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Title: Persona 3 -- Last Chance
Author: aDistantYume

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Persona 3 -- Last Chance
aDistantYume (2015)
Tags: StoryMaster, FanFiction.Net

Individually, they fell to a tragic fate. With broken memories,
they start at the beginning yet again. Somehow, Minato and
Minako have come to exist in the same world, and they set off
on their journey down a familiar path. Can they save both
themselves and the ones they hold dear?

Persona 3 -- Last Chance


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On: 6/10/2015
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Table of Contents
1. Chapter 00: The Third
2. Chapter 01: Awaken
3. Chapter 02: A Welcoming
4. Chapter 03: Dual
5. Chapter 04: Havoc
6. Chapter 05: SEES
7. Chapter 06: Leadership
8. Chapter 07: Tenacity
9. Chapter 08: Partner
10. Chapter 09: An Interlude
11. Chapter 10: Priestess
12. Chapter 11: Passing Time
13. Chapter 12: Disappearance
14. Chapter 13: Vulnerable

15. Chapter 14: The ? and the Empress

1. Chapter 00: The Third
Last Chance
Chapter 00: The Third
The first came as a young male. At first indifferent to all, he
led others to challenge the impossible and created nothing
short of a miracle.
His victory was short-lived. His reward was a power to use in
an eternal struggle to protect all those he held dear.
The second came as a young female. With an optimistic and
cheerful outlook, she led others out of the shadows as a
beacon of hope.
Her end was nothing short of tragic. The tears her friends
shed pushed her to hold back the never ending threat.
Igor stared forward into the empty space in front of him. The
Velvet Room was quiet as he contemplated the situation
alone. Despite having always given the impression of knowing
all to his guests, this was certainly a surprise he was not
prepared for. He had seen potential in the first, and the path
the first had followed was as expected, and Igor did not

expect much more than that. However, his assistant's
endeavors to save the poor soul had disrupted the clear vision
he had. Time had somehow repeated itself, and yet the
details changed before his eyes. The second came before him
and showed him just as much potential as the first. Seeing yet
another bearer of the Wild Card intrigued him to no end for
the reason that all that could even remotely surprise him
involved the Wild Card. Even though the details had changed
and the bonds were altered, the end result was the same, and
yet another Wild Card bearer had fallen to a tragic fate.
But it did not stop there.
Igor watched as the world return to the beginning once again.
The same year wished to play out a third time, and even he
wasn't sure what would change, if anything, this time around.
Did the world wish to continue feeding these pitiful souls to the
same fate over and over again? It would have been horribly
depressing to see it all had he not been as collected as he
always was.
This time, however, Igor could sense a much more drastic
change in the world.
It was at that moment that he raised his head as if he had
heard something in the otherwise silent Velvet Room. A smile
crept onto the bizarre old man's face, and his bulging,
bloodshot eyes seemed to glint with just the slightest bit of
excitement. While there was still no one else there, he
motioned his hand as if welcoming someone into the room.

"Welcome to the Velvet Room. My name is Igor, I am
delighted to make your acquaintances. I do believe I have
never seen a case like this before. The bearers of the Wild
Card have all been intriguing to watch as they come before
me one by one. But...this time, not only do we meet again
after our contract has ended, you will no longer show yourself
one at a time? Perhaps that is best, as we all know you will
need all the help you can get for the difficult road ahead."
Igor let out a low chuckle as the smile on his face grew even
wider with an almost sickening interest.
"Now, let me draw up the contracts for the both of you again.
And remember..."
There was an almost painful pause as Igor's piercing gaze
continued to stare forward at nothing.
"Assume responsibility for the choices you make...but I am
sure you know by now. I look forward to what you have in
store this time around. I am sure it will be quite the
As if on cue, the Velvet Room door opened.
"'Til we meet again..."
.::|| I recently got Persona 3 Portable and was motivated to
try and create a story for this great game. I played the
original Persona 3, so I gladly welcomed the female main

character addition because it added a different perspective. I
spent a lot of time writing this because I wasn't sure how I
wanted their memories to work. I hope that my writing doesn't
have too many problems in it, haha. Anyways, I hope you
enjoyed this opening prologue, or Chapter 00 as I called it.
The first chapter will probably be out soon, but after that I
need to start planning even more how I will fit the events on
particular dates into the story so it doesn't seem like a
complete mess.

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