and relate their experience to these 3 frameworks:




Since it’s their show, these kids also have to ‘protect’ you from getting ‘tagged’ by the hunters. Last but
not least, thank you so much for your help and I hope you have a blast tomorrow with the kids!

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