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Author: Musicalrain

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Truly Existing
Musicalrain (2015)
Tags: StoryMaster, FanFiction.Net

I get wrapped up in the Blight after being forcefully
transported to Thedas, and try, unsuccessfully, to keep it
together. Things don't always go as they're supposed to.
Rated a hard T for violence and language. A self insert into
DA:O events. Includes OCs, non-canon party members, and
non-Warden cameos of the other origins. Main pairing: SI
(Karie)/M!Tabris (Sloane). AU.

Truly Existing


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On: 6/10/2015
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Table of Contents
1. Chapter 1
2. Chapter 2
3. Chapter 3
4. Chapter 4
5. Chapter 5
6. Chapter 6
7. Chapter 7
8. Chapter 8
9. Chapter 9
10. Chapter 10
11. Chapter 11
12. Chapter 12
13. Chapter 13
14. Chapter 14

15. Chapter 15
16. Chapter 16
17. Chapter 17
18. Chapter 18
19. Chapter 19
20. Chapter 20
21. Chapter 21
22. Chapter 22
23. Chapter 23
24. Chapter 24
25. Chapter 25
26. Chapter 26
27. Chapter 27
28. Chapter 28
29. Chapter 29
30. Chapter 30
31. Chapter 31

32. Chapter 32
33. Chapter 33
34. Chapter 34
35. Chapter 35
36. Chapter 36
37. Chapter 37
38. Chapter 38
39. Chapter 39
40. Chapter 40
41. Chapter 41
42. Chapter 42
43. Chapter 43
44. Chapter 44
45. Chapter 45
46. Chapter 46
47. Chapter 47
48. Chapter 48

49. Chapter 49
50. Chapter 50
51. Chapter 51
52. Chapter 52
53. Chapter 53
54. Chapter 54

1. Chapter 1
Truly Existing
A/N: I've been playing around with stories with this same
basis (un-published) for both the fandoms I write for, and I
think I've narrowed down what I want to do enough to write
this! It's a self-insert into DA:O events, but not with my real
name (have to follow some of the site's rules).
I wake up screaming and crying – the crying has happened a
few times before, but not the screaming. I'm deafening myself
with just how ear-piercing those screams are, but that's not
what has my attention, rather it is the pain. Pain unlike
anything I've felt before, and I've dislocated my jaw a few
times, is positively surging through by body enough to blind
and numb me to my entire surroundings. I can't pinpoint the
source of this burning, frazzling sensation, nor can I make
sense of it all. I was just asleep in my bed, but now... now
there's only this, this pain, and I cannot even think coherently
through the blanketing, suffocating sensation. Why is
becoming a prevalent thought though – why is this happening,
why is it still happening? It is dark when I open my eyes, but
there's a subtle shimmer to it. Something I can't quite explain,
and something I'm unsure if it's really there. Am I hallucinating

all of this? Am I stuck in a nightmare again? Have I slept
walked and hurt myself by accident? The sleep walking and
the chronic nightmares haven't happened since I was small,
but what else am I supposed to think? The pain, it's still there
– it's letting up, or I'm burning out, but it's still there.
I don't know how long that finite point of barely thinking, barely
comprehending, yet surging with terrible sensation lasts for,
but eventually there's nothing my body's focused on other than
that darkness with the shimmer. What is it? Why is it there?
The shimmer, it seems to be... adhering itself to my very
flesh, making it shimmer in turn. It's red, the shimmer, redness
in black... like webs. Tendrils of inky red snake up and bind to
my skin, tattooing it in a barely discernible shine in this
darkness. A glimmer here and there is all I see of this redness
time and time again, but it's growing, spreading, covering all I
can see of the parts of my body not covered by my pajama
pants and t-shirt, and further beyond. I'm covered, I know I
am, I can see that much and I wonder if this was my saving
grace from that horrible, horrible pain. Did this redness take it
away? Or perhaps it's what caused it in the first place, and I
can longer feel it as it embeds into my body.
It stops – it stops being just in the line of my sight, and is now
completely on me, and with that the darkness fades. The
redness on my body brings about the light – sound, touch,
smell, it all returns to me jarringly. Suddenly, so suddenly it's a
shock to the system, I can see and have all my faculties
returned to me in what seems an impossibly fast and
consuming moment in time. I'm laying on something hard,

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