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PCC 3.08.040 Basis of Merit means the value, excellence or superior quality of an
individual’s work performance, as determined by a structured process comparing
the employee’s performance against defined standards and/or where possible the
performance of other employees in the same or similar classification.
PCC 3.08.110 Employee means a person whose status is one of the following:
A. Exempt employee: an employee exempt from the career service as
defined in subsection B of section 3.20.020.
PCC 3.20.020(B): The following are exempt employees and shall serve “at will”
unless otherwise provided: (2) Those employees of the prosecuting attorney and
superior and district courts according to state law; provided the above independent
elected officials may request the Council and Executive may grant, by ordinance,
modifications to this exemption;….
NOTE: Prosecuting Attorney not expressly exempt under state law from Career
Service Administration. However see exemptions for judiciary at RCW 41.06.070
“any position in the judicial branch of state government.” MRC - Considers PA as
part of judiciary.
NOTE: PC Ordinance 2013-17 approves the collective bargaining agreement
(PCPAA) for the prosecutor’s office. Article 17 of the PCPAA Contract does not
cover classification. “The classification of employees and their hire, placement or
promotion into any classification is within the sole discretion of the Prosecuting
Attorney (within the constraints of the budget as approved by the County Executive
and the County Council) and is not subject to the grievance provisions of this