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Affiliate Marketing Idiots Guide .pdf

Original filename: Affiliate Marketing Idiots Guide.pdf
Author: steves apps

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Free Affiliate Marketing Guide by Stevesapps
Lesson #1 Gmail - Why and How
This lesson is all about setting up a unique gmail email account for your marketing purposes. This is
so you can keep track of your commissions and keep your personal inboxes spam free.
Some sites will ONLY accept Gmail for whatever reason, so it's best to have one I find.
Think hard about your name. It's very important to have a good 'brand' to sell, whether it's your own
personal image i.e. Terry's Marketing Co, or a branded appeal, for instance AlphaMarketing.
You can get much more money from sales if people know they can trust you. So in this case, image
is VERY important.
YOU WILL NEED A WELL ORGANISED FOLDER on your computer, label it something easy to
remember like 'Marketing'.
In your book, you'll need to write down info such as usernames you create, and passwords for the
sites. (TIP: I recommend using the same username and password for each, keep it simple, don't
make this like hard work, it should be easy, fun and free).
TIP: Make a .txt file for the usernames and site names you join too, in case you lose your book.
1) Make a name for yourself,
2) Type 'Gmail' into your web browser,
3) Start a new Google account with your chosen name
4) Write down your info into your book/text file
5) Well done, make a cup of tea and go to lesson #2, where you start making free money

Lesson #2 Viral Mailers & Safelists --- The Basics
Hi again.
Ok, you've got your Gmail account setup right?
Now you're going to use it to make money, and here's how.
Viral Mailers are the best way to reach an audience, and make quick, free, easy money. A lot of
these sites offer incentives to join, for instance you could join one and they give you money, credits
for advertising or in some cases even free upgrades!? Some of these are worth many dollars, and
worth joining just for those bonuses, but this is my favourite way to reach people. It's fast, free and
To make this lesson shorter, I'll provide a link where you can join the top sites, AND get even better
join bonuses. This site contains regularly checked Mailers that perform well, and ranks them in
order for you, this saves timeand gives exclusive bonuses that only last for new members, so you
won't miss out by trying to apply for them later.
Later on you can advertise this site, and people who 'join under you', in other words people you've
referred to this site, also give you big bonuses when they join the programs, I'll explain how this

Companies need customers, new eyeballs looking at their products.
We visit a site displayed by member X, he gets to show us his product(s), then we get credits and
we can use these to advertise our stuff. This is so easy, as when you join these sites, not only do you
get free advertising and cash, but if you display their site on another Mailer, you get paid to display,
and paid if a member joins from your advert. This is the easiest method to make free cash. Most
sites have weekly jackpots for whoever advertises the most, or visits the most advert links-I
personally make on average $15 p/week just on the jackpot prizes, not counting commissions and
random prizes.
Try joining the top 5 sites, then click the 'Exclusive Promo Codes' and enter these into the sites
you've joined.
You'll need to visit a few sites to activate your account, once active you'll get your cash rewards and
free advertising. (At this stage I should be notified, and I will send you some free advertising and
codes where possible)
Each time you use the sites to visit adverts from others, I get a portion of that. This is how I can
afford to give away hundreds of dollars a month to people who use the sites I recommend. If people
join under my link, I reward them back, it's that easy and simple. If people don't join 'under me' I
can't reward them, but it's your choice.
Each of these sites have a section called 'Affiliate Toolbox'
1) Note your affiliate referral link and I.D. it's typically like this
2) Login to all your sites joined
3) Goto 'Downline Builder'
Here, is a list of sites that have boxes next to them. Fill the boxes with your referral id's i.e. next to
the picture of typicalmailer.com the box should be empty, click the box, in the instance above,
where ref id=1660 in the link, you just need to enter the numbers, or in some cases your referral id
is your username. Carefully fill these out, as when you refer someone, they can join these sites as
your referral, just by clicking the box to join. If you leave them blank, the new sign-ups would go to
the site used, not you. This means you miss out on free cash. Very impotant to do this every time
you join a new site. The Traffic Exchanges work like this too, we'll approach that in the relevant
4) Once active, you'll be able to use your account to make more money, by sending adverts, or using
banners and text advertising.
5) Use the Banners and Text Advertising lesson to set these up, for now just concentrate on sending
your 1st mail.
6) You will have to read x amounts of emails(visit sites) before you can send.
7) Open emails...you'll see a timer...when it gets to 0 it shows a row of pictures/images. The 1 on the
left is the correct image, so click the matching image.
8) It'll say 'credited' x amounts of credits.
9) Repeat until you've opened enough to send a mail.
10) Open up the affiliate section of a rival mailer you've joined.
i.e. If you've joined magicalmailer, open up affiliate toolbox there, you'll see some sample emails to
send. Copy and paste this into a text file i.e. Notepad/Word. Add your referral link at the bottom i.e.
11) On the mailer you've clicked ads on, click 'Send Mailing'.
12) Write or paste a subject into the subject box.
13) Copy and paste the advert you have on the text file i.e. Wordpad/Word into the body section of
the email. Here you can usually tweak the colours and sizes of fonts etc, have a play about until you

think it's eye catching.
14) Copy and paste the referral link into the 'Website URL' section underneath the body.
15) Choose the appropriate amount of credits to use(max)
16) Hit 'Send'
17) Wait for countdown to complete, and confirm sending.
18) Congratulations!! You're now an Affiliate Marketer!
19) Repeat this for each site you've joined, stick to 1 program to advertise to start, if no results,
switch it over to another, but try and remain focused on the best one, and don't spread your efforts
around too much yet, try and be patient.
20) Proceed to Lesson #3
http://trafficcodex.com/?ref=stevesapps (codes)
http://topviralmailers.com/index.php?stevesapps (codes)
http://rinarecommends.com/splashy2.php?r=stevesapps (codes and free stuff)
Lesson #3 Traffic Exchanges --- What and Why?
Hello again.
Traffic Exchanges are a fun and free way to get some advertising your way, and make some cash
doing it.
Some of these are more fun than work, so can be addictive.
These work on the same principle of the mailers, you watch adverts, you get paid, you display
adverts, you get paid....
Some offer surfing contests, most offer cash prizes, either randomly, through games,competitions
and weekly team bonuses. I have the most fun on these.
Again, there are some that offer big cash incentives to join. Some have weekly jackpots, all are free
to join. Some sites offer codes for free stuff again, I'll include the links at the bottom.
If you join under me, I'll reward you, as I always do.
Some TE's are better than others at providing sales, so I'll try and give you access to these first, but
feel free to join whatever you wish, in any order.
YOU MUST keep track of your usernames and referral id's etc. There's an excellent site called TE

Command Post (TECP - in the links) it is an excellent free tool to keep track of your cash, and make
money too. (It's a downline builder, see DLB section of the lessons for more info).
I recommend joining Traffic Codex, using the free promo codes there 1st, and joining the sites from
there, or TECP, to keep it simple. In TECP just add your referral id's and it tracks everything for
you, and if you're in a rush looking for your id's this is invaluable, as it lists them all for you.
Traffic Codex
http://www.freetecredits.com/splashpage/splash6.php?rid=9073 (codes)
Happy surfing, and see you inside these making some free cash.
Don't forget to fill in the Downline Builder sections and update your Gmail to have folders/rules for
the TE's AND a seperate one for your mailers, to keep them seperate and easy to track.

Lesson #4 Co-ops -- What, Why and Where
Here, I am going to talk a little about Co-op sites, and what they offer.
What and Why?
These sites are a valuable tool, I use these to get my sites seen by traffic exchanges I don't belong
to, or have time to surf. Most are free too. I use Explosive Traffic as I trust it, and it works. I made
$99 from 1 member in 1 day (proof to follow) too!! I sometimes concentrate my efforts on solely
this site as a result. This one is made by John Bell, an expert in making people money online. I
regularly use his TE (Traffic Swirl), and see members making thousand dollar commission marks
on a weekly basis!!
If you're not a member of either yet, I recommend you use them, and see for yourself, both are free

to join, and you can make instant money using these 2 sites alone.
Explosive Traffic Co-op works on the principle that you gain advertising credits by displaying their
adverts, just like TEs. You can buy advertising if you wish to save time.
Then, you just allocate your credits to the sites you wish to promote. Their sophisticated system
then displays your site to an audience of 187,518,065 real visitors from 2,117 different advertising
sources! That could be your site seen by millions! The potential for commissions is immense. The
more fresh sets of eyes on your ads, the better for your bank.
There are a few available, some work only with banners and some are paid-only.
Explosive (My favorite)
Legacy Team Co-op (Not as good for results I found)
Others coming soon

Lesson #5 Downline Builders (DLBs)
Here, I'll talk a little about something called Downline Builders, or (DLBs) for short.
These are in-built to all traffic exchanges and viral mailers. These are your most important tool.
When you join a site, you'll get a section called DLB.
Here, you'll find other programs that the site (say site x for now) recommends, many offer bonuses
and incentives to join sites y, and z from these banner links you'll see. Next to each banner is a
description of the site, and a box with 'affiliate id' next to it. Here is where you place your referral id
for each program you belong to, or join from the banner link.
Each site has different ways to enter the affiliate id's, some allow all in one go, others insist you
place each individually, so check first.
NOW what happens is, everytime you make a referral within site x, they'll see the same program
banners y,z, in their dlb, and if they join y,z from site x, it uses your referral link, you get the
referral from the program they joined i.e. sites y and z will email you, saying you've made a new
referral, your commission will be paid upon their activation-or somewhere along those lines.
Imagine if they sign up to all of them? Imagine if their were sites that had splash-pages to invite
new members, and all of the links were your top sites? That's much more commission than
promoting just 1 site, that's the way the pro's do it.
Some are free to join, some offer massive bonuses to join (therefore easier to promote) in the form
of codes, and some that require paid membership. As usual, I'll stick to the FREE ones, and place
them in order of personal preference and performance based.
The best for beginners is TECP, it's not only a downline builder, BUT it tracks your credits,
commissions and adverts for you!! They've SO much training on offer too, and amazing tools for
beginners and pros. Just click the text to sign up now for your free account and money spinner.

Next comes two amazing sites. One is purely for viral mailers, and the other is for Traffic
Exchanges. Both have huge free bonuses in code form, and they build your downline easily too.
TopViralMailer is a site that ranks the viral mailers through performance based results and offers
free codes. Build your downlines instantly, for free and get referrals in so many sites, all at once.
Traffic Codex offers codes for almost every TE and Mailer that I've used, and is well worth joining
for free, lots of tools to build downlines fast here too.
Free TE Credits
Does what it says on the tin, free credits for Traffic Exchanges and downline builder.
Rina Recommends
Free or paid, one-time bonuses in click to collect form, and DLB
Click Track Profit
Free, collect money badges,win prizes, and training.
Cash Surf Network
Free to join, $12 bonus, DLB.
Now, all you need to do, is use quick firing TE's like Legacy and such, and allocate those credits to
a Co-op, inside the co-op use links that you want to sign people up for. Using Easyhits is the best
for sign-ups, refer people to splashes of sites that have weekly jackpot prizes too, I win plenty using
this method alone. Now go get your share :)
Any questions please email me at wurzelrummage@hotmail.co.uk
For more details and updated content and bonuses please visit Affiliate Marketing

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