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July 29th, 2011 05:07 PM


Originally Posted by TheHumblePoet (Post 4829485)
Could I please get a link?
Here it is :)


July 30th, 2011 12:00 AM

Update #394: I Hope the QE2 Can Be an Icebreaker
----------Wednesday, October 16, 1996
----------NEXT UP: Which One Is Undesirable #1?
----------Edwin Mueller looked around the park at the edge of the lake. "Praetor, this is amazing!
How long did it take you to build this?"
Praetor Tsandor smiled. "It took a matter of months and that was it. Remember that we
have magic at our disposal down here."
"Is this a natural lake, or did you construct it?"
"Believe it or not, it's natural. It empties into the Southern Ocean through a river on the
other side of the city. Merpeople brave enough to swim through the cold waters down here
can actually come and visit us through that channel."
Poole whistled. "Interesting. You've got a way for vessels from the outside to reach your
"In theory, yes. In practice, however, most of the river is under the ice so I don't see how