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It was an android. Larger than Athlon, the second android was also much bulkier. His left arm
had been replaced with a large cannon, and his body was a few shades darker than Athlon’s. The
warrior android came gliding towards Athlon, who forced himself to his feet. He saw bodies
littering the streets, hundreds dead from the griffin’s shocking attack. Athlon rose into the air to
meet the second android, who laughed with hateful glee. Coming face to face a few hundred
feet above the city, the second android spoke, calling himself Agamemnon and declaring Athlon
an enemy of the Olympus Empire. He leveled his cannon at Athlon, and shot him with a blast of
dark energy that shook Athlon’s innards. Athlon’s vision blurred, and his systems began going
offline. The light went out of his eyes, and he plummeted back towards the ground in a free fall.
Athlon lost consciousness just before hitting the ground.



Athlon blinked. He was in a dark room, with walls of stone. Voices echoed around the room, but
Athlon’s head was spinning and he couldn’t make them out. He tried to stand, but fell with a
thud. Someone helped him up, and he sat on a stone ledge carved into the wall. Inside Athlon’s
head, subroutines went about the process of repairing residual damage in the Android’s brain.
Athlon’s vision came into focus, and he found that he was looking at Malachi. Athlon put one
hand on his dear friend’s shoulder, glad he had not been killed in the attack.


Malachi explained that Athlon had been unconscious for just over a month. The high priest had
brought Athlon deep into the caverns below the monastery, and spent the past weeks reading
everything he could about automaton life, while studying Athlon’s remarkable construction.
Agamemnon’s cannon had fired a blast of bass matter, an unpredictable type of weapon that
had been outlawed centuries earlier because of its uncontrollable nature. When the bass matter
met the treble matter that formed much of Athlon’s body, it had instantly deactivated him.
Malachi was only able to bring Athlon back online after days of working to remove the residual
bass matter in the Android’s systems.


Malachi’s face fell. He told Athlon that almost a thousand people had been murdered by the
griffins, including more than a third of the priests studying at Malachi’s monastery. Athlon’s
gaze fell to the floor.