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The word trip, in the context of this book, generally refers to the
psychedelic, which in turn can be loosely taken to mean “mind-revealing.”
Derived from the ancient Greek words for mind (psyche) and clear or evident
(dêlos), the psychedelic experience can simply be viewed as an altered state of
consciousness, or as a means to expanding it.
Frisson is a fleeting sensation, much like a shiver. It can also be thought
of as an overwhelming emotional response, typically lasting just a few seconds.
The motivation behind this book is a desire to delve into certain
dimensions of these experiences. One aspect of the project is concerned with
ideas of perception, boundaries and fluctuation; another deals with poignancy
and feelings of wholeness or euphoria, as well as the loss of ego. So you have
these ideas of change and of barriers breaking down, all within the framework
of society and culture, which includes taboo and the suppression of ideas.
There are clues and keys hidden within, various symbols and concepts such as
fractals, tesseracts, Mandelbrot sets and the infamous Pruitt–Igoe housing
project. Various quotations help direct such ideas towards more focused points.
To be succinct, I feel that such ideas and experiences should be a more
prominent part of our cultural dialogue, and could help direct us towards
a more rational, less violent future.