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Persona 4: Revolution
xPrismatics (2015)
Tags: StoryMaster, FanFiction.Net

(Slight AU) Yuna Narukami arrives in the small town of Inaba,
expecting a dull year in a boring town. What she gets is a
series of perplexing murders, a chaotic group of friends, and a
mysterious organization who know more about her power than
they let on. Now she must learn to balance high school and
the fate of the world, all for some long nosed man in a limo.
(P4 GenBen/P3P)

Persona 4: Revolution


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On: 6/10/2015
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Table of Contents
1. Prologue: The Velvet Room
2. Chapter 1: Welcome to Inaba
3. Chapter 2: Voice of the Fog
4. Chapter 3: The Man With the Gopher Teeth
5. Chapter 4: Your Junes
6. Chapter 5: The Midnight Channel
7. Chapter 6: The Bear in the Television
8. Chapter 7: The Moon and the Emperor
9. Chapter 8: The Death of Senpai
10. Chapter 9: Izanagi and Ninja Disco Frog
11. Chapter 10: Downtime
12. Chapter 11: Primetime
13. Chapter 12: A Castle for a Prince
14. Chapter 13: Shadow Chao

15. Chapter 14: Emi Akiyama
16. Chapter 15: Castle Guard Dog
17. Chapter 16: Cage for a Pheonix
18. Chapter 17: Swim Practice
19. Chapter 18: The Mansion
20. Chapter 19: The Best Laid Plans
21. Chapter 20: Master of the Strings
22. Chapter 21: Of Promises and Beef Bowls
23. Chapter 22: Tatsumi Textiles
24. Chapter 23: The Beauty and the Fox
25. Chapter 24: The Crystal Spa
26. Chapter 25: The Beautiful Mistress
27. Chapter 26: The Beauty and Her Beast
28. Chapter 27: Speculation
29. Chapter 28: Her Only Chance
30. Chapter 29: Camping Trip
31. Chapter 30: Just a Pushover

32. Chapter 31: Rize the Superstar
33. Chapter 32: Connection
34. Chapter 33: The Club
35. Chapter 34: All About Me
36. Chapter 35: Blissful Ignorance
37. Chapter 36: Coincidence
38. Chapter 37: One Can Always Wish

1. Prologue: The Velvet Room
Author's Notes: Welcome to one of the biggest projects I have
ever attempted; Persona 4: Revolution!
It's been a long time since I've posted anything on this
website, and- after completely revamping my username and
essentially restarting my account- I've finally written enough to
post. I've been wanting to write a Persona fan fiction for a
very long time, and I got the amazing opportunity to work
along side a wonderful artist friend of mine who helped me
turn these incredible characters to their alternate genders.
Originally it was just going to be a Persona 4 retelling, but as I
started to write it, I knew I wanted to bring in aspects from
Persona 3 Portable (specifically, the female protagonist
route). In this end, this story has become more of an
expansive series that I really hope you readers enjoy as much
as I have writing it.
I will be posting once a week on Monday afternoons, and
from now on any important author notes will be moved to the
end of chapters instead of the beginning.
I hope you enjoy!

The Velvet Room
The gentle hum of an engine roused her from her sleep like
the nudges of a parent on their sleeping child, soft as to not
startle them, but firm enough to pull them from their slumber.
The seat beneath her shuddered slightly as the car passed
over a rough patch of gravel, but a moment later the car
resumed its smooth travel. Unlike the bumpy, uneven ground
they had just passed, her seat was surprisingly fluffy and
comfortable- she enjoyed it quite a bit. For a moment, all she
wanted to do was curl up and fall back asleep in the
comfortable silence.
Then she remembered that she had fallen asleep on a train.
Her eyes snapped open and she flung herself upright. The first
thing she saw was the color blue, and a moment later she
realized that everything around her was that same velvety
color. In fact, the room itself was completely saturated in the
color, so much so that it was almost overwhelming. The silky
carpet was seemed to glitter just slightly as pale blue light
shimmered on it from the sun roof embedded in the ceiling.
Intricate swirls of silver metal filled in the far half of the ceiling
like flames bursting from the back of the light. To her left was
a windowed storage case with a varied assortment of wine
glasses and bottles that looked like they had been stolen from
a fancy restaurant. To her right was an elegant couch that
continued all the way to the front of the space. Thick,
Obscuring curtains were draped along the top of the wall,

pulled back from the side window to show the full splendor of
the dense and mysterious fog outside.
"Welcome," A voice said erupted from the silence, startling
her from her quiet observations. "to the Velvet Room."
In front of her behind a small circular table sat an elderly man,
head bent forward like he was in some kind of prayer, though
his extraordinarily long nose was perched on top of his hands.
Ghostly white hair fell from the side of his head, tucked behind
his massive pointy ears. The top of his head, however, was
bald, as if the rest of his delicate hair had gone to filling in the
giant, black eyebrows. A black suit covered his thin body, with
a pair of clean white gloves covering hands that she imagined
were as bony as the rest of him. He raised his head to meet
her gaze. She could barely see the beady pupils in white of
his eyes, but the grin he gave her was enough to tell her that
he knew something she didn't.
"It seems," He continued, choosing to ignore her confusion.
"we have a guest with an intriguing destiny." He chuckled,
folding his hands underneath his chin. "My name is Igor. I am
delighted to make your acquaintance."
She stared at him, unsure of how she should be feeling. A
small voice in her head told her she should be afraid, but
instead of fear, all she could feel was curiosity in what this
strange man had to say. Maybe the extraordinary overuse of
blue in the decor had a calming effect on her. "Velvet room?
She whispered, surprised when her voice cracked.

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