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Type Of Air Purifiers On The Market

Using an air purifier in your home is common solution to solving the age old problem of
poor air quality. Homes with pets, active smokers as well as family members with
asthma, allergies or other respiratory problems are all cases where an air purifier can
help. Filtering and cleaning the breathable air is just part of the air purifier solution.
Because the air inside your home can often be dirtier than the air outside, finding out
which is the best air purifier can be difficult.
Part of learning which model or brand is the best air purifier is knowing how do air
purifiers work and clean your air. Because the air purifier industry is a multimillion dollar
business, there are several different types of air purifier, and it’s important to know the
difference. Your clean air needs are different than someone else’s and in that regard,
knowing the how and what of air purifiers can help you avoid buying the wrong air


Air Cleaner
This style of air purifier is a simple concept, gather as much air as possible and force it
through a micron element filter to clean and filter out all the dust particles and
contaminants. Your dog or cat’s dander or fur will be picked up and cleaned, pollen,
microbes, and dirt particulates are all things air cleaners can filter.
Air cleaners usually meet the HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter standard,
which can eliminate any foreign material less than 0.03 percent of particles 0.3
micrometers in size. For increased filtration, look for a ULPA (Ultra-Low Penetration Air)
filter for even greater air cleaning filter ability.

Air Purifier Review Comparison
This guide was created to help you understand the differences between various air
purifiers on the market today. Using the metrics used by popular air purifier review sites,
we have compiled the specifications of competitor air purifiers on the market and
compared it with our own. While this is not a definitive guide by any means, it should
give a good idea on the various qualifications and specifications that people look out for
when shopping for an air purifier.



Ozone air purifier
These kinds of air purifiers take the air inside your home, and converts the oxygen into
ozone. Where the breathable air inside your home is mostly dioxygen, a molecule made
up of two oxygen atoms, ozone is made of three oxygen atoms.

Ion air purifier
Based on a technology called corona discharge, Ion or Ionizing air purifiers aren’t quite
as popular as they once were. Negatively charging plates by using the electrical corona
discharge field, air contaminants passing through these plates will become positively
Once positively charged, these dirt particulates stick to anything negatively charged,
which in this case would be the blades of the Ion air purifier.

Recently, both ozone and Ion air purifiers came under heavy criticism from consumer
groups and air purifier review websites as well as the Environmental Protection Agency
(EPA). Many of these claims state that ion air purifiers do not work, or that ozone air
purifiers can harm or injure people.

e2f air purifier
e2f air purifier filter was newly developed by Go Clair. Instead of generating negatively
charged ions, the e2f filter are statically charged, which attracts non-polarized fine dust.
Utilizing the power of static electricity, fine dust is eliminated from the air you breathe
without the introduction of potentially harmful levels of ozone.


Unlike HEPA filters, which must be replaced every few months due to the accumulation
of dust that cannot be removed, the e2f filter was designed for easy cleaning and
replacement. Not only does the e2f filter last for 12 to 18 months, but cleaning the filter
simply requires vacuuming the dust off the top portion of the filter.


So how do Clair air purifiers consume so much less power than their counterparts? It all
comes back to the e2f filter once again. Standard air purifiers, especially those with
ionizers or UV purifiers, require extra power to run those features. As mentioned
already, ionizers apply a high voltage in order to create the negatively charged ions. In
order to generate high voltages, large amounts of power is required.
Clair air purifiers do not require any of these features in order to effectively clean the air.
The e2f filter was designed with simplicity and effectiveness in mind in order to leave a
minimal footprint in your daily life.

Clair air purifier is different from standard air purifiers found on the market. This applies
not only to the e2f filter compared to the standard HEPA filter, but to the mode of
operation as well.


Most personal air purifiers on the market today are not designed to be run continuously.
Due to high power consumption that can range anywhere from 40W to 120W, it is not
practical to leave these air purifiers on for long periods of time, which is why timers
and/or noxious gas detectors are often integrated into these products (these extra
features often also bring up the price of air purifier units as well).

On the other hand, Clair air purifiers were designed to be run 24-7. With a maximum
power consumption of only 5W, running a Clair air purifier 24-7 only costs a few cents
per month.


Customized Air Purifier
Clair also personalizes your air purifier when you send your baby, family or friends

Read e2f air purifier reviews, check out best air purifier !

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