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How to Use Discipleship 1
Discipleship 1 is designed to help Christians glorify Jesus Christ and equip them to disciple others! It
can be used for Personal Study, New Christian Follow-Up, One on One Discipleship, Small Group
Discipleship or Training Seminars.

Using the Book

Follow-Up & Discipleship

A New Christians should be taught these Lessons immediately after becoming a Christian in order to
ground them in their new found Faith.
A Share the Lessons in Discipleship 1 with other Christians to help them grow in their faith.
A Train and Challenge those you are studying with to share Discipleship 1 with other people.
Each time you share these Lessons with another person, you will not only help them in their
Christian life, but you will also continue to grow as you gain a greater understanding of God’s Word!

The MAIN SECTION on each page contains The Lesson while the RIGHT COLUMN contains Thought
Questions, Helpful Information, Related Verses and Memorization Directives.

Lessons can be done without prior preparation or they may be assigned and then reviewed
during the study sessions.

A Read through each Lesson, paying careful attention to all Scripture References.
A Instructions, indicated by bullets @, include directions to Underline, Circle or Read
specific sections of Scripture. They help the student discover significant Truths in
the Bible!
A Applications: complete all Applications in each Lesson.
“The Purpose of Scripture is not simply to be Informed,
but to be Transformed!”

RIGHT COLUMN ~ Cover this material for a deeper study.
A Helpful Information provides additional information to supplement the Lesson.
A Thought Questions, designated by arrows A in the Column, help the student focus on
the significant ideas of the Lesson to gain a deeper understanding.
A Related Verses, indicated by the Bible
, provide additional Scriptures to look up.
These should be examined to gain a better understanding of what other Scriptures
teach about the Lesson.
A Memorization Directives, designated by the arrow
, point out key Scriptures to
commit to memory.