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Tsorak bit his lip. "We'll see what we can do to set up a naturalist expedition. Keep in mind,
however, that the endemic creatures are not very common anymore. When we brought our
fish in to feed ourselves --"
The researchers swore in unison, and Mueller let it out. "Let me guess. Your fish ate
everything in here because they had no predators and the fish here weren't expecting to
become prey."
The Praetor blinked. "Why, that is exactly what happened. I'm impressed, sir -- you must be
very smart. There are a few local species left in niches here and there, however. We've
taken some care to make sure they don't die out as we've managed to extract some
interesting spell components and herbal remedies from them."
Mueller breathed a sigh of relief. "That was a wise move, Praetor. I'd recommend putting
some kind of barrier in the lake and confining your fish to one side of it, the one nearest the
town. That way, you won't have to look as far for your food and the native species will be
able to come back."
Praetor looked at the lake thoughtfully. "That might not be a bad idea. I'll bring it up at the
next Senate meeting. That should be next Fire Day."
Zhukov frowned. "Fire Day?"
The Foreign Minister smiled. "We have an unusual calendar down here. With the seasons
and constellations all in disarray because of our proximity to the pole and our belief in the
Five Gods of Magic, we've developed a calendar which consists of 73 five-day weeks, where
each of the days is named after a different god. Every four years there's a special holiday
dedicated to all five gods which occurs at the end of the year."
Mueller did the math in his head and turned to the rest of the researchers. "Heh. 73*5 =
365. It sounds like they've developed something based on the Julian calendar with five day
weeks. I wonder..."
He turned back to the Praetor. "Do you ever find the equinoxes and such getting out of
whack with the beginning of the year?"
The Foreign Minister nodded. "It's gotten off by a few days. However, it's pretty close. You
can do better?"
Everyone nodded in unison. "Indeed, Praetor, we can. Let us tell you about it."
The Foreign Minister listened attentively as the researchers explained the Gregorian
calendar. Once the presentation was done, he nodded. "Very interesting. I'll bring this up
with the Senate as well."
The Praetor then brought out a bottle of green liquid, which Mueller looked at warily.
Pouring it into glasses, Tsandor gestured to the bottle. "Do you drink alcohol or wine in your
culture? This is a bottle of fine wine from the land of Syrdan. Only highly-ranking Muggles
are allowed to drink it."
Mueller looked at the rest of the Muggles, who were as baffled as he was. "Syrdan? Where
is that? Is that somewhere else under the ice cap?"