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- Dopinephrine -

Dopinephrine Classic: Rhythm And Poetry
OLYMPUS thrived for hundreds of millions of years before trouble arose. The possibility of civil
war reared its ugly head as the High Pantheon descended into a squabble for power. For the first
time, The Saphyre Age and Olympus itself were in grave danger.
As hope dwindled, the Council of Apollo revealed a prophecy: a pair of saviors, strengthened by
a bond of true love, would rescue the galaxy. Forged in the spirit of Olympus’ dedication to
knowledge and peace, a hero emerged (as heroes often do) during the darkest days of the
Dopinephrine Galaxy. His name was Rhythm, and his story is legend. He made a thousand-year
pilgrimage to the Ares Clef, meeting the love of his life during his travels. He took Poetry as his
bride, and they completed the journey together, composing music as a pair to play on the Ares
Clef when they arrived. Rhythm and Poetry played these thirty songs on the strings of reality,
flowing throughout the kingdom, and their work brought the galaxy back from the brink of war.
A renewed Olympus celebrated as one, reunified by Rhythm and Poetry’s love and music. They
remain the greatest heroes in the Dopinephrine Galaxy’s long history, and are enshrined
together in Olympus, held in a tomb made of pure gold. They were laid to rest wrapped in a
sacred shroud woven in the Dopinephrine Nebula by the Titans themselves. Connected to the
music of the Ares Clef through the shroud, it is believed that Rhythm and Poetry watch over the
galaxy, their genius and passion remaining vigilant, protecting the Ares Clef and the music
played through it for all time.