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in·sight·ful [in-sahyt-fuh l] adj.
1. Having or showing a very clear understanding of
Example: In order for a design to be considered effective it must convey the intended message, and this can only be accomplished
when the designer fully understands the client—who they are, what they are wanting to say, who they are trying to attract. Whenever
I take on a new client, the first thing I do is ask questions about them and their business. The more I understand their mission, values,
and needs, the more effective I will be. When University Animal Hospital approached me to redesign their logo, we immediately
sat down to discuss client demographics, the hospital culture, and the message the logo should send. When we were finished,
I knew I had to find a way to communicate that this veterinary
hospital was a sophisticated medical facility that valued the
relationship between people and their pets. The logo had to
appeal to a wide range of people, though the target
audience was primarily women between the ages of 25
and 55. The use of animals in the logo was surprisingly
tricky as the market was saturated with generic dog and cat
silhouettes. Throughout the design process, I never forgot my
purpose—the message I was trying to send. The completed
logo was unique and refined, with just a hint of playfulness.