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was unlike anything they had ever seen. And so he had slept.
But soon enough they would come again and he would ask
them to bear him from this place. He would tell them that he
wished to die beneath the trees.
This had been a fool's errand. Struggling onto an elbow,
Daylen Amnell stared into the mists. Where they had come
from he could not say, what may be lurking there unseen he
almost feared to. She stirred beside him, the elf, Neria
Surana. Her jaw hung slack, broken, but still she held his
gaze, slowly shaking her head. He had not even caught a
glimpse of whatever had attacked them, but Jowan had fled
quick enough. Jowan. As the mists thickened round them, he
took Surana's hand.
So. It had come to this. The tunnels had seemed unending,
Beraht's underlings swarming out of every crack, from
beneath every stone. But Natia Brosca had cut them down.
She paused now, the chamber opening bright and cool, the
dwarf at its center smirking to see her there. Still there were
so many, so many left between her and him. Again she took
up the dance, caring nothing for the weight of them against
her blades, for the sting of their blood in her eyes. But more
and more they came, always more. As the gash opened
behind her knee she stumbled, blinking up at that still-smiling
face as Beraht drove his own blade home.
Kallian Tabris let her eyes fall shut, listening to the deep and
sucking sounds of her own breath. Already it was straining,
thin and wheezing. But still she could feel their hands. She had
killed many humans this day, but Vaughan's guards… they