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The Treatment & The Different types of
Five Articles on Tinnitus

Compied By: Linda Rook

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Article #1
Tinnitus Treatment - What Are the Best Tinnitus
Treatments Options?
By Ken Thackman
Are you suffering from Tinnitus and are you looking for Tinnitus treatment options
that work? If you do enough research on the subject of tinnitus treatments you will
soon discover that there actually is no conventional tinnitus treatment available.
Medical science has not to date been able to come up with a tinnitus treatment. You
will also probably learn that the only way to obtain lasting tinnitus relief is by utilizing
a tinnitus treatment remedy that is homeopathic or herbal in origin. This article will
show you which of those treatment options work best.
It is an established fact that the medical fraternity and the scientific community has
thus far been unable to come up with a successful treatment using conventional
drugs and medicines.
So why is it that there is no viable tinnitus treatment that can consistently help
sufferers obtain any sort of relief?
This is actually a mystery, especially when you consider that over 17% of the
population are sufferers!
Alternative Tinnitus Treatment Methods
Whilst the medical fraternity has not had much success with a cure, many sufferers
have reported excellent results have been obtained using natural homeopathic
tinnitus treatments plus herbal or vitamin based therapies to relieve tinnitus.
Vitamin and Herbal Based Tinnitus Treatments
Whilst it is recognized that using vitamin and herbal therapies do help with tinnitus
relief in many instances, this particular tinnitus treatment modality does not address
the primary cause of the problem and is thus not really a permanent solution.
Tinnitus relief using this method is normally as a result of the improving health and
stronger immune system of the sufferers who follow this regimen.
Homeopathic Tinnitus Treatment
One area where natural treatments for tinnitus have excelled, with consistently good
results in relieving tinnitus symptoms being reported, are homeopathic tinnitus
remedies - these have consistently tinnitus relief.

Do you want to know what the Best Tinnitus Treatment
Do you suffer from Hearing Loss or Tinnitus? Do you have a constant Ringing in the
Ears? If your doctor wasn't able to help you then visit http://www.tinnitus-gone.com
for some amazing Treatment For Tinnitus and Remedies that really work.
Stop the ringing in your ears and say Good Bye to Tinnitus forever. Come read what
other past Tinnitus Sufferers are saying about these amazing Tinnitus Cures.


Article #2
Tinnitus Treatment Options
By Ioanna Kafe
Tinnitus treatment varies depending of the type and severity of your tinnitus. If you
have too much wax in your ears, for example, then simply removing the earwax
should stop the sounds. Thus, the secret to choose an effective treatment lies in
establishing the correct diagnosis for your condition.
Available Tinnitus treatments:
1.Conventional treatments
Prescription medications are being used as possible relief agents for tinnitus. They
include antidepressants, anti-convulsants, anti-histamines even anesthetics such as
Lidocaine and more. Some of these drugs can help patients to ease the symptoms of
their tinnitus. Unfortunately, in most of the cases, the benefits are temporary.
• Surgery
One of the treatments for tinnitus is surgery. Although it can be effective, it comes
with serious risks, including permanent deafness. Moreover, sometimes it works
temporarily or doesn't work at all.
• Cochlear implants
These surgically implanted devises are used in patients who have severe hearing
loss along with tinnitus. Some of these patients report improvement in the elimination
of their tinnitus symptoms.
2. Treatments without the involvement of drugs or surgery
• Hearing aids
If a hearing loss is present along with tinnitus, the use of hearing aids can be very
helpful. By making use of the aids the outside sound is louder, and as a result it is
easier for you to hear. The better you hear the less you notice the ringing of the
• Tinnitus maskers and sound generators
This kind of treatment is very popular because it provides instant although temporary
relief. Tinnitus maskers and sound generators come in multiple forms. For example,
they can look like small hearing aids you can wear right at your ear. There are also
table top models like a CD player. In any case, the aim is to produce some
background sound, be a white-noise sound or any other soft sound, to mask tinnitus.

The attention of the brain is drawn towards this background sound in such a way that
the ear ringing is still there but can barely be heard because of the background
• Neuromonic treatment
This is a new sophisticated system. This treatment makes use of a small device with
headphones. The device creates a sound which is unique to each patient. The sound
contains pleasant music. According to this method, your brain learns a new way of
interpreting sound. Some patients experience some relief almost immediately, but
the whole program takes at least a 6-month period to complete.
3.Other stimulation therapies:
•Electrical nerve stimulation
This treatment involves transmitting a very small charge of electricity to the auditory
•Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation
This method involves using a small device over the patients head to generate short
magnetic pulses.
• Vibration therapy
Here mechanical vibrations are applied to repair damaged nerves in the ear.
(Since the above stimulation therapies are quite new their effectiveness has not
been tested yet)
4. Herbal and Vitamins therapies
There are a lot of well-known herbs as well as vitamins and minerals, which can help
you to cure tinnitus.
• Herbal remedies
Ginkgo biloba is currently the most popular one. Black Cohosh is also used for
tinnitus. Ligustrum herb is said to be effective. Avena sativa, Verbena officinalis and
Salicylic ac is used as well.
• Chinese herbs
Some Chinese herbs are considered helpful. For example: Goldenseal, Chinese
yams and Chinese foxglove.
• Essential oils

If high blood circulation is the root cause of your tinnitus, some oils that can be used
are: rosemary, cypress, lemon and rose.
• Minerals and Vitamins
Here, the list includes: Minerals such as magnesium, potassium and zink. Vitamins
such as the B-complex vitamins B1, B6, B12 and vitamins C and A.
• Diet
A change in your diet may help you to manage tinnitus. Food to avoid, include:
caffeine products, high-fat and high sodium foods, sugar, cheese and red wine.
Moreover, try to avoid alcohol and tobacco.
5. Other Alternative therapies
There are a lot of alternative therapies that holistic healers and patients employ to
manage the symptoms associated with tinnitus. Some of them include:
• Hypnosis
Hypnotherapy is a popular and promising method in managing tinnitus.
• Tinnitus Retraining Therapy
This method combines sound therapy and counseling. The method, although new is
being used with fairly good results.
• Acupuncture
This therapy works well for many sufferers from tinnitus.
• Counseling
Counseling programs such as Behavioral modeling, Neuro-linguistic Programming
and Herbology help the patient change the way he thinks and reacts to tinnitus.
• Homeopathy
Homeopathy is one more popular and effective alternative tinnitus treatment.
• Hyperbatic oxygen therapy
Here, the patients are put in chambers filled with oxygen.
• Other alternative therapies
The list includes:Reflexology, Biofeedback Massage, Yoga, Body detoxification,
Guided imagery and visualization, Ayuverda Meditation and more.

6. A holistic treatment
A holistic treatment makes use of more than one therapy and is customized for each
person. Moreover, this process takes into account all the aspects of the human body.
For all the above it may be the answer to the permanent treatment of tinnitus.
If you want to find more about the holistic approach visit the Tinnitus Miracle site
Alternatively if you want to read more about tinnitus treatment options click here


Article #3
Tinnitus Treatments Made Easy
By Tea Novoel
What is Tinnitus?
Tinnitus is the perception of sound in the human ear in the absence of corresponding
external sound(s)
Its very hard to live your life normally when you have a constant, nagging noise in
your ears that just won't diminish a person with tinnitus can suffer each and every
day and has a hard time finding Tinnitus Treatments that work. The sound caused by
Tinnitus could be a vibrating sound or a ringing sound. Some people report different
types of sound but most often it consists of a ringing sound that can really be
annoying over time. Tinnitus can be a temporary problem which may last only a few
days or a week. Or in much worse cases it can be problem that lasts a lifetime. If you
are a person with this problem you must know that you are not alone over 50 million
people live with tinnitus each and every day. There is a lot of different theories on
what causes tinnitus such as high blood pressure, antiboitics, ear wax build up, ear
infections, etc. One of the most accepted reasons is that loud noises can cause it.
Tinnitus Treatments
Not so many years ago, many doctors were failing to even recognize tinnitus as a
real and serious health condition, they Believed that the ringing was a mental
condition and that it was all in the patients head. Recent tinnitus treatment research
has helped develop methods that are are becoming more effective in helping people
who have tinnitus treat their symptoms and in some cases, find a cure for their
Every body is different what works for you may not work for someone else, this is
one of the biggest problems with Tinnitus Treatments, you just cant know exactly
what will help you and what wont until you try every possible option there is and this
could get quite pricey. Nasal sprays, medication, multivitamins, xanax, lasertherapy,
chiropractors, surgery...
- Tricyclic anti-depressants, such as Nortriptyline and benzodiazepines, such as
Xanax were used in one Tinnitus treatment study in which some people reported

Possible reasons:
Patients just think they feel better (placebo effect). Since these drugs are central
nervous system depressants, auditory responsiveness diminishes. Tinnitus is stressrelated - i.e. muscle tension in neck & jaw restricts blood and lymph flow.
- So, as you see tinnitus can be a serious problem which may cause you much
distress. Having to live with a constant noise in your ear can really be tough.
There is however, one tinnitus treatment technique that supposedly helped a lot of
people with tinnitus and some say that it is a complete Breakthru and that it will help
stop all types of Tinnitus ranging from people who only get it occasionally to people
who have had Tinnitus for years.
You can get more information about these Tinnitus Treatments here:


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