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well Muggle ships can make it over here. Maybe if they knew how to travel underwater."
Mueller cut back in. "Praetor, we do have underwater vessels. They're called submarines,
and a couple of them are protecting Atlantis at all times now. You know, sir, a place like this
could become a prime Muggle tourist destination if that channel is wide enough to admit
Tsandor grimaced momentarily, but his face soon cleared up. "Perhaps. However, keep in
mind that we aren't accustomed to dealing with outsiders. Many of us will be scared,
especially if the submarine comes from a Western nation."
The Chinese man looked over at the waterfront a few hundred feet away, where several of
the locals were eyeing them wairly. "That's another thing I don't get. Why exactly do you
guys fear people from the West?"
"Our country was founded by people fleeing anti-wizard colonial policies, Mr. Chang. This
part of the world was relatively unknown to the Europeans, but not to the merpeople. They
told us about this lake and helped us settle down here."
There was a distinct pause, and finally Leonard spoke. "Praetor, I come from Australia, a
nation which was once part of the British colonial empire. I can tell you that times have
changed. If you took a look at a modern world map, the empires have all disappeared and
the colonies have gained independence for the most part. You have nothing to fear
anymore. If anything, we Muggles will marvel at what you have done down here. You have
managed to settle where people like us couldn't have dreamed."
Zhukov grinned. "If you want monetary compensation for what your oppressors did to you,
you can always have them come down here in their submarines and pay to visit. This would
also open up trade with the outside world. You'd never know when Muggle technology would
come in handy."
A new voice cut in, and Mueller turned as the Foreign Minister headed in their direction.
"That may not be a bad idea. However, we'll have to think about it -- we don't want to push
things too fast down here."
Zhukov continued. "There's another alternative -- you can leave this underground city and
return to the lands you came from as the colonial threat is gone. You probably wouldn't
mind feeling the sun on your face without the ice in the way."
"Indeed, we wouldn't mind feeling the sun directly. Sometimes we take the form of
penguins and go exploring on the peninsula, but that's as far as we can go. As far as the
relocation goes, the simple fact is we've all grown up here. This is our home now, and none
of the people who originally emigrated here are still alive."
Mueller nodded and looked back at the lake. "Are there any native lifeforms in the lake or in
the area surrounding the city?"
The Praetor nodded. "Indeed, there are fish in the lake unique to this area. The area
surrounding the lake, however, is artificial and does not have any native lifeforms. Are you
thinking of examining these creatures?"
Mueller nodded vigorously. "Absolutely. We are scientists, and these animals have been
isolated from the outside world for millions of years."