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Lay-off and Recalls

The Company has the right to lay-off employees to the extent it determines to
be necessary. In the event of a lay-off, the Company shall lay-off in reverse
order of seniority. The onus shall be on the Company to establish that the
senior employee has insufficient ability to perform the work required, and if
proven, the Company will train the most senior person to perform the work
The Company agrees to meet the Union in the event of a lay-off to discuss
displacement rights.
Recalls from such lay-offs shall be in order of seniority.
In the event of major operation changes the parties agree to meet and review
the status of full-time and part-time positions prior to any lay-off.
An employee who has been laid-off shall be listed according to seniority after
the date of lay-off and remain on the seniority list for recall for a maximum of
(twelve (12)) twenty-four (24) months. If not recalled to work during that time,
his/her name shall be removed from the seniority list.


The Company may grant a Personal Leave of Absence, including for
educational purposes, without pay for a period not exceeding sixty (60)
calendar days to an employee provided that:
(a) the employee gives notice in writing to Management of his/her request for
a Leave of Absence at least thirty (30) calendar days prior to the proposed
commencement of the Leave of Absence (except in the case of
emergency); and,
(b) in the judgment of the Company, up to eight percent (8%) of the workforce
at the Site will be eligible to be on Leave of Absence at any given time,
provided the proposed Leave of Absence can be arranged without undue
inconvenience to normal operations.
(c) When such Leave is granted, the employee shall retain and accrue his/her
seniority, pursuant to the IAM Constitution and/or Local Lodge Bylaws.
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