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- D o p i n e p h r i n e -



IT was a time of celebration in the galaxy. The Indigo Priests were engaged in the Festival of Life,
a celebration of Maya, and her newly discovered family. More than half the civilized worlds in
the galaxy had agreed to recognize the festival, and Malachi had organized a network of Unity
Arches to connect the enclaves of priests spread across hundreds of planets. Athlon was in
attendance at Malachi’s monastery, above which the crystal clear image of the four Trees of Fate
remained a symbol of strength and hope for all who saw it.


Music was played, and the interplanetary celebrations were entering their second day. Maya
had agreed to address the citizens of the Dopinephrine Galaxy, and on each planet large groups
of people had gathered near their local Indigo monasteries to hear the Tree of Life’s words. For
many, it was the first time they had seen proof of the common legends, and an atmosphere of
excitement connected the people. As the time of Maya’s address approached, a hush ran
through the galaxy. Silence filled the air, and Maya’s image was broadcast across the stars.


Athlon hugged Malachi, who was close to tears of joy at the sight of Maya, her image shared
with all thanks to Malachi’s Unity Arches. He dabbed his eyes with a plain cloth, and waited for
Maya’s words.


A billion faces leaned forward, ready for the message of the Tree of Life. The image flickered, and
for a long moment there was nothing. Then, Maya’s image was blocked out as a group of
winged creatures appeared around her. They had heads, wings and talons like an eagle; their
bodies, back legs, and tails were like those of a lion. Athlon recognized them as griffins:
creatures from ancient myths told on Olympus. Athlon did not believe that they could be real.