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Title: Rise of the Wardens
Author: FalconHawk

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Rise of the Wardens
http://storymaster.the-code-monkey.com/ (2015)
Tags: StoryMaster, FanFiction.Net

The fifth blight has come! And now all the races of Ferelden
must unite if they are to survive. Under the leadership of an
inexperienced young Dalish hunter, the Grey Wardens must
dethrone the usurper, Loghain, defeat the darkspawn horde,
kill the archdemon, and survive each other... Easy right?
Wrong! (Features all Wardens except Surana. I do my best to
keep it original.)

Rise of the Wardens


Produced By: http://storymaster.the-code-monkey.com
On: 6/10/2015
Retrieved For: thisseatiscold@ymail.com
Story URL: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8920204/

Table of Contents
1. New Recruits
2. Into the Wilds
3. The Battle of Ostagar
4. Lothering
5. Warden Mage
6. Cleansing the Circle
7. Day Off
8. Redcliffe
9. Demon Hunters
10. Ambushed!
11. Daughter of the Dalish
12. Lunch Inturrupted
13. Denerim
14. Sneaks and Assassins

15. Finding the Dalish
16. Secrets of the Forest
17. Showdown
18. A Berserker is Born
19. No More Secrets
20. Shadows from the Past
21. Brother
22. Remember
23. What is Truth?
24. Trouble in Orzammar
25. Casteless Rising
26. The Beauty of Dust Town
27. Complications
28. Legionnaire
29. All or Nothing
30. A Crown for a King
31. One Step Closer

32. Childhood Dream
33. No Safe-Haven in Haven
34. Solo Warden
35. Reaver Madness
36. Trial of the Gauntlet
37. A Fight to Remember
38. Love and Hate
39. Return to Redcliffe
40. Rage
41. Wrath of the Elves
42. Another Day Off
43. Fang
44. Forming a Plan
45. Vengeance!
46. Escape
47. Succession
48. Betrayal

49. The Landsmeet
50. Dark Secret
51. Dark Ritual
52. Reunions
53. The Battle of Denerim (part 1)
54. The Battle of Denerim (part 2)
55. The End of the Blight
56. Aftermath
57. Epilogue - The Last Hurrah
58. What if - Eebon and Endrin
59. What if - Kylae's Kill

1. New Recruits
Endrin followed Duncan through the camp with wide eyes. She
had never seen so many humans before, and even without the
humans there was so much for her to take in. The remaining
stone structures, while badly in disrepair were very grand to
say the least. Endrin was forced to admit to herself that the
humans seemed be far more orderly than she had anticipated.
Everything seemed to be in its own place, and everyone
seemed to know perfectly well where they were going or what
they were supposed to be doing.
Most of the soldiers and other humans paid little enough
attention to Endrin beyond a passing glance or simple nod,
some however stared openly, others gawked at the bold
tattoo that covered most of her face, stylized, twisting halla
antlers to symbolize Ghilan'nain, Mother of the Halla, and an
arrow rising up through the middle to symbolize Andruil,
Goddess of the Hunt. Endrin only found the staring to be
mildly disturbing. She was a Dalish after all, and from what
she had gathered from the few humans she had met during
her life, most of them considered her people to be little more
than modern myth, if they believed the Dalish existed at all.
Beside her, Duncan pointed to a man with a young looking
face and short cut blond hair. "That is Alistair, another of my
Grey Wardens. Go speak with him, and he will show you

around the camp and answer any other questions you may
have. Tell him that I have a meeting with Teyrn Loghain and
King Cailan, and I will be with you all shortly."
"As you wish." Endrin complied. She was somewhat relieved
to be away from Duncan, even if it was only for a short time.
While she couldn't find it in herself to hate him, she certainly
had no love for the man who had torn her away from her clan.
The other human, Alistair, didn't seem to notice her
approaching, not even when she stopped directly in front of
him. Endrin cocked an eyebrow, then said, "Hello?" in what
she hoped was a friendly sounding voice.
Alistair blinked a couple times, then looked down at Endrin
and said, "Oh... sorry about that, guess you caught me
daydreaming... how embarrassing!"
Endrin continued to stare at him, not sure of what to say.
Somewhat awkwardly, Alistair said, "So, you must be the new
recruit that Duncan said he was bringing. Funny, but he never
mentioned you would be a Dalish, or a woman for that matter.
I've never known a woman Grey Warden."
Now Endrin was somewhat offended, "And just what does all
that mean, shemlen? Do you have a problem with Dalish, or
"No, no!" Alistair said quickly, "Not at all! I'm sorry, I didn't
mean for it to come out that way. I was just surprised that's

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