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Business Ventures: Characters will often be tempted to invest their hard won credits, and then use time
dilation to their advantage, reaping the rewards of investing between the stars. These business
ventures generally constitute a character investing with a local entrepreneur or factor, be it with cash,
goods or services, for an interest in their business. In the interest of maintaining an action oriented
game, and not a venture capitalism simulator, a character may only invest 100 credits per character
level in such a fashion.
After investing at least 100 credits, the next time a character visits the location, roll d100 and consult the
following table, adding one to the result 1 for every objective year the character was absent. The
character recovers the listed amount of profit, in addition to their 100 credit investment, and then may
choose to reinvest in the same or a different venture, at the DM’s discretion.


Profit or Loss


Ruinous Losses
Bad Losses
Some losses
Break Even
Minor Profits
Reasonable Profits
Record Profits

$60 loss
$40 loss
$20 loss
No gain or loss
1d6 x $5 profit
2d8 x $5 profit
3d10 x $5 profit

There comes a time when it just makes sense for a spacer to get out of the business, making room for
younger blood and enjoying the fruits of their illustrious career. Most characters will save over their
career planning to eventually cash out and settle down somewhere, whether it be a spaceport bar,
resort, colony, or even back on Earth, or on their own private world. A character will need at least a set
amount of credits to safely and permanently retire, as listed on the table below. Obviously, the more
you have, the better of a lifestyle you may maintain for yourself.
Retirement Age
Middle Aged




Modest: You purchase simple
quarters on a space station or
home in a colony, using your
modest savings to pay your
expenses and upkeep. You might
not have the money for pleasure
cruises and life prolonging
treatments, but you can expect to
live a quiet and simple life on your
own terms, pursuing whatever
interests you have.
Comfortable: A nice home, good
food, an annual cruise on a resort
ship: you know comfort and ease
for the rest of your years,
prolonged by medicines.
Prosperous: A vacation home on a
nice tropical world, state quarters
on a cruise ship, you spend the rest
of your days engaged in recreation
and leisure activities, and long will
they be, since you can affored the
good life prolonging drugs.
Luxurious: Enough to buy your own
moon, or perhaps just a controlling
interest in a space station, you are
nevertheless set up for life, able to
go where you want, do what you
want, and be who you want for the
rest of your fantastically long life.

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