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I am sure that most of us think long and hard about making and keeping money. We all live in a
strange economy and it takes more money to but the things needed than it did just a few years
ago. Our work platform is: the workers, work and the CEO get all the capital. But, we don’t need
to concern ourselves about that now. I am here to introduce to you something that I have
forgotten all about. It was a letter sent to me awhile back instructing me on how to raise a
sizable amount of money with a very small amount of capital investment and time investment.
Like most of us on the internet, there will come a time that you will get that well written piece
of email from a well manicured person telling about his discovery and how he or she is now
living the good life and how they had to sleep in their car and only eat one meal a day. The
story goes on and on. I am sure that there are a few that has legitimately made their fortune on
the internet. The possibilities are amazing to say the least. A lot of the programs online are
just duplicates of other programs, just copies put into different packages. I am here to say that
what I have rediscovered can and will change your life. It is not a program or a new $100,000
geek made technical code that grabs all the names off the internet cloud and places it on your
computer to use whenever you want. No my friends, it is just a simple, basic, sound plan of
action, tested steps by step and mathematically plausible.

Re-discovering the Letter.
I received this letter in the mail one day and went over it just once at that time. I was working
at a factory help to make air conditioners and it had dawned on me that this might be it. I might
be working here for years, making just enough money to pay the bill and maybe take a trip
every now and then. I have always had that feeling that there was something else more to this
life than just paying bills and an hourly wage. Once I had read the letter, I knew that I had to
take action and turn my life around towards the better. Now I must explain that this was in the
days before the big internet boom. In those it took a little time for mail to get to you and back
again, if you were waiting for a reply. I did put in a little over time to get the money right,
because it was a small investment that I had to shell out, but not a major hit on the pockets.
Living from pay-check to pay-check in this day and time makes it extra difficult to find that
investment cash. But, I got my cash together for the project and followed the steps and to my
amazement the money started to roll in. I was a little amazed that this was happening, it did
quite my suspicions about the validity of this money making venture. Then the unthinkable
happened, I received a letter from the Post Office stating that this was a violation and I must be
careful not to break a law. Now, the letter did not say that I had broken any laws but a warning.
 I must state again that the money had started to roll in. Now the interesting about this whole
thing is that this particular money making venture was endorsed by an Attorney at Law and he
was using this system to generate a money flow. I felt at that time that, the letter that I was
sent was a smoke screens to cover up the fact that someone had blocked my funds and
possibly, taking them. Then the unthinkable happened and my mother passed away and sent

me into a whole new direction in my life. I moved from the state I was in, back to my original
city and in the packing, I forgot all about the letter and the potential that system offered.
Some years have passed and that letter was forgotten about until one day, I had a small
accident in the house; I had created an office in my bedroom and put together a book shelf
over my computer and monitor. I went to put some cloth away and leaned back on the book
shelf and I saw that it had started to tilt and it was nothing I could do about it. It was fast but at
the time it seemed like slow motion. The only thing that popped in my mind is that, I hope my
computer is alright. All the books were all over the place and the clean up began. I am so happy
that that happen because I found that letter again and now I want to share it with you. I believe
that all people should live well and be at their best potential. This opportunity has arisen again
and I will not pass it up.
After carefully reading the letter again, I can see that it is truly between us the people that will
change our lives. It is us to build a new monetary platform. The letter that was found is a
turning point in not only my life but to all those who will get involved with this amazing money
generating system. It is quite easy to acquire a large sum of money between large amounts of
people, than just one person trying to do it all on their own. A few pennies will generate into a
large sum of money, because there are millions of people. Why not put our strength together,
because the building of our financial future is right now. WE ARE OUR OWN FINANCIAL

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