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Title: Victory at Ostagar
Author: Arsinoe de Blassenville

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Victory at Ostagar
Arsinoe de Blassenville (2015)
Tags: StoryMaster, FanFiction.Net

When Bryce Cousland's little spitfire scaled the Tower of Ishal
and lit the beacon at the critical moment, King Cailan won a
mighty victory against the darkspawn. The Blight, however
was far from over. All other origins included, plus Hawke and
his companions. Cousland/Loghain, Morrigan/Anders,
Surana/Zevran, Fergus/Anora, and more. Half a million hits
and still going.

Victory at Ostagar

Arsinoe de Blassenville

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On: 6/10/2015
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Table of Contents
1. The Lightning Struck Tower
2. As the Sun Rises
3. Warlords of Ferelden
4. The Wardens' Pyre
5. King Cailan Holds High Revel
6. Brother and Sister
7. Farewell to Ostagar
8. Lothering: Pretty as a Painting
9. To the Manor Born
10. The Muster of Lothering
11. Spoiled Princesses
12. Circles Within Circles
13. The Water of Life
14. A Parting Glass

15. Nights of Redcliffe
16. Interlude by the Shores of Lake Calenhad
17. On the Road to The Hero's Rest
18. Queens and Knaves
19. In the Halls of the Dwarven Kings
20. Hearts of Stone
21. Cities of the Dead
22. The Last of the Paragons
23. Shield Walls and Siege Engines
24. A Rock and a Hard Place
25. Hands Across the Border
26. A Typical Night in Denerim
27. Dark Waters
28. House Cousland Against the World
29. The Way of Three Trees
30. Legends of the Stone
31. Secrets Laid Bare

32. Shadow of the Empire
33. The Mourning Bride
34. Asha'bellanar
35. Come Home With Me Tonight
36. To Visit the Queen
37. A Very Important Errand Girl
38. No One Harms Me With Impunity
39. Into the Wilds
40. Queen of Schemes, Queen of Swords
41. Adventures in the South
42. On the Trail of the White Wolf
43. Where the Dead Walk
44. An Ancient Gnarled Root
45. A Thousand Dangers
46. Testing the Alliance
47. King's Mountain
48. Funeral Games

49. High and Low
50. Matters of Honor
51. Arl Teagan of Redcliffe
52. Arrived today at the Village of Haven
53. The Air is Full of Gods
54. A Pinch of Ashes
55. Death in the Afternoon
56. Queen Rowan's BloodRed Gown
57. Winter is Coming
58. A Breathing Space
59. The 7th Day of Harvestmere, Pt 1
60. The 7th Day of Harvestmere, Pt 2
61. The Golden Bowl
62. Among the Ruins
63. Ill Tidings from Denerim
64. Toward a Reckoning
65. The Boy Who Found Fear at Last

66. Tasks at Hand
67. Unbound
68. Wardens on the March
69. Last Man Standing
70. Wardens Asunder
71. Satinalia
72. A Priestly Conclave
73. Dangerous Lives
74. Secret Enemies
75. Borders Yet to Be
76. Songs of Love and Death
77. All the Way to West Hill
78. Golems of Amgarrak
79. The Mornings After
80. Architect of Nightmares
81. Opening Gambits
82. The Game of Kings

83. Pawn to Queen
84. Crowning Glory
85. Winter Dreams
86. Curious Forms of Torture
87. What Dreams May Come
88. Uneasy Lies the Head
89. Andraste's True Champion
90. Sunless Journeys
91. The Thirteenth Warrior
92. Return of the Exile
93. Brosca and the Avvars
94. Blood on the Track
95. Ladies of Nevarra
96. Wintermarch
97. The Water is Wide
98. Treason, High and Low
99. Rough Justice

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