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ultimately the flaw in his argument. In many ways, this research is an expansion on and
compliment to Wan’s work.
Korean Politics by John Kie-Chiang Ho was used to specifically analyze Korea’s
political and economic relationship with East Asia as a region, as well as outside influencers
during the economic crisis. Moreover, Kie-Chiang Ho, in the same vein as Wan, devotes a
significant amount of time to discussing quantitative specifics of the state of Korean economic
affairs in isolation and relation to the region during the crisis, and gives specific attention to the
effects of the IMF bailout and the policies of the political regimes in power during the crisis.
Two academic journals on the subject of quantitative analysis of the East Asian financial
crisis are referenced frequently throughout this research both for specific information on the
political economies of individual states as well as the region, and for verifying the accuracy of
one another. East Asian Financial Crisis Revisited: What Does a Copula Tell? By Fei Pei,
Albert K. Tsu, and Zhang Zhaoyong and Ownership Structure, Corporate Governance, and Firm
Value: Evidence for the East Asian Financial Crisis by Michael L. Lemmon and Karl V. Lins
are both frequently referenced. The former offers an almost entirely quantitative analysis of the
East Asian regional political economy during the crisis, as well as examines the economies of
individual states, complementing the work of Wan and Kie-Chiang Oh. The latter, on the other
hand, draws upon quantitative analysis in the same vein as Pei, Tsu, and Zhaoyong and analyzes
the roots of the financial crisis in terms of the international banking system, internal corruption,
and general foreign involvement/investment in the region.
In terms of resources used for case study, a large amount of academic journals were
sourced for information regarding Thailand, South Korea, and the Philippines. All of these