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Love Your Hair Publication

Featured Monthly

Issue #1, June 2015

Upcoming events:
June 2015:
12th: Temple at The Northside

Receive 15% off all Adidas
footwear for the month of June

13th: Art Opening of "Jill
Cleary: Small Distances" at
Galaxie Northside, during
Northside’s Second Saturdays,
19th: Converse Skate
Demo/Cookout at the
Newport DIY starting at 6pm
until dark. After Party
at The Northside Tavern
featuring Electric Citizen
20th: Premiere of Zach
Gerberick’s video “Take A Seat”
at Galaxie Northside, 8pm.
Going away party, 6-10pm

Galaxie Northside:
4202 Hamilton Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45223

Galaxie Newport:
625 Monmouth Street
Newport, KY 41071

21st: International Go
Skateboarding Day:
Galaxie Skateshop Presents
Annual Metal and Eggs at
the Newport DIY, 10-2pm

July 2015: Northside Rock’n’Roll Carnival,
Northside 4th of July Parade, Northside Second
Saturdays Art Opening at Galaxie Northside tbd

Love Your Hair Publication

Issue #1, June 2015

Instrument Skateboards “Baad Booys” Series, by Andy Licardi
coming soon in the month of June, “collect them all”!

Zac Coyne is a Baad Booy

Love Your Hair Publication

Issue #1, June 2015

Artist Profile: Jill Cleary
We are all very excited for Jill Cleary’s upcoming Art show “Jill
Cleary: Small Distances” at Galaxie Northside. The opening is
this Saturday, June 13th from 6-10pm. Jill is an amazing, talented
woman that we’ve all known for many years. She is a true
friend to all of us, who has offered her unique abilities to the
skateboarding community in so many ways. From working as
the sales rep for Cincinnati’s local board brand Instrument
Skateboards to working behind the counter at Galaxie to
keeping morale high during #lettheboysbetour to working at
Able Projects, a local artist/creative collective that has very
deep roots in both skateboarding and art. Come out to her
show, have a glass of Rossi, meet Jill in person and get to know
a little about the artist herself with her words below. Personally,
I don’t know what I’d do without her –Don
Born in Lima, Peru. Was adopted by my parents and moved to
Waldwick, New Jersey. After that, moved to Cincinnati, Ohio
where I lived until I graduated high school. More moving after
that. This time to New York City in 2008 and I recently returned
to Ohio last spring in 2014.
I studied Fine Arts at the School of Visual Arts. I lived on
Lexington Ave in Manhattan for a short period of time before I
moved to Brooklyn. I Graduated in 2012 and received my BFA,
and started working for a design studio in New Jersey. After
moving around Brooklyn for a number of years I decided to
move back to Cincinnati. Although I had frequently visited
“home,” and kept a lot of the same friends, Ohio seemed like a
completely different place compared to when I had left.
When I started studying at SVA, my primary focus was
painting. Due to the incredible amount of creative influence I
experienced while living in New York, I began to experiment
with other forms of creativity. I enjoyed experiencing the
feeling of being a single being in a web of so many others,
which has become a huge influence in my work thus far.
The body of work that I have developed over the past handful
of years focuses on the process of identifying myself in certain
places, both in time and in physical locations. By using maps
and other architectural references, I aim to illustrate the
connection between places I’ve been, the organization of
memories I’ve created and the events of finding my way to
where I am now. –Jill


Love Your Hair Publication

Issue #1, June 2015

“Corey’s Cubby”
Music, Books, Writing, Life
Art Blakey and the Messengers – Moanin’
According to the Nielson ratings for 2014, jazz and
classical music account for only 1.4 percent of all
music consumed in the U.S.. That’s heartbreaking
news for the only quintessential American born
music. If there is ever an album to change the idea
people have of jazz, to change the notion that
everything considered to be jazz music sounds like
Kenny G, that every piece of jazz music has to be big
bands with trumpet sections, that 12 minute songs
are too long, Moanin' is the album to do that. We
could have started with Kind of Blue by Miles Davis,
arguably the best jazz album ever recorded, but let’s
just jump right in to Moaning’.
John Fahey - The Transfiguration of Blind Joe Death
If you've talked to me about music in the past few
months, then this is a name you’ve already heard. John
Fahey, who incidentally started Takoma Records in the
late 1950s simply because he wasn't sure how to go
about getting a record, sold much of his folk music out
of the back of his trunk. He had the same story we hear
from so many musicians, with the alcohol, the broken
marriages and the living in motels and squalor for the
final years of their lives. Fahey even had to sell his
guitars to make enough money to eat later in life. I
don't know what else to say. Just take a listen.

Steve Reich – “Four Organs”
I am a proponent for all kinds of music. There is nothing
worse than people saying good music was only made in the
60s and 70s or that country music isn't music or that rap
music isn't anything but misogynists talking into a
microphone. There has been good music made every single
decade, in every single year, by artists in every single genre.
Now, with that being said, Steve Reich's “Four Organs” is not
for every one but don't let that turn you off to an amazing
composer. One of his other works, “Music for 18 Musicians”,
is a seminal piece of music everyone should hear at least
once. But back to “Four Organs.” This piece is essentially the
same chord played over and over again by four different
musicians, including Brian Eno on the original track, while
gradually increasing the duration in which the chord is
played from a single 1/8 note up to 200 beats at the end.
On a side note, a 1973 performance of the piece at Carnegie
Hall caused an actual riot. People were yelling for the music
to stop while others were clapping trying to throw off the
bear and one woman even walked to the front of hall and
began banging her head on the stage while pleading with the
musicians to stop playing.
Like I said, this piece of music isn't for everyone. Either way,
you should listen and decide for yourself.

Waiting for the Barbarians


J.M. Coetzee
Surrounding The Empire are small colonial towns that exist for the sole purpose of pushing the boundaries of The Empire
ever farther, expanding the reach of The Empire into the fertile grounds all around it. But when rumors begin to pour in
that the indigenous people of the area, also known as Barbarians to the people of The Empire, a magistrate is sent to one of
the colonial towns to oversee the arrival of a vast number of The Empire's troops. Eventually the troops capture some of
the Barbarians, torture them and kill many of them before returning to The Empire to ask for backup against the
impending assault. But as soon as they leave the magistrate questions the legitimacy of the imperialism and the harsh
treatment of the Barbarians.
Who exactly are the Barbarians? The people protecting their land from The Empire or The Empire itself?


Love Your Hair Publication

Galaxie Word Search

Issue #1, June 2015

Contest #1

Complete this caption from Twin
Peaks, with anything you’d like. Best
caption, chosen by Zach Kincaid &
Corey Gibson wins a free pair of Huf
Plant Life socks. Submit all entries to
thegalaxieskateshop@gmail.com by
June 31.

Personal Assistant, needed for
planning, event preparation, and
event execution. Must be 21 and will
be compensated in good times and a
false sense of accomplishment.

Notes from the Editor:

Graphic Designer, needed to make
The Galaxie Monthly, every month. 3
years experience in graphic design
skateboarding required. Will be
compensated in good times and a
false sense of accomplishment.

Disclaimer: The following two ads on the right are phony, unless you really can survive on good times, a false
sense of accomplishment, and the occasional Comet burrito and tequila sol. In that case you’re hired for life!

However, The Galaxie Monthly is by our community, for our
community, with a strong desire to include content any of you
come up with. For future issues we will increase content to
include “Randy & Scott’s Concrete Corner” (all things DIY),
skater profiles, more skate content, spot checks, horoscopes,
cartoons, and many more. If you have a desire to be a part of
this monthly publication in any way please contact
thegalaxieskateshop@gmail.com. You all make us so proud,

cheers! -Don

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