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Author: Kiiam

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Two Fools In One Deck
Kiiam (2015)
Tags: StoryMaster, FanFiction.Net

Pick a card. Any card. Two fools chosen to embark on a
journey together. Two guests with the potential to safeguard
the future. Where will that future lead them? Where will they
end up? Come and join us. It should be interesting to find out.

Two Fools In One Deck


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On: 6/10/2015
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Table of Contents
1. Prologue: Two Fools
2. Chapter 1: Awakening
3. Chapter 2: SEES
4. Chapter 3: Leader
5. Chapter 4: Tartarus
6. Chapter 5: Bonds
7. Chapter 6: Social Links
8. Chapter 7: After Class
9. Chapter 8: Tagalong
10. Chapter 9: Ordeal
11. Chapter 10: Priestess
12. Chapter 11: Questions
13. Chapter 12: Thebel
14. Chapter 13: Circumstances

15. Chapter 14: Midterms

1. Prologue: Two Fools
Disclaimer: I don't own Persona.
A/N: Well, here we go. I've been planning this for a while and
its something I always wanted to do. Talked a lot with The
Infamous Man regarding this fic and I'm grateful for the
helping hand he's lent me in the development of this. Let's get
...But before I do, I'd like to point out a couple things. I know
most of you are probably rolling your eyes at the prospect of
another author's attempt to novelize the entirety of Persona 3.
I know there's already a handful of fics like it on the site. Even
still, I love the Persona series and want to take a shot at it.
So, here's some things to know about this fic:
1) Both Protagonists are included in this fic. MaleMc and
FemMc. Named Minato Arisato and Hamuko Runako
respectively. They ARE NOT RELATED and they will NOT BE
2) Both are Wild Cards. Both are guests of the Velvet Room.
Each will have their own set of Social Links. Some might even
be new.
I believe that should do for now. Anyone here still interested?

For those remaining, I hope you enjoy the story.
Prologue: Two Fools
"Welcome… to the Velvet Room…"
An old man with bulging eyes and a long nose smiles as he
seems to address someone who cannot be seen. He sits on a
couch with a table set in front of him. The entire room is blue,
and the couch and cloth that covers the table compliment that,
being the same dark hue as the room. Strangely though, if
one were to take a moment to look around they would notice
doors set off to the side of the room. Behind the strange old
man there is no wall, but a large gate with a large clock in the
middle of it. The room appears to be an elevator of some
sort, moving upwards at a fast pace…
"This is a place that exists between dream and reality, mind
and matter." The old man says. "My name… is Igor. I am
delighted to make your acquaintance."
Igor chuckles to himself, as if something has amused him.
"It has been years since we've had a guest… though two at
once is a rare thing indeed…"
As he says this, the strange man gestures to two pieces of
paper on the table in front of him.
"Both of you sign your names here, please."

Without a word, two figures whom the man appears to be
speaking to step forward and sign their names on the paper.
Igor glances down at the two parchments and nods, waving
his hand over them as he does. The two papers disappear.
"Thank you." Igor says with a smile. "The contracts you both
just signed state that the two of you will take full responsibility
for your actions. I am pleased that neither of you were
hesitant about accepting the terms and conditions. It says a
lot about you as people."
Igor chuckles again as his guests both nod. A deck of cards is
suddenly on the table.
"Do either of you believe in fortune telling?" Igor asks. "Each
reading is done with the same cards, yet the result is always
different. Now… why don't we see what fate is reflected in
the cards? Which of you would like to go first? Hm… let's
start with you."
All the cards fan out as Igor waves his hand over the deck,
never touching it. One card flips over.
"The Fool, in the upright position." Igor says with a smile.
"This card indicates the kind of person you are now. You are
free of worries. Free of burdens. You take pleasure in finding
out where life takes you. Of course, this also means you are
quite immature and naïve."
Another card flips over.

"Fitting that The Magician would follow, hm?" Igor chuckles.
"In the upright position, this card indicates growth and
progress. Maturity. Gaining strength to overcome life's trials
and a clear focus on your goals along with appreciating what
is in front of you. This shows what kind of person you will
become in the future. Now, about the kind of trials you will
A card flips over.
"The Moon, in the reversed position. When reversed this card
suggests fear and denial. The trials you will face will certainly
be difficult to face, but beware of your own delusions and
keep your emotions under control. You will be faced with pain
and heartache, but remember that actions have consequences
and decisions made based on fear or emotion are rarely any
good. But…"
The card in front of The Moon flips over.
"…Do not be discouraged. The Sun in the upright position is
proof of your capability to overcome your hardships." Igor
smiles, gesturing to the card. "This card represents
happiness. In time depression fades, enthusiasm merges with
experience, and you regain former optimism. If you persevere,
you will reach the light of a new day."
The cards shuffle themselves back into the tarot deck when
Igor waves his hand over them once again. His smile never
leaves his face.

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