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and then in a flash was gone. In a burst of strength, the king grabbed The Android’s arm and
pulled him close, pressing his hot forehead to The Android’s cold one.
The Android saw Perseus in his mind. The king’s voice echoed with power, his words permeating
every thought in The Android’s head:
My dear friend, I knew you would come. My time is over, but yours is just
beginning. I have but moments; please hear me. Something old is awakening. A
darkness unlike any I have ever seen. I can feel Him, at the edges of my dreams,
full of rage and hatred. His destruction will end all if you do not stop him. Go,
with haste, to the world of Khenti-Amentiu, and prepare for the coming storm.
The galaxy owes you the greatest of debts, and will owe you much more before the
end. I cannot repay you, but I offer you my blessing. Take with you the title you
deserve. As King, I dub thee ATHLON, Champion Of Olympus. Let all who hear
this name know what you have done for my kingdom, and for our galaxy.
When The Android opened his eyes, Perseus’ family had returned. The king was weak and
exhausted, and The Android took his leave, knowing that now it was time for the private peace of
a dignified death. He left the king’s residence, still stunned at Perseus’ words. The title was a
great honor, but The Android’s thoughts were of the coming threat Perseus had spoken of.
Trumpets rang out from the Tower of Olympus, marking the death of the king. An era had
ended, and another had begun. It was time to go to Khenti-Amentiu, and find what Perseus had